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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5682
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 05/05/09 Five: 07/07/09

Elle and Lucas find the key to a safety deposit box, belonging to Elle's grandmother, Anne
Rebecca is stunned by Paul's contract, offering her money if he cheats again
Elle tries to explain to Rebecca that this is Paul's way of showing his true feelings
Declan suggests throwing a combined baby shower and engagement party
Didge runs off when Donna tries to put a bridal veil on her head

Charlie's: Rebecca, Miranda and Steve are tidying up after the party, Rebecca is worried about Dec and Didge. Dec appears to pick up something, Rebecca tries to talk to him but he storms off making it clear he's not interested in talking to her. Steve offers to go after him, Rebecca is ready to accept this offer of help until Paul says he'll go after Dec as he thinks Dec is not in the mood for speaking to his future father-in-law. Paul leaves.

Lassiter's Complex: Paul catches up with Dec, Dec makes it clear he's not interested in talking. Paul tries to point out Didge's point of view but Dec doesn't see why he should follow Paul's advice. Dec gets into his car and drives off.

No 22 - Living room: Elle and Lucas are online still trying to trace the history of the locket that they found underneath number 24. Elle thinks Lucas is too slow so breathes down his neck making him think there's an insect there so he moves away from the pc to take his top off! Elle tells Lucas she's found a match for the crest. She tells him they have to go out and runs out the house.

Charlie's: Rebecca is phoning Dec and leaving messages on his answering machine which seems like the umpteenth time. Paul is beside her and he has the contract under his arm. Rebecca grabs it and notices a slight change. She says that she agreed to compensation of $100,000 if Paul ever cheated again, Paul has changed it to $1 million! Paul says the figure is irrelevant as he's never going to be unfaithful. Rebecca rips up the contract.

No 22 - Living room: Didge is sitting on the sofa, Donna is trying to tempt her with chocolate cake as it's an "emergency intervention cake". Didge thinks she's ruined everything with Dec and it worries her when Donna doesn't say that she hasn't. Donna is trying to get Didge to eat the cake and starts to feed it to her herself before Didge takes the cake from her. Didge is clearly worrying about the wedding, Donna takes a bite of Didge's cake and tells her she knows what to do.

No 28 - Dining table: Sunny is revising when Donna walks in announcing that they're on a mission from Cupid. Sunny tells her if it's to do with her and Zeke she's not interested and tells Donna she caught them kissing last week. Donna assures her it's not, they were rehearsing for the play and she is not interested in Zeke. Sunny is now interested in helping Donna and the pair of them leave the house.

Bridal Store: Sunny and Donna drag Didge into a wedding shop to try and tempt her with the dresses. Didge announces she doesn't want to do this and goes to leave but both Sunny and Donna manage to stop her. Sunny tells Didge she should be grateful that her family aren't organising an arranged marriage, Donna thinks this is what is going to happen to Sunny but Sunny laughs and tells her this happens in India only. They start looking at some head dresses when the shop receptionist appears offering her help. Donna makes out that they're looking for a dress for her instead of Didge, Didge interrupts saying that no help is needed and when the receptionist leaves tells Donna she's not ashamed of being pregnant. Didge tries to leave again until Donna tells her she didn't know why she bothered coming if she wasn't even going to try dresses on.

Bridal Store - Fitting rooms: Donna and Sunny both come out of their cubicles in wedding dresses and both clearly think a lot of them. Didge eventually appears but does not like her dress, it makes her feel angry and uncomfortable as Sunny points out. Didge is convinced there won't be a dress she likes.

No 26 - Living room: Zeke and Ringo are sitting on the sofa waiting for Dec to arrive home. He arrives home surprised to see his two friends there. Both try to point out to Dec that he's running away from his responsibilities but Dec denies this.

Bridal Store: Donna, Didge and Sunny are still in the wedding shop, Donna still trying to persuade Didge to try on more dresses. Didge nods towards Sunny telling Donna if she wants a "prodigy" then Sunny is it. Donna immediately realises that Sunny is thinking of someone and wants to know who it is.

No 26 - Living room: Zeke, Ringo and Dec are walking from the kitchen to the living room, Zeke points out to Dec he is lucky to have a girlfriend, unlike him, at which point Ringo points out that would be pretty lame. Zeke points out that Didge is pregnant and gone off the rails and Ringo points out at least she's talking to him. Dec thinks his friends are sad and suggests that they could always talk to Sunny if they're that desperate.

Bridal Store: Sunny thinks that Didge is just whingeing, Didge said she has a lot to whinge about as she's "7 months pregnant with hormones that are driving me insane!" Donna tells her that any girl would kill to be in her shoes. Didge announces that she's tired and wants to go home at which stage the receptionist comes over again and tells Didge that she was also pregnant at her wedding. Didge seems to be able to relate and understand this and accepts the receptionists offer of help to find a wedding dress.

No 26 - Living room: Dec admits to Zeke and Ringo he knew that Didge was freaked out about the wedding but admits he thought she'd give in. Dec admits the wedding is a big deal but doesn't know why it is.

Charlie's: Rebecca is rushing aobut the place, Paul is trying to interest her in property in Eden Hills. Rebecca tells him that he doesn't need to buy a house to show his love for her. The pair of them kiss.

City - Metwealth Bank: Elle is trying to persuade a bank worker to let her access her grandmothers deposit box but isn't getting far at all. That is until Lucas enters. Adrian the bank worker immediately takes a shine to Lucas who Elle introduces as being her brother. Adrian says he may be able to help them if someone whispers the password to the box in his ear. Adrian tells them the password but in another language and Elle manages to translate it.

Bridal Store: Didge is trying on a dress - and loves it! Sunny, Donna and the receptionist agree that she looks lovely. Donna tells her that she has to get this dress and takes a photo of her wearing it. Didge decides to take it.

City - Metwealth Bank: Adrian leads Elle and Lucas to a back room of the bank before leaving Elle and Lucas in the room alone. Elle is nervous about opening the box but eventually plucks up the courage to do so. She finds the will of Helen Daniels but neither her nor Lucas can work out why Helen's will is there. They start to read the will.

Harold's Store: Donna and Sunny are sitting in there drinking milkshakes when Sunny notices Zeke. Donna realises that it's him that Sunny has the hots for. She tackles Sunny about this and Sunny admits she hasn't had the courage yet to tell Zeke how she feels. Sunny opens up to Donna about her first crush which didn't end too well.

No 26 - Kitchen: Didge is showing Miranda and Steve the pictures of her wedding dress - both agree she looks stunning. Miranda and Steve tell her not to feel pressured into getting married. Steve then hands over a cheque for the deposit for the dress.

No 26 - Kitchen: Dec walks through to the kitchen where Didge is sitting at the table looking at a picture of a happy Steve and Miranda. He admits he's been a jerk just as Didge admits she's been a psycho. Dec talks about growing up without a dad, and he wants "tadpole" to know he's got a mum and a dad. Didge is worried they can't work things out, Dec says they can only try. Didge tells Dec she will marry him, Dec turns around and says no, that now isn't the right time but maybe they can consider marriage after "tadpole" is born, he knows that Didge is freaking out about marriage. Didge doesn't understand why he's now saying no and is sad.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Lucas Fitzgerald, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Pixie Jones as Marg Taylor-Smyth, Scott Terrill as Adrian Mahoney

Trivia Notes
Pixie Jones has previously appeared in several guest roles, including Brenda Samuels in 1999

Summary by Louise

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