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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5687
Written by Jane Allen, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 12/05/09 Five: 14/07/09

Steph is horrified by the screenplay Toadie has written
Ringo tries to win over Donna
Donna kisses Kyle
Ringo dares Zeke and Sunny to go into the cupboard together and kiss
Zeke and Sunny awkwardly get stuck in the cupboard together

Camp - Supplies cupboard: Zeke and Sunny are still stuck inside saying that Truth or Dare really sucks. Zeke is saying that Spin the Bottle is worse and explains about one time that he had to kiss Dec! He says that a kiss isn't a big deal but he wouldn't want to kiss Sunny. Not surprisingly, Sunny takes this offensively.

Camp - Outside the cupboard: Ringo, Kyle, Dec, Didge and Donna are discussing whether or not they should let Zeke and Sunny out, Kyle is against it saying "rules is rules". They are trying to listen in and hear what's happening.

Camp - Supplies cupboard: Zeke's mobile phone light keeps going out, Sunny is getting annoyed as she wants it to stay on. Sunny is fed up of the game and tries to get out but can't the door is locked. She calls out asking to be let out but gets the reply that it hasn't been 10 minutes yet.

Camp - Outside the cupboard: Didge thinks that Sunny will be freaking out, Donna thinks the guys are punishing Sunny because she stuck up for Donna before. Donna and Ringo start arguing about the fact that Donna kisseda random guy in front of Ringo before which ends with Donna calling Ringo "lame". They are still arguing about this when Karl, Dan and Rebecca approach, suspicious of the group hanging around together. Karl tries to find out from Ringo what was going on and failing to get any answer from him, Rebecca turns on Dec. However Dec also refuses to discuss things with his mum and the group head off to check out the dorms. Once they've left, Karl, Rebecca and Dan start talking about camping when they were kids and what they got up to. Dan's phone rings, it's Toadie so he leaves them to speak to his friend on the phone. Rebecca and Karl walk past the cupboard where Sunny and Zeke are locked in, not hearing them call out.

Charlie's: Toadie is still on his phone, this time trying to contact Steph. His friend Tim approaches having dropped by for an epresso and the two lawyers start comparing case loads. Tim tells Toadie that he's being sued for defamation of character by Steph. Tim then leaves, leaving Toadie in shock.

No 32 - Living room: Steph walks through to her living room with her washing in the basket, Greg is following her trying to explain something. It soon transpires that Tim is Greg's divorce lawyer and when talking to him before Greg asked his advice on what Toadie was doing with his play. Tim then advised Greg about defamation of character. Steph is furious that he has got a lawyer involved and has gone behind her back. Steph works out that he is jealous of her friendship with Toadie and storms off.

Campsite: Donna has packed a bag and has announced to Didge that she is leaving. Didge doesn't want her to go as this will be the last bit of fun she has before the baby is born. Donna feels bad about kissing Kyle before, saying she reminds herself of her mother. Donna decides to stay and goes to unpack her bag.

Camp - Supplies cupboard: Sunny and Zeke are still locked in. Sunny starts hammering the door and shouting almost making poor Zeke deaf at the same time! The battery dies on Zeke's phone.

Campsite: Donna and Didge come tearing around the corner to go and let Sunny and Zeke out but come across Karl instead who is wondering where Sunny and Zeke have got to. Both of them say they don't know where they are. Donna goes to distract Karl whilst Didge goes to rescue them.

Campsite - Table: Didge approaches Kyle, Ringo and Dec playing a game on one of the campsite tables and says that they need to get Sunny and Zeke out. Kyle starts winding Ringo up about Donna kissing him and they're not paying attention to Didge which annoys her. Didge calls Ringo a jerk for the way he's talking about Donna and storms off saying she'll rescue Sunny and Zeke herself. Ringo goes after her and apologises saying he was angry. Didge refuses to protect him and Ringo thinks this will ruin his chances of getting back with Donna. Didge thinks that Donna is too good for him.

Camp - Supplies cupboard: Zeke and Sunny are still stuck in the cupboard, Sunny thinks that she is stupid and arrogant for getting stuck in this situation. She nearly says she's never been kissed but stops just in time at which point Zeke says she's beautiful. Sunny smiles.

No 30 - Living room: Toadie is on the phone to Dan and packing some clothes. There is a knock at the door, it's Steph who's come to apologise for the law suit. Steph explains that this was Greg's idea, Toadie says she needs to keep a tighter leash on Greg. Toadie explains that he had pulled the script and changed the script but if Tim and Greg want their day in court then he will not ruin their fun. Steph is trying to make excuses for Greg and is wanting to know if Toadie thought she was leading him on when they were together. The two start reminiscing about their relationship.

Camp - Supplies cupboard: Zeke and Sunny are playing I Spy when Zeke says that Sunny needs to realise "she's a lot better than what she thinks she is". Sunny pulls out a keyring in the shape of a duck that doubles as a light and Zeke tells her that he's been "geek boy" all his life. Zeke tells Sunny that she's pretty cool when the door is unexpected unlocked and opened by Didge and Donna who apologise for leaving them.

No 32 - Living room: Steph tears up the court papers in front of Greg who can't understand why Steph is letting Toadie make a laughing stock out of her. Steph tells him it's none of his business and reminds him that her and Toadie go "way back". Greg replies with "back to the alter" and Steph then realises that he cannot get over the fact she nearly married Toadie. Greg asks her if she cares more about what Toadie thinks than what he thinks, Steph asks him if he wants her to choose but Greg walks off saying it looks like she already has.

No 32 - Living room: Steph is putting Charlie's toys into a box when Greg walks back in asking if she needs a hand. Steph ignores him and carries on putting the toys in the box. Greg makes it obvious that he is jealous of Steph's friendship with Toadie. Greg promises to stop fighting Steph's battles for her on the one condition, she fights them for herself. The two kiss and make up.

Campsite: Didge, Donna, Sunny and Zeke are all enjoying a walk around the campsite imagining what it would've been like if they'd forgotten Sunny and Zeke were in the cupboard! Dec arrives and pulls Didge to one side so the rest of the gang wander on. Dec wants to make sure Didge hasn't told Donna what Ringo said before. Didge hasn't but says she will. Dec tries to stick up for his mate, just as he is doing this Dan blows a whistle and he and Rebecca approach the two. A car sounds it's horn, it's Paul arriving much to Rebecca's obvious surprise. Rebecca walks up to the car wandering what Paul wants. He wants her to go to a hotel room with him! Rebecca tries to resist him but can't and tries to think of a way to sneak off without being noticed.

Charlie's: Toadie walks up to the bar orders a drink and starts speaking to Tim. Toadie can't help but rub in the fact that Tim's case against him has collapsed. Tim says maybe Steph just didn't want to waste her money on Toadie but Toadie is quick to point out this can't be the case as she helped him get Callum and then get him back when Toadie sent Callum to his aunts. Toadie realises that Steph is the bestest friend he could ask for. Toadie shakes Tim's hand and thanks him for all his help.

No 30 - Living room: Toadie arrives home with an organic pizza just for him and Steph. Toadie offers her the chance to work on the script with him, Steph agrees to this saying there are a few things she'd like to see in there. The two of them are tucking into the pizza and playing around when Greg arrives home. He sees Steph and Toadie fooling around and walks straight back out the house before either of them see him.

Campsite: Karl and Dan are wallking through the campsite when Karl thinks he sees someone or something in the bushes. They go to investigate, and find Rebecca and Paul rolling around in the bush together! Dan is not impressed as Rebecca is supposed to be setting an example! Dan walks off announcing that he will cancel the camp. Kyle wanders up to Dec and Didge saying it looks like camp is off just as Donna approaches wondering what she's missed. Kyle asks her if she'd like a quick fumble in the cupboard before they go and tells her that Ringo said that she uses guys all the time which is "fine by me". Donna turns to Ringo, clearly upset and pushes him to the floor, warning him never to speak to her again.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Stephanie Scully, Daniel Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Bridget Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Donna Freedman, Sunny Lee, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning, Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels, Ben Anderson as Tim Collins

Summary by Louise

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