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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5693
Written by Sarah Dollard, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 20/05/09 Five: 22/07/09

Rebecca tells Paul how difficult the whole Jill situation is for her
Stressed Elle snaps at Donna
Susan tells Elle to think like a journalist and get all the facts
Lucas chases the man who ran down Jill
The man explains that someone pushed Jill in front of his car
Paul is once again taken away by the police for questioning

Erinsborough Police Station/Charlie's/Erinsborough & District Hospital: Paul is led into the police station and his possessions are taken from him. Elle arrives at the bar and quietly sits down, as Rebecca struggles to focus on her accounts. Kate signs to take her mother's possessions, as Karl watches. Paul is fingerprinted. Rebecca notices Elle sitting behind her. Kate breaks down and Sophie rushes off to get her some tissues. Rebecca sits with Elle and hugs her. Paul is taken away to an interview room.

No 26 - Living room: Declan tells Bridget about the situation with Paul, and how the guy driving the car is claiming Paul pushed Jill onto the road. Bridget thinks that it could be a mistake, but Declan isn't sure and says that, in that case, Paul lied to him and he just feels sorry for his mum.

Harold's Store: Steph and Dan are reading through the play, but she's distracted by thoughts about Paul. She starts ranting about what a terrible guy he is, and Steve overhears. He comes over and they wonder what effect it's all having on Donna. Steph invites Steve to join them, but Dan indicates that they have work to do, so Steve leaves. They both realise how lonely he is, and Steph considers inviting him over for a barbie. Dan then brings up the new ending to the play and Steph says that she likes it - it has a bit more kick to it. Donna then breezes in, raving about the play, before realising that something's wrong. Dan makes himself scarce as Steph tells her about Paul.

Harold's Store: Moments later, Donna is in shock. She quickly changes the subject to the play and ideas for how to make the Stella character more likeable. Steph asks if she's alright about the news and Elle not getting in touch, but Donna says that Elle did call her but she's just been really spaced out lately. Steph tells her to lay off the ditzy routine - she's too smart for that. Donna asks her why Stella and Gerard never got together, as they were clearly meant to be, but Steph explains that it's not just about guys, there's also her bike to consider.

No 32 - Living room: Donna appears from the bedroom in biker leathers. Steph puts the bike helmet on her and they sit on the arms of the coach, pretending to ride motorbikes.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Karl's office: Karl brings some drinks for the Ramsay kids and tries to make small talk, before explaining that he'll need to contact a social worker. Kate insists that they have a relative to take care of them, while Sophie and Harry look worried. Karl then asks them to call in and see him the next day, and gives Kate back her money when she tries to pay for the drinks. As he leaves, Sophie and Harry argue with Kate, worrying about what's going to happen to them all now. Harry storms off to get coffee, while Kate assures Sophie that it was just one little while lie, and they have no need to worry.

Erinsborough Police Station: DS Morris interviews Paul again, and Toadie points out that their only witness is also guilty of running down Jill and fleeing the scene. DS Morris points out that that's not relevant and continues to ask Paul if he pushed Jill.

The clock ticks and Paul refuses to say anything. DS Morris and two uniformed constables return to the room and the interview is resumed. Paul starts to have flashbacks about his meeting with Jill and ignores the questions. The interview is about to be suspended again, when Paul suddenly says that he killed Jill.

Erinsborough Police Station - Cells: Paul asks Toadie what they need to do now. Toadie says that they begin with Paul explaining why he just confessed to killing his sister. Paul says that, if he hadn't been there and confronted her, none of this would have happened and three kids wouldn't be orphaned. Toadie asks him outright if he did it - and he says that he might as well have.

Harold's Store: The next day, Bridget and Declan are reading a newspaper article about Paul, when Steve approaches them. Miranda walks in with Mickey, who asks Steve if he could come over and change Zippy's filter. Steve is reluctant, but eventually tells Mickey to drop by the surgery. Miranda quickly walks off, refusing to discuss the awkwardness with Bridget. Meanwhile, Donna comes in, dressed in black as 'Stella' and tells Steph that she's channelling her new role. Once alone, Steph makes a call to Elle, saying that she has to talk to her about Donna.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: The Ramsay kids come out of a meeting with a counsellor and go off to sign some forms, while Susan arrives to give Karl his lunch. He tells her who the kids are and says that she should really reconsider working with Paul, but Susan points out that he hasn't been found guilty yet. Karl snaps at her, refusing to give Paul the benefit of the doubt. He says that the kids are claiming to have a relative, who they can't seem to contact.

Ramsay Street: The press are waiting outside number 26 and descend on Paul, Rebecca and Toadie as they get out of the car. Toadie tries to hold them back as they ask for a statement. Meanwhile, a taxi pulls up and Lou gets out. He calls out that he has a statement to read on behalf of the family and they all run over to him, allowing the others to get into the house. Lou then announces that he had a wonderful time up north and is happy to be home. The press try to follow him up the driveway but he grabs one of the cameras and get into a scrap with a photographer, getting his own photo taken in the process.

Number 26 - Living room: Miranda, Didge and Mickey come in, having escaped the journalists and are delighted to see Lou. Rebecca explains to Miranda that Paul is in the kitchen, so they'll go and stay at Lassiter's, but Miranda says that they're welcome to stay as long as they want. Rebecca goes to tell Paul, who solemnly tells her that he didn't push Jill and thinks he should get out of town. He insists that he doesn't want Rebecca to deal with this, and she realises that he's planning to skip bail, making him promise not to go.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Susan turns up to speak to Kate and tells her about Ramsay Street and its connection to Kate and her family. She is about to show Kate the Ramsay Street History book, but Harry and Sophie then start arguing inside, and Kate says that she'll have to go. Susan asks her if she needs any help, but she insists that her aunt has everything covered.

No 22: Elle arrives home and Donna asks her if everything's OK. Elle says that she's tired and doesn't want to talk. Elle says that Steph called and was worried about her, and Donna says that Steph trusted her enough to tell her what was going on with Paul. Elle explains that she didn't want to burden her. The phone rings and Elle goes to see Susan about the Ramsay kids, leaving an upset Donna all alone.

No 32 - Driveway: Donna walks up, gets on Steph's bike and starts it up. As she pulls out of the driveway, Dan is walking by and Steph comes screaming out of the house. They both watch as Donna speeds off and crashes...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Karl Kennedy, Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Stephanie Scully, Steve Parker, Daniel Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman, Toadfish Rebecchi, Miranda Parker, Mickey Gannon, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: Jacqueline Brennan as Det Sgt Michaela Morris, Janine Michaela Watson as Monica Laver, Nicole Scott as Jennifer Warren, Ben Rose as Clynt Stanley, Uncredited as Constable Hoffer, Uncredited as Constable Hume

Trivia Notes
Tom Oliver returns to the cast after one of his regular breaks, having last appeared 58 episodes ago, in 5635
Reference is made to Lou serving in Vietnam
Paul has $110 in cash in his pockets
Karl's favourite fruit juice is tropical, but Sophie thinks apple is best
Kate lies that her Aunt Carol is coming down from Sydney to stay with them
Bruce on reception at Lassiter's reckons there's no way Paul killed Jill

Summary by Steve