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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5697
Written by Sarah Dollard, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 26/05/09 Five: 28/07/09

Sunny writes love letters to Donna, on Ringo's behalf
Zeke thinks that Sunny is cheating on him with Ringo
Rebecca realises that Paul has skipped bail
Paul calls Rebecca in secret
Alec Skinner issues a warrant for Paul's arrest
Elle puts a manhunt for Paul as the front page story on the newspaper
Declan suggests that he and Didge should find a place of their own

No 26 - Living room: Zeke, Ringo and Dec are surfing the net looking at property prices when Didge, Sunny and Donna come to join them. They are working out that Didge and Dec can't really afford to move. Donna is reading again the letter that Ringo sent her. Donna offers to go to Didge's doctors appointment if Dec goes to view the one property they've found that they can afford.

Charlie's: DS Skinner approaches Rebecca wondering if Paul has said where he was. DS Skinner tells her if she really wants to help him she'll help him. He also tells Rebecca they want to put listening devices on her phones, she tells him to "go to hell."

Ramsay House - Exterior: Katie, Sophie and Harry are getting ready to leave the house when they are besieged by reporters. Susan runs up to their rescue and ushers them back indoors.

Erinsborough News - Office: Susan is back in the office now and is complaining to Elle that there is a media camp outside the Ramsay kids residence. Susan thinks that this is because Elle implied that Paul was going to come back after the kids. Rebecca walks into the office, Lucas following shortly behind her apologising saying he tried to stop her. Elle walks into Paul's office with everyone following her, Rebecca is furious at the front page saying that placing Paul's picture on it is not reporting, it's revenge. Rebecca storms out telling her she'd better fix it. Once they have all left the office, Elle sits down at her fathers desk and looks through his black book. She picks up the phone and calls Katie.

No 26 - Kitchen: Didge is on the phone to Dec and they are working out prices, it's becoming ever clearer that they are going to struggle to find somewhere they can afford. Donna turns up so Didge finishes the phone call. Donna has turned up with some stuff she found in Paul's garage but Didge says that it isn't really their kind of stuff. Steve walks in looking for Miranda and spots the lava lamp that Donna brought over saying it reminds him of when he was young. Donna lets slip about Dec and Didge moving out, Steve doesn't see how they can afford to do so, Didge replies by implying that he's too busy moving on to be bothered with this.

Charlie's: Steve has been standing at the bar chatting to Rebecca when Dec walks in. Rebecca wonders when he was going to tell her that he was moving out and says she is not going to let him do it. Dec says that he and Didge are both adults now and with Steve "running away" to Oakey, Didge needs security. After he's said this, Rebecca starts to understand his point and is in the middle of discussing this with Steve when the police arrive. DS Skinner hands over a warrant to listen to the phones in Charlie's.

Harold's Store: The Ramsay kids and Elle walk into the store. Elle asks them what drinks they want but Katie says they can't afford that. Elle offers it "on the house" but Katie again refuses saying they don't need her charity. Elle wonders how long it will be before Human Services find out that the kids are on their own. Katie and Sophie eventually accept Elle's offer of a milkshake, whilst Elle is at the counter ordering this, Rebecca approaches and tells her if Paul calls to tell him not to call her as the phones are now bugged. Elle receives a call saying Paul's been sighted, Rebecca begs her not to dob him in. As she's taking the call, the Ramsay kids get bored and decide to leave even though Elle asks them to stay. Rebecca again begs her not to dob Paul in and to instead go after the kids.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Elle turns up at the house with a load of shopping which she hands to Katie. Katie is thankful for this and offers to pay Elle back, an offer that is refused. Katie asks Elle if she really hates her dad, Elle admits he is not a good person. Katie says her goodbyes and closes the front door. Elle walks away and is immediately hounded by the press who want to know how much Elle is paying the kids. Elle says it is more than "your rag could afford" but the press will not give up, constantly asking the same question.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Steve walks in looking for Miranda, Didge says she hasn't seen her. Steve says that he would like to help make it possible for her and Dec to get a place. Didge says he can't afford it but Steve says he can once the practice is sold.

Harold's Store: Sunny and Ringo walk in, Ringo reading one of Sunny's letters. Zeke walks in wondering why Sunny doesn't show him the letters and appears to be jealous. Zeke threatens to tell Donna.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Katie is talking to Elle about an exclusive for the Erinsborough News. She is offered $15,000 and refuses it until Elle points out that Human Services will find out. Katie wants to know how she knows that Elle will not turn on them, Elle says Katie will simply have to trust her.

Harold's Store: Susan walks in as Elle is on the phone talking about the exclusive she has for the Ramsay kids. Lucas is tapping away on the computer when Susan overhears Elle's conversation and makes it plain that she is furious about it. Lucas tries to explain the reasoning behind it to Susan saying it was to keep the other press off their backs and that the kids won't have to worry about money for a while, but Susan points out that Elle will make over $15,000 from the story. Susan accuses her of exploit but Elle says she is not going to run the story and Susan finally accepts this.

No 28 - Dining Area: Ringo, Zeke and Sunny walk in still arguing about the letters and find Donna in the kitchen having 'broken in' to get some peanut butter for her milkshake! Fortunately Donna hasn't heard them talking about the letters and she and Ringo immediately leave to accompany Didge to the doctors. Sunny meanwhile runs into the bedroom and locks the door, so Zeke is forced to discuss his feelings through a locked door. Zeke doesn't understand why Sunny won't talk to him like that, Sunny says that no-one talks like love letters.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Didge, Ringo and Donna arrive for the appointment. Ringo obviously does not feel comfortable surrounded by diagrams of woman's internal organs!

No 26 - Living Room: Dec is looking at photos of the property when Didge arrives. Didge tells him everything is normal with the baby, Dec says that he viewed the property but eventually admits to Didge that he hated it.

Charlie's: Skinner approaches the bar for a coffee, Rebecca comments that she hopes he intends to pay for it, something that DS Skinner insists on doing. At that point the phone rings and Rebecca hesitates before answering it. When she does, Skinner indicates to the other policemen to switch on the tracing device. Rebecca makes it obvious that Paul was on the other end of the phone as she tells him that the phone is bugged. When the other policemen indicate that they were unable to trace the call, DS Skinner tells her that this will be continued down at the station.

Erinsborough Police Station: Skinner is showing Rebecca through to the interview room when Toadie arrives wanting to know what's happened. Rebecca says she hasn't done anything wrong, but eventually admits that she warned Paul off from calling her. Toadie tells Skinner that there is no law that requires Rebecca to help him bring in Paul, Skinner says that there is a law against her being an accessory and points out that Rebecca left town with Paul immediately after Jill Ramsay's death. Rebecca is shown through to the interview room, leaving Toadie standing there with his mouth open, amazed that he didn't know this news.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Sunny Lee, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Katie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay

Guest Cast: Kevin Summers as Snr Det Alec Skinner, Nicole Scott as Jennifer Warren, Ben Rose as Clynt Stanley

Summary by Louise

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