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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5683
Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 06/05/09 Five: 08/07/09

• Greg tells Steph that he is going away for three months to work, but then he’ll be back for good
• Bridget tries on a wedding dress with Donna and Sunny but is “angry and uncomfortable”. Donna gets excited about Bridget getting married, whilst Bridget looks unsure. Bridget buys a wedding dress
• Elle tracks down the bank where the key she and Lucas found below the house is from, and they go and visit it. They open the box and find the will of Helen Daniels, Elle’s great gran

No 22: Elle reads the will aloud to Lucas.

“I bequeath all of my investments to my daughter Anne and her husband, Jim Robinson. In the event of their deaths, these are to be divided equally between her children, Scott, Julie and Paul. Any future offspring, including the unfortunate child that Anne is bearing at the date of this will, should also be included.”

Lucas suggests that Anne had an affair with Max Ramsay and that their “love child” will turn up to claim their inheritance. They wonder what happened to the “unfortunate child” and whether Paul knows about it.

No 26 - Kitchen: Dressed up, Bridget and Declan set the table. They discuss the napkins, and whether or not Miranda likes them, and why she would keep using them if she didn’t, which appears to be a metaphor, for Bridget being unwilling to get married but not wanting to hurt Declan. Declan suggests that they use half the napkins she likes and half the ones she doesn’t, but Bridget says that then they won’t match. Declan says she’s refusing to compromise – more of a comment about their possible engagement than the use of napkins. He says he’s going for a walk and leaves, despite Bridget’s protests.

Harold's Store: Declan sits alone at a table, tapping a plate of mushed up chocolate cake with his fork. Steph approaches and asks whether that’s helping, giving it ago herself. She says she thinks talking is better. Declan asks what there is to talk about – he wants to get married and Bridget doesn’t. Steph sits down to impart her wisdom. She points out that Declan and Bridget have no space from each other – they live together, go to school together, and are having a baby together. She says that if they need some space, Declan can come and stay with her, and she promises not to make him talk. Declan thanks her.

No 26 - Living room/No 32 - Living room: At no. 26, Bridget lies on the couch, looking depressed. Miranda and Steve stand in the entrance to the kitchen and watch her. At no. 32, Steph brings a duvet and pillows to Declan, who lies down on the sofa. Back at no. 26, Bridget strokes Jake and looks at her phone. On his respective couch, stroking his respective dog, Declan stares into space. Bridget gets up and picks up Declan’s sweatshirt, which she holds to her face. She puts it on. Declan looks at photos of Bridget on his phone.

No 32 - Living room: The next day, Declan is clearing up his makeshift bed. Steph enters and asks if he got any sleep. He says not much, but thanks her anyway. He notices that she is dressed up and asks what the occasion is. Steph says it’s nothing, but just then Libby enters and also comments. Libby notices Declan and wonders why he’s there. Declan merely gives a little grunt. Libby says “if you ever want to talk...” but Steph says he’s all talked out. She calls to Charlie and then asks Libby is she thinks she looks like she’s trying too hard, paying no attention to Declan asking what is going on. Libby says no, Steph calls to Charlie again, and Declan laughs, saying he’s going to go. Steph passes him his school bag, which she says Rebecca dropped off. Declan heads towards the bedrooms and bathroom as Lucas enters. Libby asks for his opinion on what Steph is wearing. Lucas says that Greg has been away for 3 months, so Steph could be wearing a sack, but Libby says she looks beautiful anyway. Charlie enters, with yoghurt all round his mouth, and hugs Steph, get yoghurt all over her top. Steph is horrified while Charlie looks on cheekily.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: The students, who include all the teens minus Declan, are re arranging the chairs into a circle on Dan’s instructions, who leaves the room for a minute. The teens discuss Declan’s overnight absence and the fact that he hasn’t called. Donna says he shouldn’t be making Bridget do something she doesn’t want to, but Bridget points out that she shouldn’t be doing that either. Zeke tells Bridget that Declan will come round, just as Declan nervously enters the room. Dan and Toadie enter as well, ready for play rehearsals. Toadie opens up a director’s chair with “Toadie” written on it. Dan says that they will start with scene four – “the scene where Gerard first senses that Stella doesn’t want to marry him”. Declan and Bridget look at each other.

Rehearsals continue, with Donna and Zeke in the middle of the circle, reading their parts. Both express their doubts about their characters actions. Zeke asks why Gerard doesn’t fight to convince Stella, but Toadie says this is the point where Gerard realises he and Stella will never want the same thing. Zeke is still unsure, saying that Gerard just gives up, but Toadie says he just doesn’t want to look like a fool. Zeke says it would be better if they just talked about it. It finally gets too much for Declan and he walks out. They begin the scene again, but Toadie sneaks out.

Harold's Store: Declan is at the counter as Toadie enters. He suggests a plate of fries, but Declan knows why he is there and doesn’t want to talk, going over to the drinks fridge. Toadie follows him, saying he’s sorry that the play freaked him out, which Declan denies. He says the plays a waste of time, it won’t help with their exams. He also says that Toadie might want the whole world to know about Steph, but Declan doesn’t want that and he’s fine. Toadie nods along, but then says that no matter whether Bridget and Declan are together, they will always be in each other’s lives now, thanks to their baby. Declan asks if he’s supposed to just take whatever Bridget “dishes out”, pointing out that Toadie didn’t with Steph. Toadie says he’s worked through “all the pain and humiliation”, so Declan asks if he ought to write a play too. Instead, Toadie suggests taking it out on the footie field, but not on Bridget.

No 32 - Living room: Steph, Charlie and Libby are still there, Steph now wearing different clothes. Steph tells Libby that Greg says he has a surprise for her, which she is nervous about. Libby tells her to relax. There is a knock on the door and they exclaim that he is early. Libby says she will take Charlie to crèche and hurries out of the back door as Steph excitedly goes to greet Greg at the front. They embrace and go into the living room, where he gives her a toy crocodile. Steph asks if this is her surprise, but Greg says no – the surprise is that he has a new job in Melbourne.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Donna and Sunny sit on desks, discussing the play, as Bridget sits nearby. Donna expresses her view that Stella is a “doormat” and should be standing up to Gerard, doing what she wants to do. Donna says that Stella doesn’t say what she actually wants because she is in love with Gerard, and so he thinks she doesn’t love him, and leaves her standing at the altar. Bridget says that Donna’s right, mentioning that Donna stood up to Ringo when he was being a jerk. Sunny says that Bridget has stood up for herself, but this makes Bridget miserable, saying it hasn’t really worked out for her. Donna says she hopes Bridget isn’t “advocating the doormat approach to happiness”, and Bridget, kind of reluctantly, says no. Donna tells Sunny that the difference with Bridget and Declan is that they are perfect for each other, unlike her and “Beatle boy”. Bridget says they don’t feel perfect right now. Donna says that they’re just testing each other out, she just has to stay true to what she believes. Sunny wonders how Donna got so smart, and Donna says she just thinks about what her mum would do and does the opposite. Bridget has stood and thanks Donna for making her realise what she has to do before leaving, to Donna and Sunny’s bewilderment.

No 22 - Kitchen: Lucas hangs up the phone, thanking someone. Elle, who is making lunch, asks what they said. Lucas tells her that they can apply for all birth certificates of children born to Anne Robinson, but it must be signed by a direct descendent. Elle says that’s great, she’s her granddaughter, but Lucas says no – it must be spouse or offspring. Paul must sign, to Elle’s annoyance. Lucas asks what has happened to the sandwich he was preparing and Elle says she is finished toasting it for him, and stops Lucas before he can make any cooking jokes. Elle says she doesn’t want to tell Paul anything until they have more information as she doesn’t want him freaking out. They wonder if the offspring (who they seem to have decided is female) is dead, but they can’t look for a death certificate without a first name. Lucas says they should just ask Paul, as Elle hands him his toasted salad sandwich. He gamely tries to eat it, only to burn his mouth on hot lettuce.

Bridal Store: Donna, Bridget and Sunny gaze at the wedding dress Bridget reserved on a manikin. The shop assistant approaches and asks if they have come to pay the deposit, but Bridget says no – she’s sorry, but she doesn’t want the dress anymore. She leaves and Sunny hurries after her. Donna hesitates a moment longer, unwilling to say goodbye to the dress, which she strokes with a longing noise before rushing out too.

No 26 - Living room: Bridget, Donna and Sunny sit on the floor around the coffee table, with plates of cake that Donna has just brought in. Bridget asks why hers is so much bigger, and Donna says it is in ratio to the circumstances. Bridget says she doesn’t have a fork, clearly unwilling to join in, but Donna and Sunny say she should just use her fingers. Donna says she is depriving the baby and Bridget lifts up the cake to take a huge bite.

Sports Oval: Declan walks across alone with a ball, which he kicks and then races to catch, but misses. He lies down on the floor. Zeke and Ringo approach and take a picture of him lying there. Ringo says footie doesn’t work if he does it by himself, and Zeke agrees, saying he needs team mates. They pull him up.

No 26 - Living room: The three girls are still eating their cake, which Bridget has all around her mouth, to Donna and Sunny’s amusement. Donna uses her phone to take a picture, to Bridget’s annoyance. Another phone beeps – Ringo has sent the photo of Declan on the floor, which Bridget grins at.

Sports Oval: Declan is looking and laughing at his own phone – Donna has just sent him the picture of Didge eating chocolate cake. Ringo tells Declan that he and Bridget don’t need to get married to prove that he loves her, and Zeke says he just needs to tell her how he feels. Declan says they sound like a pair of girls, then asks, sensing that this was a plan, whether Bridget got a photo of him. The boys nod, saying it was Donna’s idea. Declan says let’s go and get the girl.

Ramsay Street: The three boys pull up in Declan’s car just as the three girls come down Bridget’s driveway. They meet in the street with a hug and Declan apologises, saying she must get sick of him always walking off when things gets tough. Bridget replies that he must be sick of her for “being all bolshy and not like a proper girl”. Declan grins and says she’s actually the version of girl that he likes, in case she hadn’t noticed. They both say “I love you” and then Bridget is struck by an idea. She asks if anyone has a piece of paper, and Donna sarcastically says, yeah, she brought her exercise book out with her. Bridget says they can do it by text then, and so follows a commitment ceremony by text.

Bridget types:
“I, Bridget Parker, promise to love you forever. To try to understand you even when you’re weird.”
Declan types:
“I, Declan Napier, promise to love you forever. And respect how you feel, even if it’s psycho.”
They send their messages at the same time and then kiss, as Sunny declares that “that is so 2009” whilst Donna says it is “the most romantic thing I have ever seen”.

Charlie's: Toadie, Elle and Lucas sit at a table. Toadie says he has tracked down the lawyer who wrote the will, but he dies five years ago. They ask Toadie not to say anything to Paul, and Toadie readily agrees, and leaves the table to get a drink on them.

He passes Steph and Libby at another table. Steph is very excited as Libby demands to know that Greg’s surprise was. Steph tells her that Greg has found a job in Melbourne and wants them to be together, which Libby says is fantastic. Steph is bouncing with happiness and Libby says “if you smile any wider, your teeth will fall out.” Steph goes on to say that he’s looking for a place to live, but she wants to ask him to move in with her. She asks Libby’s advice, wondering if it’s too fast or forward. Libby smiles and says there’s only one way to find out.

No 32 - Living Room: Steph returns home to find Greg playing with Charlie. As she trips over his suitcases, he says it won’t be for long as he has already checked out some places online. Steph says maybe he should just stay there, to Greg’s surprise, who says there is no pressure and she should think about it. Steph says she has, and they hug as he agrees. However, Steph is then left stunned as Greg slips off the couch to continue playing with Charlie, casually mentioning sharing the house with Steph, Charlie and “whoever else might come along” and asking Charlie how he’d like a brother or sister. Greg says that Veronica never wanted children, but excitedly tells Steph about his image of them in a big house with lots of children. Steph clearly does not share this dream.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Stephanie Scully, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Charlie Hoyland, Daniel Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman, Sunny Lee, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski, Toadie Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Pixie Jones as Marg Taylor-Smyth, Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels

Trivia Notes
• Miranda and Steve appeared in just one brief, non-speaking scene
• Dr Veronica Olenski does not want to have children, though she is a gynaecologist
• Greg returns after three months away
• It emerges that Anne Robinson had a child who was not Jim’s child, in between the births of Scott and Lucy (between 1968 and 1973)

Summary by Sian