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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5689
Written by Ben Michael, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 14/05/09 Five: 16/07/09

Steve and Miranda discussing Steve's proposal of marriage
Miranda inviting Steve to a pancake breakfast
Dec and Didge discussing how well her parents are getting on
Miranda's old flame Dean checking in to Lassiter's
Dean and Miranda reminiscing
Dean asking Miranda out
Elle finding out her dad has an illegitimate sister
Paul telling Elle he knows all about Jill and has chosen to ignore her

No 22 - Living room: Lucas is on the phone when Elle comes downstairs announcing that all the documents she has about Jill are gone. Lucas reminds Elle she's not responsible for her dad. Elle tells Lucas they need to find Jill before Paul does.

Road: Lucas and Elle are sitting in Lucas' car, Elle having found Jill's address. They get out the car and make their way up to Jill's house. Lucas tries to point out to Elle that this might be a bad idea. He just finishes what he is saying when we hear Paul's voice on the phone to someone and he's nearby. Elle and Lucas are forced to hide behind one of the cars. Paul gets into his car and drives off, Elle and Lucas do the same.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 214: Miranda knocks on the door and Dean answers, the remains of last nights dinner in his hands. She apologises about last night and offers to shout him breakfast. Dean invites her in and the two reminisce about old times. Miranda tells him that reminscing is a bad mistake and goes to leave. In the doorway she and Dean kiss passionately.

No 26 - Kitchen: Steve calls by to pick up a shirt - he wants to look smart for the breakfast tomorrow. He makes it obvious that he is still very interested in Miranda.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 214: Miranda and Dean are kissing on the sofa and still reminiscing. Dean says he was mad to let Miranda go. He asks what Miranda is needing now, she looks thoughtful until they are interrupted by a knock at the door from housekeeping. Dean tells them he's busy. At that point Miranda decides to leave, as she goes to leave Dean asks her to go to a conference dinner that night at work. Miranda leaves.

Harold's Store: Miranda is telling Susan all about Dean when Steve, Toadie and Karl approach. Susan says that she's decided to make Libby's netball team mixed to make up the numbers. All 3 males eventually are persuaded to take part before leaving Miranda and Susan to their conversation. Susan tells her that she needs to be prepared to take a chance with Dean.

Erinsborough News - Main area: Elle and Lucas call by looking for Paul but they find Susan instead who says she hasn't seen him all day. Elle tries to tell Lucas that she needs to find her father before he gets to Jill but Lucas thinks they should wait for Paul to return. Elle disagrees but the two aren't going to do anything right away as Lucas has work and he leaves. Susan has been listening in on the conversation and tries to find out who Jill is as she thinks Paul is two-timing Rebecca again. Elle refuses to give anything away. Paul returns to work and heads straight for his office. Taking a seat he is clearly looking worried. Elle goes to talk to him but Paul simply tells her "not now" before practically throwing her out of his office. When he closes the door we see some blood on his suit jacket. When Paul rolls the sleeve up we notice it's seeped through to his shirt as well. Paul immediately takes his jacket off and throws it down. He goes back to sitting at his laptop clearly very worried about something.

Erinsborough News - Editor's office: Paul rolls up his shirt sleeve desperately trying to hide the blood that is clearly showing. Elle re-enters the room with a CD containing some images of a proposed supermarket site that Paul had asked for and places the CD on his desk. Elle says that they need to talk. Outside Susan overhears this and goes to eavesdrop on the conversation. Elle admits she is worried about her dad and asks if he's been to see Jill. She also tells him he's got a good life and not to go back to his old ways. At that point the office door opens slightly so Susan runs back to her desk. Paul heads back out.

Erinsborough News - Exterior: Elle is standing outside the office when Susan approaches her still trying to find out more about Jill Ramsay. Elle is still refusing to give away any details, Susan warns her not to let Paul drag her down with him.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Steve and Toadie are training with the weights when Karl comes in for a workout. Didge offers to show him how to work the equipment but Karl tells her he performs surgery and he thinks he can figure it out and with that heads over to the running machine. Needless to say it's not long before the machine sends him flying! Didge, Toadie and Steve can't help but laugh at this and Karl gets a little defensive over the fact he's having to work out saying he hates his calves. Toadie leaves for a pizza so Steve starts working on the weights and Karl asks him for a few fitness techniques.

Charlie's: Miranda and Paul are in the bar, Paul telling Miranda that he and Rebecca are heading away for a few days. Paul leaves Miranda to drink on his own and Lucas enters. Lucas tries to talk to him about Jill. Paul gets angry saying that he doesn't have to justify himself to Lucas. Lucas then points out that Elle is scared of his dad.

Lassiter's Complex: Toadie, Susan and Karl are walking along, Karl is clearly in pain after his work out. Elle and Paul appear, Paul is pulling a suitcase. Paul admits that he went to see Jill before but she wasn't in.

Charlie's: Lucas is sitting in there, Elle appears asking if he talked to her dad. Lucas admits he did, Elle says her father told her he isn't interested in the money. Elle makes out to Lucas that she's going to leave the Jill Ramsay business alone and then sneaks off to make a call on her mobile. Whoever she's phoning, she asks the person to get Jill Ramsay's phone number.

No 26 - Living room: Didge enters the living room and catches her mum with her evening dress on. Didge tells her she loves the dress. Didge also tells her that she shouldn't feel that she needs to get back with Steve for her sake only.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 214: Miranda approaches the front door of Room 214 and hesitates before knocking on it. Eventually she does knock on it and Dean answers. She enters the room and she and Dean kiss.

No 26 - Kitchen/Living room: Steve and Didge are in the kitchen, Didge mentions that Miranda was gone when she woke up. Just then the front door opens and Miranda walks in and clearly hasn't been home since last night. Steve knows that she's been seeing someone else, Miranda points out she didn't want him to find out like this and wants to explain but Steve isn't interested and leaves.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Guest Cast: Peter Bensley as Professor Dean Naughton Mark Goodrem as Lollipop Man

Summary by Louise