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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5688
Written by Peter Dick, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 13/05/09 Five: 15/07/09

• Elle and Lucas find the key to a safety deposit box under no. 24 and, later, use it to open a box that contains Helen Daniels’ will
• Steve asks Miranda if she was in love with someone else when she agreed to marry him, and she replies yes – her old professor, Dean Naughton
• Zeke and Sunny are locked in a cupboard and almost kiss, but then Bridget and Donna open the door
• Kyle tells Donna what Ringo said about her being with lots of guys and Donna, furious, shoves Ringo to the floor and tells him never to talk to her again

No 22 - Living room: Donna is sitting on the sofa, crying and surrounded by tissues. Ringo bangs on the door, saying he knows that she is in there. She says that she isn’t. Ringo says he just wants to talk to her, but she tells him to go away. She turns the TV on, loudly, as Ringo continues to knock. He says he’ll leave her alone if he can just have one minute. Wiping her eyes, Donna opens the door, but she leaves the chain on and stands back so that they can’t see each other. Ringo takes the opportunity and says he wants to apologise. She makes him say it louder, and he says that he’s sorry he said all that stuff – he was jealous, after she kissed Kyle. He walks off and Donna closes the door, leaning against it and continuing to cry.

No 28: Miranda and Susan are inside, quite dressed up, when Karl, Dan, Bridget, Declan, Sunny and Zeke enter, returning from the failed drama camp. Karl is telling Dan that he can stay for dinner, and greets Susan, checking this is okay with her. She says of course, but makes it clear that Karl will be cooking, because she and Miranda are going out. Bridget asks if she can come, because she’s starving, but Miranda says she would hate it because the portions are so small at the restaurant they are going to. Declan says that he will make his tuna surprise, and Bridget suggests ordering pizza. Declan, looking a little hurt, asks what’s wrong with his tuna surprise. Looking apologetic, Bridget puts a hand on his shoulder and wonders where to start.

Over by the table, Dan hangs up his phone, muttering. Susan asks if it was the school council, and Dan tells her it will be a miracle if he still has a job. Susan asks why he cut the trip short. Dan replies that there’s no point in a drama camp without a script, and also adds, to the room as a whole, that some of the kids were getting out of control as well, to which Zeke adds that it wasn’t just the kids. Karl tells about Paul and Rebecca and their antics in the bushes, whilst Declan covers his ears and tries not to listen. Sunny says, smiling, that it was immature, but Declan jumps in, mentioning her and Zeke’s time in the cupboard. Karl and Susan immediately ask what cupboard and what happened, but Zeke and Sunny both quickly reply that it was nothing at all and hurry away to their bedrooms. Susan and Karl are rightly suspicious and say also add that Sunny and Zeke finished each other sentences, which you don’t normally do until, they said in unison, “you’ve been married for 25 years”. Bridget pipes up that they are crazy about each other but neither will admit, and Susan and Karl sigh.

No 28: Later that evening, Susan returns home from her meal to find Ringo sitting, depressed, at the dining table, and Sunny, Karl and Zeke watching TV on the couch. She notices that Karl is seated between Zeke and Sunny and, exasperated, subtly tries to get him to leave. She says she thought he would be in bed by now, but Karl, clearly tired, says he wanted to watch the end of the movie. Zeke tells Susan that Karl drooled on his shoulder, which Karl denies, but Zeke points out the damp bit. Karl agrees to go to bed, but tries to get Ringo to take his place on the couch. Ringo declines and Karl tries to persuade him, but Susan hurries him along. Karl goes into the bedroom, but Susan hesitates a moment. Before leaving, she tells Zeke that if they come up with a new “system”, she will find out. When Susan has gone, Sunny asks Zeke what she meant. Zeke says it was nothing, avoiding answering. However, Ringo, feeling sorry for himself, explains bitterly that it was a way for he and Donna to spend time alone in his room, as he and Zeke share. Saying that they don’t need it anymore, Ringo gets up and goes to bed himself. Sunny turns to Zeke, angry and appalled that Susan thinks that she and Zeke want to spend time alone like that. She jumps up and says she’s going to and set her straight, but Zeke hurriedly blocks her way, saying to wait. He says that Karl and Susan don’t want to be disturbed, but Sunny says that it will only take a minute. Zeke repeats that they really don’t want to be disturbed, stressing the words and trying to get his point across with his eyes. Sunny catches on and moans that they’re all revolting, hurrying to her bedroom, and Zeke grins as she goes.

No 22 - Living Room: Lucas is doing the bins when Elle enters, holding a file. He asks her if she got the birth certificate but she says no – Lucas was right, they will only give it to immediate offspring. Lucas says she have to talk to Paul about it then. But Elle still says she can’t, because Paul worshipped his mother and she doesn’t want to hurt him until he knows more. Donna comes down the stairs, still unhappy, but trying to mask it. She says that she’s home now, so they have to put their clothes back on. Elle asks if Donna is responsible for all the tissues strewn through living room. Donna says she got something in her eye, but Elle knows this is a lie. However, just then Paul enters, saying that Elle called him. She turns to him, opening the file she is carrying. Having been forgotten, Donna goes and sits on the sofa. Elle tells Paul that she has something she needs him to sign for work. As Paul signs it, Lucas pulls Elle aside and asks what she’s done. She tells him that the birth certificate form is underneath. Paul goes to leave, taking the files with him, saying he can take it back to the office, but Elle insists that she will. Whilst this is happening, Donna gets up and says that she’s going back upstairs if anyone cares. No one pays any attention. Paul leaves, and Elle and Lucas check the form. Elle closes the file, satisfied.

No 22: The next morning, Elle hurries to get ready for work whilst Lucas prepares coffees. He says that she was late to bed and Elle explains that Donna needed a pep talk, but Lucas is concerned that she is worrying too much about the secret child they have discovered. Just then, Paul enters, looking for a suit he thinks he has left in his wardrobe. However, Elle hurriedly says that they were just leaving – she is uncomfortable around Paul as she doesn’t like lying to him. Elle and Lucas exit, leaving Paul to lock up. However, when Paul is alone, the phone rings. The caller leaves a message, overheard by Paul – it’s a solicitor calling about Helen’s will, and Paul’s curiosity is piqued.

Charlie's: Elle and Lucas are at a table, Elle talking on her mobile. It’s the solicitor and she is annoyed, saying that he was supposed to call her mobile, not her home. She asks when she can see the birth certificate. Hanging up, Elle anxiously wonders if Paul heard the message. Before Lucas can reply, Rebecca comes over with Paul to ask Elle and Lucas about a family meal that evening to celebrate her and Paul “coming out”. Lucas quips “who’s the lucky man?” to Paul. Paul asks if they could have the meal at no. 22, being perfectly friendly. Elle agrees, but seems to be trying too hard to be normal.

No 22: Lucas and Elle rush through the door and try to play their messages, only for the machine to tell them they have none.

A short while later, Lucas is trying to reassure Elle, saying that answering machines are temperamental. Elle doesn’t buy it, fretting that Paul is now doing his own research and worries what he will do if he thinks someone could take his money. Lucas suggests that Paul will be happy to have more family, but realises himself how unlikely that argument is. Lucas says she should talk to him, but Elle says she’ll get the birth certificate and then decide what to do.

Harold's Store: Steve, Miranda, Declan and Bridget are having breakfast together, though it seems a little awkward. Steve says that it was lovely, just like old times, and Miranda agrees. She asks if he’d like another coffee, but Steve says he has to get to the surgery. Miranda invites him round for pancakes at the weekend instead, and Steve happily accepts, reminding her what syrup he likes. Bridget and Declan watch silently, smiling. Steve heads off for work, soon followed by Miranda. Declan says they seem to be getting along well, but Bridget seems unwilling to discuss it, saying that she has got her hopes up before. Zeke approaches and says hello. He looks pointedly at Declan, who takes the hint and leaves the table. Zeke sits with Bridget and asks for help with Sunny. Excited, Bridget says she knew something happened in the cupboard, but Zeke quickly says nothing did – though it could have. He says she’s avoiding him, which must be quite a feat because, as Bridget points out, they live in the same house. Zeke asks her to talk to Sunny and find out what’s going on, but Bridget says the easier way would be to ask her himself. As if on cue, Sunny walks into the store, so Bridget gets up and offers Sunny her seat, but without speaking, Sunny hurries out again.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Dan is talking anxiously to Toadie on his mobile, saying they need an ending for the play and it doesn’t matter what, whilst students file in, including Donna, who approaches Dan from behind. He yells to Toadie down the phone that his career is on the line before noticing Donna and quickly hanging up. They discuss the ridiculous number of endings the play has had so far.

At a desk, Bridget and Sunny are talking. Bridget is suggesting that Sunny talks to Zeke about whatever is wrong, but Sunny is suspicious, asking what Zeke has told her. Bridget reluctantly says that Zeke told her Sunny was giving mixed signals. She mentions the cupboard, but Sunny says it’s all in his head. Donna, who sat down between them in the middle of this conversation and who seems very tired, says Sunny has to be straight with him. In response to Bridget’s questioning look, she replies that she has made a mid-year resolution to be completely honest at all times and not to engage in any more “random pashing”. Sunny asks if she’s supposed to just tell him how she feels, but when Donna nods, Sunny looks away, unwilling.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Zeke is talking to Ringo and Declan about Sunny. He asks if Didge has said anything to Declan, even in her sleep. Declan asks why would Bridget be talking about Sunny in her sleep – they’re not all obsessed with her. Both Ringo and Declan are of the opinion that Zeke should stop fretting and just go for it. However, Declan points out that Ringo isn’t exactly doing that with Donna, but Ringo says he’s over Donna. Declan and Zeke laugh and Declan says he’s lovesick, and that Zeke is too.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Donna and Bridget are also advising Sunny to talk to Zeke, but she says he won’t take her seriously once he finds out how “inexperienced” she is. Donna says she shouldn’t worry – Zeke is the only one of the boys who hasn’t “sealed the deal”. She borrows this term from boys, she says, and adds that “boys are so revolting”, just as Ringo enters behind her. She realises and hurries to her seat. Sunny resolves to talk to Zeke, but quickly adds “later” when he enters the room.

Lassiter's - Reception: Miranda is behind the desk, typing, when Steve enters. She says “I’ll be with you in a moment” without looking up. Steve says he has a present and they banter a little before he gives it to her – a bottle of Canadian maple syrup, which she says they will open at the weekend. Steve leaves for his room and Miranda gets back to work. Another man approaches the desk, who knows Miranda and seems pleasantly surprised to see her. Miranda looks very shocked when she sees him – less pleasantly so at first, but then she smiles at the man, who his called Dean.

Charlie's: Elle sits down with Lucas, announcing that she has the birth certificate, but she is too nervous to open it. Rebecca approaches to check that they are still okay for the meal that evening. When she has gone, Lucas takes the envelope and says that he will get rid of it since it is stressing Elle out so much. She snatches it from him and opens it, realising he has used reverse psychology as she does so. She reads the certificate – Jill Ramsay is the daughter of Anne Robinson and Max Ramsay.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 214: Miranda and Dean enter. Both a smiling and happy to see each other. It emerges that Miranda was a student of Dean’s years ago – he is the professor who she was in love with when she agreed to marry Steve. They sit down to talk and Dean asks after Steve, and Miranda says that they’re not together anymore. He asks how long and Miranda says not long. He replies that he has often thought of her and Miranda jumps up, saying she should get back to work. Dean suggests they do something that evening and Miranda agrees – as old friends.

Charlie's: Karl, Susan, Zeke, Ringo and Sunny sit around a table, Ringo handing out newly purchased drinks. Karl is telling them all that he ran into an ex-girlfriend at the hospital. He describes how they lived in a share house, but when it all went wrong it became very awkward living under the same roof. Everyone at the table realises that he is trying to make a point to Zeke and Sunny. Susan asks what her name was. Karl, stumped, says Bambi. He says she moved out in the end, to which Susan asks “back to the woods?” Amused, Zeke asks if anyone wants to play pool. Ringo says he’s just going to have his drink and go home, whilst Sunny says she’ll play. Karl says he will too, but Susan stops him. As Sunny and Zeke go to play, Karl sends Ringo to get him a glass of water. He tells Susan that they have a responsibility towards Sunny, but Susan says he has crossed the line from responsibility to harassment.

Over by the pool table, Sunny and Zeke finally talk. She apologises for being horrible to him today and tells him that he was right, something would have happened in that cupboard if they’d stayed in there. Zeke jokes that there are lots of cupboards at home to try. Sunny says she’s not very good at relationships, finally revealing to Zeke that she has never had a boyfriend. Zeke says that’s cool – they can take it slow. Sunny is relieved. Zeke turns to the game, telling her it’s her break first. Sunny says she’s never played before, so Zeke begins to teach her.

No 22: As they get drinks, Lucas asks Elle if she’s going to say anything to Paul, but she says not while they’re having the meal. They take the drinks over to Paul, Rebecca, Donna, Bridget and Declan, who are chatting about Bridget’s baby and grandparenthood. Rebecca points out that Elle missed out on having grandparents and Paul watches her closely. Paul says he was 12 when his mother died. Paul takes the opportunity to make a speech about the importance of family, which, he says, represents love, support and trust. Elle goes to the kitchen and Paul follows. He asks if she’s okay and Elle insists that she is. Paul says they’ll get the dinner out of the way and then the two of them can have a chat.

After dinner, Paul tries to help Elle clear up in the kitchen. He says that she didn’t eat much – “guilt is a real appetite killer”. Elle asks what she has to be guilty about. She fiercely turns round and says she knows he erased the message. Paul, fake-innocently, asks what message she means. She says she was just trying to protect him, but Paul says there’s no need anymore, because he’s done some research himself that day and he knows all about Jill. Elle is shaken and asks how he feels about that. Paul tells Elle that as far as he is concerned, Jill doesn’t exist and Elle must forget that she ever knew about her.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Miranda Parker, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Daniel Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Steve Parker

Guest Cast: Peter Bensley as Professor Dean Naughton

Trivia Notes
• Steve likes Canadian maple syrup on his pancakes
• Professor Dean Naughton arrives, having been discussed some time earlier. His relationship with Miranda was a key factor in the breakdown of her marriage with Steve
• Peter Bensley, who plays Dean, previously appeared in 1986 as Tony Chapman
• Anne Robinson is revealed to have had an affair with Max Ramsay, sometime between the births of Scott and Lucy. Paul says that he was 12 when Anne died. Paul was born in 1963 and his mother died when his youngest sister Lucy was born. This assumes that Lucy was born in 1975, though that character was SORASed during her time on the show to make her birth year 1973.

Summary by Sian