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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5684
Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 07/05/09 Five: 09/07/09

Zeke confronting Sunny asking her if she's still upset about Lost Boy
Donna realising that Sunny likes Zeke
Toadie and Dan mentioning if Steph finds out the play is about her, there'll be trouble
Steph talking to Libby, mentioning how she feels about being the subject of a play
Steph, Libby and Lucas all talking about Greg's return
Greg telling Steph he'd love to have kids with her

No 28 - Living Room: Karl is feeding Dahl when he hears the door. It's Steph, she wants to find out about human frozen eggs, and wants to know the chances of a normal pregnancy. Karl tells her to take stories about this with a pinch of salt, stating that there have been no abnormalities but there are also very few successful pregnancies. Steph doesn't see the point of this system, Karl points out to her that it has been successful to a degree. Steph leaves, leaving Karl sitting at the table totally confused over their conversation.

No 28 - Dining table: Later, Sunny is doing some work and listening to PirateNet. Zeke is on the radio admitting to everyone he used to be Lost Boy, but was found out and is now continuing under his usual name. Libby comes in looking for Susan who's out shopping. Sunny goes to shut down the computer, Libby asks her to leave it as she wants to listen to Zeke. Sunny says that's fine so long as she doesn't have to listen to him. Zeke is apologising saying he didn't mean to hurt anyone.

No 32 - Living Room: Steph is also listening to PirateNet and goes to sit down on her sofa, as she does so she sits on some of Greg's stuff and tells Harvey she'll need to make a few adjustments. Her phone goes, she sees it's Greg and chooses to ignore it. She is listening to what Zeke is saying and it's obvious she is thinking a lot of it makes sense.

No 28 - Dining table: Zeke is admitting through PirateNet that a lot of his buddies have been going through a tough time recently. Even although Sunny said she wouldn't listen, it's obvious she is and she decides that she's had enough of Zeke and closes the computer. She tells Libby whether he's Lost Boy or Zeke "he's still a pain." She thinks that Zeke thinks he knows everything, Libby disagrees saying she doesn't think he was trying to say that. She warns Sunny to get ready for some soul-bearing from Zeke. Libby stands up and leaves leaving Sunny looking thoughtful.

Harold's Store: Libby enters and joins Susan at a table asking if she heard Zeke. Susan hasn't so Libby offers to hook her up to an ipod and download some of his stuff for her to listen to. She admits that Zeke is also very good on the air. Susan tells Libby she is very proud of Zeke and offers to buy Libby a drink. Susan goes off to get everything, Libby notices Greg in the store trying to shop for Steph. He's calling her trying to find out her favourite cheese so Libby steps in to help him. Libby says it's good to have him back and good to see Steph happy again. After checking Greg has all Steph's favourite things in his basket, Libby also advises him to give Steph some chocolate.

No 28 - Kitchen: Sunny is in the kitchen cooking when Zeke walks in. Sunny tells him that she thinks he was great on the show before. She is so busy talking to Zeke that she isn't paying attention to what she's doing and drops the cabbage that she was cooking. Zeke jokes about this and Sunny is offended by this. She storms off leaving Zeke to tidy up the mess left. Zeke tries some of her cabbage dish and does not like it!

Carpenter's Mechanics: Toadie is talking to Steph, booking his car in for repair and Steph is giving him an earful as he hasn't had his car in for regular maintenance since he got it. Greg turns up wanting to take Steph out to a picnic but Steph says she can't make it blaming her workload. Greg leaves, Toadie tells Steph she's making a big mistake but Steph isn't interested.

No 28 - Kitchen: Zeke is sitting at the breakfast bar when Sunny re-appears. Zeke tells her that her cabbage dish was nice. Susan, Libby, Dan and Karl walk in discussing Steph and Greg, Libby says it would be nice to have Steph, Greg and Toadie over for a meal that night. Libby wants to make it adults only so Zeke and Sunny find themselves automatically nominated as babysitters!

No 28 - Kitchen: Zeke is trying to get out of babysitting but cannot get out of it.

No 30 - Living room: Ben and Callum are trying to gell Zeke and Sunny that they don't need babysitters. Zeke is not buying it and the group eventually decide to watch a DVD. Callum agrees with Sunny that they should watch "Turban Love." Zeke and Sunny disappear to make popcorn. Callum reveals to Ben that he thinks once the movie gets going, Zeke and Sunny will end up all mushy leaving them to do what they want.

No 28 - Kitchen: Karl, Toadie, Dan, Susan, Greg, Steph and Libby are all in the kitchen drinking wine just before the meal. Steph admits to everyone that she likes having Greg around. The conversation turns to the school play and Greg asks what the play is about. Toadie explains about the play. Susan senses that the atmosphere is turning awkward and changes the subject to Darwin. Greg starts talking about Darwin and Steph pulls Libby to one side saying she is going to kill Toadie. She tells Libby that Greg wants to start a family and it's freaking her out and she doesn't know how to tell him. She admits she didn't tell Toadie she was freaking out, he guessed. Libby says she needs to find a way to tell Greg - or Toadie will.

No 30 - Living room: Callum admits he is tired and is trying to get Ben to also go to bed so as to give Sunny and Zeke some time alone. He and Ben head off to bed. Sunny offers to turn off the TV but Zeke wants to see how the "mush" film ends. Zeke apologises about the cabbage dish, Callum and Ben poke their heads around the corner and see them making up, Callum points out that their work is done and Callum and Ben head off for ice cream.

No 28 - Dining room: Dan is asking Greg about his new job, Greg says that it is permanent. Steph thanks Susan for the meal. The conversation turns back to the play with Greg asking Toadie where he gets his inspiration from and Steph finally admits that she and Toadie were once engaged and Toadie left her standing at the alter. Greg clearly doesn't think that's fair and voices his concerns that kids are being made to act this out. Susan clearly senses the atmosphere is getting tense and interrupts asking if anyone wants coffee. This doesn't have any effect as everyone ignores her and Steph and Toadie start arguing about their relationship. Toadie starts to insult Steph so she and Greg leave.

No 32 - Living room: Steph is tidying Charlie's toys into a box, Greg asks her if she's still in love with Toadie. Steph says no and Greg points out that Toadie's still in love with her. Steph admits to Greg she is freaking out about the baby stuff.

No 30 - Living room: Sunny and Zeke are still watching the TV, both of them also do impressions of acting upset and both find them hilarious. Sunny points out that they're missing the movie, the pair of them move in to kiss but are interrupted by the arrival of Libby and Dan. Zeke and Sunny make their excuses and leave. Libby tells Dan that they interrupted Sunny and Zeke about to kiss!

No 28 - Kitchen: Sunny and Zeke arrive back whilst Karl, Susan and Toadie are tidying up. Karl notices that Sunny and Zeke are no longer arguing. Susan tells Toadie that helping out will not get Toadie off the hook, he was mean to Steph tonight. Toadie says he did this for Steph's own good.

No 30 - Living Room: Toadie is typing away on his pc when Callum asks him what he's doing. Toadie says he's writing a new ending to the play, Callum looks over his shoulder and tells Toadie he can't end the play like that. Toadie tells him to go to bed, Callum backs away and asks Toadie if he's sure he wants to write this and asks what Steph will think. Toadie replies that "the truth hurts baby" and tells Callum again to go to bed. Callum shakes his head and wanders off leaving Toadie tapping away on the pc.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Ben Kirk, Stephanie Scully, Daniel Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Sunny Lee, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Guest Cast: Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels

Summary by Louise