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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5685
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 08/05/09 Five: 10/07/09

• Dan tells Libby that he's trying to help Toadie get in shape so he can join the Dingoes
• Steph tells Libby that she's worried as Greg has mentioned wanting to start a family
• Steph tells Greg that the play is about her relationship with Toadie
• Susan accuses Toadie of being cruel to Steph
• Toadie rewrites the end of the play, though when Callum sees it, he thinks it's going to be a disaster

No 30 - Living Room: Libby and Dan are conscious of not waking Toadie whilst catching their eyes on the new script. After catching a glimpse of the new ending in the play Libby believes Toadie’s still in love with Steph. Her period of feeling sorry for Toadie is quickly disrupted when Callum wakes Toadie up. Callum then whisks Toadie away to get ready to play him at Zombie Golf, whilst Libby tells Dan to talk to Toadie while she has breakfast with Steph.

No 28: Ringo gets ready for football training, elsewhere the dishwasher starts making a terrible noise. Karl’s determined to not buy a new dishwasher, which aggravates Susan in the process. Steve arrives to pick up Ringo, shunning Karl’s attempts to help sort out the dishwasher. Karl’s reluctance to spend money on a dishwasher is typified when he asks Susan if they even need a dishwasher. Susan’s stern facial expression tells Karl her thoughts on the matter.

Charlie's: Rebecca leaves Libby and Steph after receiving a phonecall. Steph wonders how Rebecca has taken Paul back but Libby soon switches the conversation onto her and Toadie. Steph refuses to talk about it.

No 30: Meanwhile, Toadie tells Dan he didn’t mean what he said to Steph. After getting rid of Callum, Dan enquires why Toadie verbally attacked Steph. Toadie reveals he believes Greg just isn’t right for Steph.

Charlie's: Steph outlines her view to Libby that Toadie’s simply jealous of her happiness. Libby tentatively tells Steph about Toadie writing a new ending for the play. She’s unwilling to tell Steph how Toadie ends the play, instead urging her to talk to her former lover.

No 30: Dan’s attempt to get Toadie to speak to Steph has an effect. Dan leaves the room allowing Toadie to mull over his thoughts, while he gets ready for Football training. Toadie then hides the new ending to the Play, to give himself time to decide what to do.

Libby arrives back at number 30 just as Dan is about to walk out the door. She relays her concerns about what else Toadie might have written about in the play. The pair search for the missing script before Libby looks in Toadie’s secret hiding place, which coincidently is under the settee. She finds the script and guesses what Toadie’s next move will be. Before Dan heads off for Football training, he asks whether Libby knows his secret hiding place. Libby’s reveals that no one hides secrets from her inside number 30.

Harold's Store: Steph tells Susan she needs a new dishwasher which delights Mrs Kennedy. Toadie enters and Susan quickly scarpers away. Toadie apologises for his actions, leading Steph to tell him she understands his been through a hard time and that there’s no hard feelings between them. Toadie takes offence to what he sees as Steph pitying him. He tells her she’s too accommodating and that’s why her relationships go wrong. Steph fires back telling Toadie his relationships haven’t got too well either, mentioning his lack of commitment to Kelly. She also has the last word, warning Toadie he is turning into a bitter old man.

Sports Oval: Dan welcomes Ringo back but the other lads aren’t so welcoming. They show a banner which degrades Ringo’s unsuccessful AFL career. Ringo doesn’t make a fuss though, instead running through the banner as the lads start begin training. Toadie arrives but shortly stops training as the other lads start lapping him. He declares his just a bitter old loser and heads off home, telling Dan not to worry about him.

No 30: Back home Callum is playing on the Nintendo Wii. A clearly annoyed Toadie turns off his game and tells him to go and play with Mickey. Toadie then goes back to his lap top seemingly preparing to make changes towards the script. Toadie then sends off the new final version of the play.

No 28: Karl arrives back home to a mass of dirty dishes. Karl’s still determined not to buy a new dishwasher and mentions there isn’t really a need to buy a new one. He makes a comment about the kitchen being his wife’s department which doesn’t do him any favours. Susan then shows Karl research which shows having a dishwasher actually saves water. She also tells Karl she’s going on strike until he buys a new dishwasher. Karl tries to win the argument by saying he won’t do his chores then either, let Susan doubts whether anyone would notice anyway. Karl won’t relent either though, taking on all the household chores. However he declares he will do them his way, he then precedes to go outside to let Lenny lick the dishes.

Susan watches on as Karl picks stuff off from the floor to cook and can’t stop staring at how Karl prepares dinner, seemingly wanting to intervene at every moment. When Karl moves away to take a phonecall Susan can’t resist intervening. As she takes Karl’s Chips off her Gran’s platter, she then picks food up off the floor. Karl busts her doing so in the process. Susan makes it clear she was only saving her Gran’s Platter and that the strike is still firmly on.

Charlie's: The lads buy Ringo a beer which he appreciates. Libby and Susan come over to sit with him and he switches the attention to Toadie. Libby and Susan explain its all about his problems with Steph. In the process Steph arrives and Susan and Libby try to speak to her about the problem. They talk about Toadie’s reaction to Steph’s relationship with Greg, which leads Ringo to suggest that when dealing with ex partners, you’ve just got to suck it up, which takes all three women by surprise.

No 28: Susan arrives home to the house being extremely untidy. She throws a dirty cloth at Karl who reacts by grabbing some Sugar. Just as it seems like a food fight is about to develop, Karl and Susan embrace one another. It isn’t long before Susan remembers her strike and stops things developing between her and her husband. Soon enough Karl relents, promising to buy a top of the range dishwasher and the pair resume their embrace. Ringo enters and immediately walks back out.

No 30: Toadie tells Dan he is done with Footy. Dan then catches a glimpse of the new script and is shocked by the changes. Toadie tells him that it is perfect as it allows them to see how self centred and selfish the fictional character Stella is. Although, it is obvious he is referring to Steph. Dan tries to get Toadie to think again, yet Toadie’s adamant that’s the Play he wanted to write from the beginning. Seconds later however Steph arrives, leading Toadie’s complexion to totally change.

Dan quickly leaves the room clearly wanting no part in seeing Steph’s reaction to the new play. Steph apologises to Toadie and asks if she can read the new ending to the Play. Toadie desperately calls out to Dan, needing a reason why Steph can’t read the new ending. Yet Steph is having none of it and takes the Play home to read with Greg. Dan tells Toadie what he’s thinking - he’s dead.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Ben Kirk, Stephanie Scully, Daniel Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Sunny Lee, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Guest Cast: Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning, Dylan Hyne as Brad Lange

Summary by Daniel

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