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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5694
Written by Graeme Farmer, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 21/05/09 Five: 23/07/09

• Steph is mad at Greg, saying other people have friends as well as boyfriends so why can’t she?
• Steph and Toadie sit on the sofa and eat pizza, laughing, as Greg watches and walks away
• Ringo yells that Donna is just like her mother and Zeke steps up to defend her, followed by a clip of Ringo and Zeke fighting with each other
• Karl points out the Ramsay children to Karl in the hospital and Susan frets about them
• Susan asks Kate if there’s anything they need or any way that she can help, but Kate refuses
• Steph tries to reassure Elle after Donna was not told about Paul being charged
• Donna talks to Elle about it, saying she could have helped, but Elle says she couldn’t – she’s just a kid
• Donna gets on Steph’s motorbike with little idea of how to ride it and crashes as Steph chases after her

Ramsay Street: Donna is lying on the grass. Ringo races over, closely followed by Steph and Dan. Ringo makes Donna lie still whilst Steph calls an ambulance.

Erinsborough Hospital - Room: Karl tells Donna that she is okay and that she is very lucky. He points out her waiting visitors – Steph, Ringo and Dan – but Donna doesn’t want to see Steph, ashamed and thinking that Steph will be furious at her. She suggests Karl tells them that she’s too weak to see people, but Karl tells her she has to face the music sooner rather than later and leaves, allowing the three visitors in. Donna tries to pretend to be asleep, but Steph is not fooled. Donna apologises and Steph tells her off for being so stupid as to ride the bike before she was anywhere near ready and without Steph around. Steph says she’s going to call Elle and leaves the room with Dan. Ringo nervously approaches the bed and they have a short, awkward conversation about the craziness of Donna’s actions, how she is, and whether he can get her anything. She says she’s tired and so Ringo leaves.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Elle and Susan stand at the front, looking down the side of the house into the back garden, where the three children are gathered, Kate pegging out washing. Elle’s phone rings, alerting them to her presence. They all walk towards each other and Susan asks if Kate remembers her and asks if her aunt is in. Kate says she’s at the shops and when Harry asks what Susan and Elle are doing there, Kate says that they are going now. Susan says she wants to make sure they’re okay and Elle hands them a cheque for $15’000. After looking at it, Kate sends Harry and Sophie inside. Kate asks what Elle’s name is, already knowing the answer, and Elle says it was her father. Kate gives the cheque back and tells her to get away from them. Harry comes back towards them, having taken Sophie inside. He demands that they leave when Susan and Elle try to protest, and they do. As they exit, Elle’s phone rings again – it’s Steph.

Erinsborough Hospital - Corridor: Elle strides into the hallway followed by Karl, demanding to know why she wasn’t called. Karl says Donna asked him not to bother her and Elle says she needs to be bothered with such things. Karl walks away, saying she should take that up with Donna. Elle watches a sleeping Donna through the room window and, turning around, spots Ringo, still waiting outside. She asks why he’s there and he says it’s complicated. He gets up to join her at the window. He asks about Paul, to which Elle also replies that it is complicated. Elle notices the yellow cuddly toy that he is holding, which is for Donna. She asks why he hasn’t given it to her, and they both simultaneously give the answer – it’s complicated. He hands the toy to Elle and leaves.

Erinsborough Hospital - Room: Elle walks into Donna’s room just as Donna wakes up. Elle hugs her, glad that she is okay. She tells her she’s grounded before handing her Ringo’s toy. Donna asks why he didn’t give it to her and Elle says she doesn’t know. Elle asks why Donna didn’t call her and Donna says she didn’t want to worry her, given that Paul was in trouble with the police – she thought she’d be busy with her family. Elle says that Donna is her family, and then reiterates her grounding, which includes no TV, no internet and no phone.

No 32 - Living Room: Motorbike parts are spread over the coffee table as Greg and Steph fix it. There’s a knock on the door and Lucas and Elle enter. Elle apologises for what Donna did and says she’ll pay for the bike to be fixed, but Steph says it’s okay. Elle leaves and Lucas says he’ll follow in a minute. He picks up the fuel tank and repeats the same observations about what needs to be done that Greg just gave before he arrived. Steph and Lucas laugh, and Dan and Callum enter, inviting them all to a pool party at no. 30. Lucas takes the float that Dan is holding and playfully attacks Steph with it. Greg watches, obviously uncomfortable and jealous.

Harold's Store: Ringo tries to write a love letter to Donna. Sunny and Zeke enter and ask him how Donna is. They feel sorry for Donna’s grounding and Zeke says it must be bad for Ringo. Ringo says there’s nothing going on, and he and Zeke stare each other out. Sunny interrupts, saying it’s Zeke’s turn to get the coffee. Zeke says it’s always his turn as he heads to the counter. Sunny cries “Ringo, look over there!” and points, and whilst he is distracted, she grabs his notebook. She laughs at his love letter attempts and says Donna would do the same. Annoyed, Ringo asks what she suggests. Thoughtfully, Sunny begins, “Donna, my wild and beautiful girl. Anything I write would be just words. Words are easy, honesty is harder.” She jokingly takes Ringo’s hand as she speaks, which Zeke sees from the counter with a near-mutinous look on his face.

No 22 - Donna's Bedroom: Donna sits on the floor, holding the toy Ringo bought, as Elle enters. She asks how Donna is feeling. Donna says she only has the teddy for company, know that Elle has taken away the internet and everything else. Elle says there’s nothing wrong with a stuffed toy. She adds that Donna doesn’t need the internet when she’s getting hand delivered letters pushed under the door. She holds up an envelope and says it’s probably from Ringo. Donna says Ringo is more of an SMS guy, if she had a phone. She continues to chatter as she opens it but is shocked into silence as she reads it. Elle asks if it’s from Ringo and Donna says yes, grinning ecstatically.

No 28 - Living Room: Donna excitedly tells Sunny about the letter. Ringo comes out from his bedroom and asks how she’s feeling. Donna just grins, looking at him, for a moment and then leaps forward to hug him before running out.

No 30 - Kitchen: Ben and Callum are eating chips at the table in the busy kitchen. Callum says they should go and swim now, but Ben says they have to wait an hour after food. Callum asks who makes up all these rules and Ben suggests that it is Libby. Callum isn’t happy, saying there’s always food at pool parties. Ben says they could drown and Callum gives in, so they head off to play on the wii.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Steph are preparing food. Steph says he’s doing it too thin and they banter about for a while. Miranda comes in and says that Toadie’s starting the barbeque and so Lucas goes out to help, leaving the slicing to the expert, as he says. Greg watches from by the fridge. He goes over to Steph, mentioning how well she and Lucas get along. Steph praises Lucas and Greg makes a comment that prompts Steph to asks, confused and surprised, if he’s jealous.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Susan and Dan stand outside, discussing the Ramsay’s situation. Susan says they don’t want to be split up and so are lying about an aunt staying with them. Harry comes out, bouncing a basketball. He sees them and ignores them, shooting his ball at the hoop, but missing. Dan approaches and Harry asks if he’s here to help them too, but Dan says no. Harry shoots and misses again. Dan tells him what he’s doing wrong, so Harry throws the ball at him and tells him to show him. Dan scores, and Harry makes him do it again and again. Dan asks if he wants a game.

No 30 - Back garden: Steve and Karl argue about the best way to cook meat and Toadie suggests doing it both ways and then have a taste test. Miranda approaches Steve and nicely, and almost hopefully, asks if there is anything he would like. Steve says he doesn’t think so, barely acknowledging her. She walks away.

Ringo and Sunny walk onto the pool area, Ringo in trunks and checking his phone. He tells Sunny she is amazing – thanks to her letter he has loads of texts from Donna. On the other side of the pool, also in trunks, Zeke watches the inaudible conversation, concerned. Ringo wants Sunny to write another letter and Sunny agrees, but only so long as Zeke doesn’t find out. They walk off together to write it and Zeke watches them go. Toadie goes up to Zeke and makes a comment about footballers and home wreckers, having also watched them walk off. At Zeke’s stony face, he walks away again.

No 28: Sunny and Ringo sit writing at the table. Ringo says he thought girls liked soppy stuff, but Sunny says they like deep stuff. Getting up to go to the kitchen, Ringo asks if Zeke likes Sunny’s letters. She says she doesn’t write him any. Ringo is surprised and she says she just couldn’t. She changes the subject, asking Ringo what he wants to write as they have a party to go to. Sunny translates “I think about you night and day” to “No matter what I do, no matter who I’m with, you’re with me always”. Ringo adds “I love you”, just as Zeke enters and demands to know what is going on. Ringo jumps up, grabs the notepad and leaves. Sunny says nothing is going on and heads to her bedroom, saying it’s private as Zeke doesn’t believe her.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Dan and Harry are playing basketball and Harry has just scored a basket. They both seem to be enjoying the game, and Harry says that if Dan misses his next shot, Harry wins. Dan misses. He goes to shake Harry’s hand, but Harry doesn’t take it. Dan says Harry’s a good player, and Harry takes the ball from Dan and says he’s better than him, and heads towards the house. Dan calls after him that they don’t have to do this alone and Harry turns around, knowing something like that was coming eventually. He is scornful, but Dan tries to give him his card, saying he owes him a rematch. From inside, Kate calls Harry. She appears at the door and Harry grabs the card before going inside. Dan stands by Susan, who has been watching. She says he lost deliberately, which Dan does not deny, the point having been to get a rematch.

No 22: Elle is sitting on the sofa whilst Donna collects food and drink from the fridge to take upstairs. Elle says Donna should go to the party, but Donna points out that she is grounded. Elle says she can unground her, however, Donna wants to take the punishment seriously. Lucas runs in from the back door, calling “Princess!”. Elle tells him not to call her that. Lucas is trying to persuade her to come to the party, but Elle is unmoved. Lucas says all work and no play will make her dull, but Elle laughs how can she be dull with her father charged for running down his sister, Donna crashing a motorbike, and three kids being without a mother. Lucas says he wants her there with him. Then he proposes, suggestively, that they just stay home, but Elle says they would horrify Donna and goes to get up to go to the party. Lucas pulls her back, joking that she is no fun anymore.

No 30 - Back garden: Steve, Toadie and Karl carry out their taste test, but all have become confused as to which steak is which. Toadie takes them both.

As Steve is left alone, Miranda approaches him again and asks when they are going to talk about what happened, but Steve says there is no need, walking away. Toadie appears and asks Miranda if she has seen the “terrible twosome”, meaning Callum and Ben. Miranda says they’re playing inside – Callum weakened and ate some party pies so they had to restart the clock before they could swim. As they head inside, they pass Lucas and Elle happily coming in. Lucas and Elle walk past Steph and Greg, who comments on how they look “full of the joys of spring”. Steph agrees, saying things are going really well for them. Both are obviously thinking of Greg’s earlier jealously. Greg says he wishes them well and gets up and walks away, to Steph’s annoyance.

Over by the pool, Ringo is reading his notebook when Zeke storms over and snatches it from him. Ringo asks for it back as it’s personal. Zeke says if Sunny won’t tell him what’s going on, he’ll find out himself. He reads the letter and is horrified, thinking it is a letter between Ringo and Sunny. Ringo takes the letter back and Zeke asks if it’s payback, because of him and Donna. Ringo denies it, but Zeke doesn’t believe him and shoves Ringo into the pool.

A little time later, Ringo and Zeke are sitting on the edge of the pool, Ringo telling all. He explains how he tells Sunny what he means, and she says it better. Zeke is hurt that Sunny doesn’t talk to him about stuff like that, though he is no longer angry with Ringo. He says that they can keep writing the letters but he wants to see them first, before he walks away.

Lucas intercepts Steph, who is looking quite glum. He tells her that it is mandatory to have fun at a pool party, and so he picks up and puts her over his shoulder, spinning her around. Greg comes out of the house, yelling for Lucas to get his hands off Steph. Lucas puts her down as both he and Steph tell Greg they were just fooling around. Greg isn’t happy, though, saying Steph fools around with everyone. Steph says they’re her friends, but Greg retorts that they are blokes, and it makes her look cheap. Steph is visibly shocked at his words, as are all those watching.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Daniel Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Karl Kennedy, Elle Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald, Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski, Ben Kirk, Callum Jones, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Guest Cast: Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels

Trivia Notes
• Reference is made to Elle’s love of teddy bears

Summary by Sian