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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5695
Written by Rene Zandveld, Directed by Terry Shepherd, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 22/05/09 Five: 24/07/09

• Mickey asks Steve for help yet Steve refuses to go home, instead he tells Mickey to come to the surgery which doesn’t please Miranda, who is worried her family may be falling apart
• Lou returns and draws the reporters away from Paul, Toadie and Rebecca
• Steph invites Greg to live with her and Charlie
• Greg struggles to hide his emotions while seeing Steph and Lucas bond so well. Finally he tells Lucas to take his hands off Steph, telling his girlfriend it makes her look cheap

No 32 - Living room: Steph’s furious at Greg after he called her cheap. Greg tries to talk to Steph, explaining he only said it because Lucas had her hands all over her, he also tells her that she is a bit hands on with guys. Steph explains that she and Lucas are just mates. She also makes it clear how very angry she is with what she calls, Greg’s feeble explanation for embarrassing her.

Charlie's: Steve tells Bridget that he can’t believe how Rebecca is back with Paul, while he also questions why Donna is living with Elle. Bridget asks her dad why he is so negative about everything, bringing up her mum in the conversation as an example. Steve maintains his happy that Miranda has moved on with her life. He makes it clear that contrary to reports he doesn’t think about her every second of the day but is just trying to move on with his life.

No 26 - Living room: Miranda struggles with positioning a smoke detector up in the house, refusing Bridget’s idea of getting Declan or Steve to help.

Charlie's/No 26: Both Steve and Miranda invite Bridget to dinner. Unable to choose between her parents Bridget accepts both invitations.

No 30 - Kitchen: Steph is clearly still annoyed with Greg, which is evident when she discusses the school play with Toadie and Dan. Dan quickly leaves, leaving Steph to chat with Toadie. She opens up to Toadie, explaining Greg’s view that she is too intimate with other men. To her surprise Toadie sees where Greg is coming from.

Harold's Store: Toadie and Steph’s conversation about her relationship with men continues. Toadie encourages Steph to see her play fighting with Lucas from Greg’s point of view. Yet Steph struggles to see Greg’s problem and refuses to change herself. Toadie tells her to tell Greg that.

No 32 - Living room: Steph makes it clear to Greg that nothing is going on between her and her mates. Greg tells her she sometimes takes things to far, and that he is struggling to trust her. Steph makes it clear she can’t change herself.

Harold's Store: Callum shows Lou his image on the front page of the West Waratah Star. Lou’s annoyed that his being made out as a thug. Yet when it appears his new image is drawing in new customers, he suddenly doesn’t care anymore.

Bridget confesses to Dan that she’s organized two different dinners with her parents at the same time. Bridget explains she can’t choose one parent over the other in this instant but Dan explains she simply has too.

Charlie's: Steph sees Greg flirt with another Woman and isn’t impressed. Greg tells her that’s how he feels which doesn’t amuse Steph who leaves him on his own inside Charlie’s.

Harold's Store: Steve encourages Lou to sue the West Waratah Star over him being displayed as a thug. Lou tells him the article is actually doing him a favour, as its providing more business for him.

Steve approaches Bridget at the store and overhears her booking something at Charlie’s for 7 o clock. He is relieved when he finds out from Bridget that she isn’t making other plans, and that the event at Charlie’s is for him.

No 30 - Kitchen: Dan enquires with Toadie about what is happening with Harold’s old house. He claims his thinking about using it for rehearsal. When Toadie tells him it will probably go to the next family who need a house on the Salvation Army list, he scuttles away.

Seconds after Dan departs, Steph enters. She sarcastically thanks Toadie for his advice about being honest with Greg. Toadie defends himself and asks his former partner if she’s really happy with Greg. When Steph admits being with Greg is hard work, Toadie tells her she has to decide if all the hard work is worth it.

No 32: Greg apologises to Steph for sleazing onto another girl. Greg relays his worry to Steph that she might cheat on him. Steph is adamant on not changing her personality. She tells Greg she can’t be with someone who doesn’t accept her for who she is.

Outside No 32: Steph and Greg talk and part on good times. Greg asks her to give Charlie a big cuddle for him and then drives off, out of her life. Toadie arrives and comforts Steph.

Harold's Store: Lou shows Miranda Harold’s framed picture. Her joy at seeing the picture is interrupted when Callum enters the fray, wearing a mask with Lou’s face depicted on it. Callum explains he has already sold five masks, as people seem to view Lou as a hero. Miranda’s worried how people might view Lou in a negative way, in contrast Lou doesn’t appear fazed at all.

From nowhere a strange Woman enters claiming that Lou stood her up twenty years ago. She then puts a spell on him, which frightens Lou but excites Callum.

Charlie's: Callum tells Dan about the spell put on Lou. The two number 30 residents then take turns taking the mick out of Lou who doesn’t see the funny side of matters. Lou then finds some form of Stone in his pocket, which Callum suggests is a Curse Stone. Meanwhile the strange smell Lou had been sniffing is revealed as dog muck, which Lou had obviously stepped in. That realisation allows Dan to continue taking the mick out of Lou, who scarpers away from both Dan and Callum.

Bridget and Steve arrive at Charlie’s and it isn’t long before they see Steve. Steve reluctantly agrees to stay for dinner. While Bridget goes off to order, Miranda makes her intentions clear that she wants to get back with her husband. She apologises to him and tells her she misses what they had. Steve then drops the bombshell that he is selling the practice and that he is moving on like she has. Miranda tries to tell him that she hasn’t moved on but Steve tells her and Bridget, that he is moving back to Oakey.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Stephanie Scully, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Dan Fitzgerald, Jarrod Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels, Georgie Durham as Nadia Vossi, Carolyn Masson as Wilma Shay

Summary by Daniel

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