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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5698
Written by Alix Beane, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 27/05/09 Five: 29/07/09

• Libby and Dan explain to Ben that Libby had a miscarriage
• Zeke and Sunny agree to take their relationship slow
• Ringo tells Sunny that the love letters she writes from him to Donna are really good, as though she is writing about someone she really loves, just as Zeke arrives. He is mad that Ringo hasn’t shown him the letters as they agreed and Sunny is horrified to discover that Zeke knows about the letters at all
• On opposite sides of a door, Sunny and Zeke discuss the letters and how Sunny never talks like that, but must have felt like that in order to be able to write them
• Rebecca lies to Toadie, saying that Paul has not contacted her
• Paul calls Rebecca at Charlie’s, where the police are listening in. She tells Paul that they’re there, and so is taken down to the police station

Erinsborough Police Station - Interrogation Room: Rebecca is questioned with Toadie present by Detective Skinner. He asks why she and Paul left town straight after Jill’s “alleged accident”, implying that they were fleeing, which Rebecca picks him up on and denies, saying it was just a romantic trip. Skinner asks if Paul mentioned Jill Ramsay while they were away, and Rebecca says no. He asks what they did talk about and the discussion turns to Rebecca and Paul being partners, which prompts Skinner to say that therefore Rebecca would also benefit from Jill’s death. Toadie jumps in, advising Rebecca to say nothing else. The interview is terminated.

No 26 - Kitchen: Rebecca and Toadie enter, Rebecca rattled by the interview, describing it as harassment. Toadie is angry at Rebecca for lying to him about Paul contacting her. She tries to defend herself by saying she has no idea where he is, but Toadie is not appeased. She apologies, though Toadie is still annoyed. He says that Paul is causing trouble for Rebecca, not just himself, and he asks whether anyone else knows that Paul has been in touch, to which Rebecca says no. Toadie checks that she hasn’t told even Declan and Rebecca says no, he has been too busy flat hunting. Toadie tells her to keep it to herself and to never lie to him again before he leaves.

No 28 - Dining Table: Sunny and Zeke are playing Scrabble. Zeke lays down the word “maladroit” and Sunny asks what it means. Zeke says he can’t remember and gets up, headed for Susan’s secret stash of chocolate. He explains the rules of the stash to Sunny – everyone knows about it, but you can take all you like so long as you replace it – whilst Sunny looks up “maladroit” in the dictionary. Annoyed, she discovers that it means “unskilful, tactless, awkward” and thinks that she prompted Zeke to use this word. Zeke denies this, saying he would never use that to describe her – he would use a much shorter word. She suggests “gawky,” “dumb,” or “stupid” but Zeke says he meant “hot”. Sunny gives a shy smile and Zeke leans into kiss her, but Sunny jumps up. Awkwardly, she tries to explain herself, fiddling with her necklace. She tells Zeke that she hasn’t kissed any boys before, and she can’t understand why anyone would want to kiss her with her braces. Zeke tells her that he does and declares that it is time to break Karl’s rule and go out together that night. He tells her to meet him at Charlie’s and adds a “d” to “excite” on the Scrabble board before leaving.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Ringo is talking to Sunny on his mobile. She has told him that she won’t write any more love letters for him and he is annoyed because he really needs them and Donna is already expecting another. A short time later, Ringo sits down at the table with a pad of paper and prepares to try to write a letter himself. Before he can became, Donna runs up behind him and hugs him, excited about the prospect of another letter. She tells him that she showed one to Declan when he saw her reading one earlier and that she told him Ringo’s words were as good as his abs. She asks when the next one will be written and Ringo says soon. Donna hugs him again and kisses him briefly on the mouth before leaving to let him get on with it. Ringo looks dully at the pad.

Harold's Store: Libby, Ben and Dan enter, greeted by Steve. Libby has just returned from her trip to see Billy and Anne’s new twins. Ben reads from a shopping list and goes off to get the items, leaving Libby to show Steve her photos excitedly. Steve says that they have Libby’s eyes and she replies that Steve has all this to look forward to when Bridget’s baby is born. Steve agrees, saying Bridget wants it out as soon as possible and Libby says that Bridget will love being a mum. Dan watches this conversation, showing concern about how Libby will react to all this talk of babies. Steve leaves and Dan asks Libby how she was, seeing the babies. After only a slight hesitation, Libby says it was brilliant. As they sit down, Dan presses her, saying it hasn’t been that long, meaning since her miscarriage. Libby remains composed, agreeing, but saying that she thinks it was just what she needed. She changes the subject, suggesting they call and see if Steph and Greg would like to come over for dinner that night. Dan is confused – Steph hasn’t told Libby that she split up with Greg.

No 32: Steph opens to the door to Libby and they happily greet each other. Libby then immediately asks why Steph didn’t call her, and Steph replies that there wasn’t much to talk about. Libby is sceptical, but Steph says that she and Greg broke up for the right reasons. They hug, and move into the living room. Steph asks Libby about the twins and Libby brings out the photos again, saying that Billy and Anne are amazing parents. As they look at the photos, Libby mentions the new baby smell with a longing look on her face. Hurriedly, she puts the photos away and changes the subject, suggesting she and Steph need to get dressed up and find a bar to dance on, as Steph made Libby do when she broke up with Darren. Steph doesn’t want to, but Libby insists and rushes off to tell Dan that she won’t be home that night. Steph laughs along, but her smile fades when Libby has gone.

No 28 - Living Room: Sunny is holding up outfits for inspection by Donna, who dismisses them as “too green” or “too long”. Exasperated, Sunny says it doesn’t have to be perfect, but Donna exclaims that it does – this is her first proper date. She quickly adds that Sunny shouldn’t feel any pressure, and Sunny says she doesn’t, though her expression and tone indicate otherwise. As Donna goes to search through the clothes pile, Sunny surreptitiously checks her breath. Donna sees and realises that Sunny is intending to kiss Zeke. She gets very excited, declaring that it’s so “sweet and wholesome” and makes her want to bake scones. As they sit back down, Sunny asks if Donna thinks her brace will get in the way. Donna says nothing could get in the way, the way Zeke looks at her. She gives Sunny some breath fresheners and then notices an item of clothing that she thinks is perfect. As she hands it to Sunny, she says everything is working out so “Disney” for them all – Sunny and Zeke, Donna and Ringo. Sunny asks if Donna has spoken to Ringo today, and Donna tells her she saw her down at the gym earlier, where he was working on her next letter. As Donna says how excited she is, Sunny looks away, conflicted.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Sunny enters and approaches Ringo, asking what the hell he thinks he’s doing. He says he tried to tell Donna, but he just couldn’t – it would be like smacking a puppy. Sunny calls him pathetic. Donna skips in and reaches out for Ringo, who calls her babe. She, offhandedly, asks why he doesn’t call her names like in their letters before she skips off again, saying she still can’t wait for the next. Sunny looks pointedly at Ringo, but he says nothing, so Sunny calls out to Donna, who turns back. However, Sunny can’t bring herself to tell the truth either and ends up thanking Donna for the breath fresheners. When Donna is gone, Ringo begs Sunny to write just one more letter, but Sunny says she promised Zeke she wouldn’t. Ringo says that Zeke doesn’t have to know, but Sunny suggests Ringo try to write one himself. Ringo laughs at the idea, saying it would break them up. Sunny says he just needs to write from the heart about how he really feels about her. Sunny turns to leave, leaving Ringo to contemplate the mess he has got himself into. But then she turns around and says okay, she will write just one more letter, and Zeke can never know.

No 22 - Living room: A letter has been pushed under the door and Donna, holding Cat, excitedly collects it. She talks to Cat, wondering if she should save it, like chocolate, so that she can really savour it. However, as she sits down, she says that’s a stupid idea and rips the envelope open and begins to eagerly devour the letter. She declares that “Ringo is so the one!”

Harold's Store: Sunny, Zeke and Ringo are sitting at a table with Steve, asking him science questions, the answers to which they write down in the school books. Eventually, Steve cottons on that they are using him for answers to their homework and tells them nice try before leaving. Just then, Donna enters and grabs Ringo, saying his latest letter was the best yet and they are headed to eat chocolates down by the lake. The couple hurry out, leaving Zeke mutinous as he says he thought Sunny promised she wouldn’t write anymore letters. Sunny tries to explain that Ringo was desperate and Donna really needed a show of love. Zeke says that Ringo’s always desperate and that what Sunny is doing is cruel, because she’s lying to Donna.

Outside Harold's Store: Steve is approached by Detective Skinner and another officer, who want to talk to him about the Jill Ramsay case. Steve says they should talk to Paul, but Skinner says Paul is proving hard to find. Steve laughs, unsurprised. Skinner asks if Steve doesn’t like Paul, but Steve says nothing. Skinner presses on, saying Steve mustn’t like that Paul’s girlfriend lives in Steve’s house. Steve replies that he doesn’t live their anymore. Skinner says that he and Rebecca are still close friends, though – did he ever hear her and Paul mention Helen Daniels’ will or Jill Ramsay? Steve says no, and is amazed and annoyed that the police thing Rebecca had anything to do with Jill’s death. He tells them Rebecca wouldn’t hurt a fly and walks off.

No 26 - Living Room: Rebecca is attempting to construct a baby change table when Declan enters and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s feeling better, concentrating on the table. After a pause, Declan says he doesn’t understand why Rebecca lets Paul take advantage of her. Rebecca says it’s complicated but Declan says it isn’t, it’s simple – good times, Paul’s there, bad times, no Paul. Rebecca says he didn’t do it, but Declan replies that maybe Rebecca should be worrying about herself not Paul, since she’s the one being taken to the police station. Rebecca looks up, shocked that Declan knows. He says Steve told him. Rebecca apologises, saying it must be embarrassing for him, but Declan brushes her apology away, telling her not to be an idiot. He tells her that she’s his mum, the strongest person he knows, and he can’t understand why she’s letting Paul take her for a ride. Rebecca says that Declan said he believed Paul himself, but Declan wonders why Paul has run if he’s not guilty. Rebecca asks if Declan still believes Paul, and Declan replies maybe. Rebecca says that in that case, he should trust her to be strong enough to know what to do, which Declan accepts.

Lassiter's Lake: Donna and Ringo are lying by the lake, cloud spotting. Donna reassures Ringo about biology, saying he’ll do okay with it, she believes in him. Ringo takes her hand, saying he doesn’t deserve her. Donna says they’ve had their problems in the past, but everything is great now. She asks him to talk to her like he does in the letters. Ringo says it’s different, talking and writing, trying to get out of it, but Donna insists, saying it doesn’t have to be perfect. Nervously, Ringo attempts it. Hesitantly, he says, “Your face is like the sun. Your beauty never goes out. Even at night, it glows like the moon.” Donna is not fooled. Sitting up, she realises that Ringo did not write the letters. Ringo doesn’t attempt to deny it. He says that he means everything in them 100% but he would never know how to write it down. Donna, upset but remaining composed, asks who did write them. Ringo lies to protect Sunny, saying he got them off the internet, but this is worse for Donna. Ringo tries to apologise, but as he reaches out, she pushes him away, telling him not to touch her. She gets up and hurries away.

No 32 - Living Room: Steph is lying on the couch as Libby cheerfully enters, clutching some dresses. She apologises for taking so long, saying Ben was showing her what Dan taught him in the kitchen whilst she was away. She’s brought round outfits for them to wear and she’s booked the taxi, but Steph says she really doesn’t feel like having a girls’ night. Libby says that that is exactly why she needs one. Steph insists she doesn’t, saying she plans to put on some comfy pyjamas and watch TV. Libby says they have to go out – Steph can’t stay home and wallow and as her best friend, Libby will do whatever it takes to get her through this. However, Steph knows that this is not about her and she says so to Libby. Libby tries to avoid the subject as Steph asks her what’s wrong, suggesting she goes home for dinner then comes back. Steph presses her and Libby says nothing is wrong. Steph says it must have been really hard for her, seeing the babies. Libby tries to brush it aside, saying yes, they cried all night. Steph asks if she has spoken to Dan but Libby says there is nothing to say. Steph hands Libby back her outfits and says that Libby should go home and be with her boys, making Libby promise to talk to Dan.

Charlie's: Sunny is sitting at a table alone, dressed up. She calls Zeke, but he doesn’t answer. She leaves a message, apologising again and saying she knows she messed up, but she was hoping they could still have met up and talked. She gets up to leave and bumps into Dan, who asks where Zeke is. Sunny says no – why should she know where Zeke is? Dan says he just assumed they were at Charlie’s together. Sunny’s phone beeps – it’s a message from Donna, and Dan notices that Sunny isn’t happy to see it. Sunny tells him she’s fine and leaves. Dan returns to his table, where Ben is sitting, just as Libby enters. Libby is surprised to see them – she thought they were eating at home, courtesy of Ben the master chef. Dan explains that there was an incident with the spaghetti bolognaise – Ben believed chocolate made everything better. He asks what happened to Libby’s plans to go out with Steph and Libby replies that Steph didn’t feel like it. However, Dan has spoken to Steph, because Libby had left her purse at home. Steph told him that Libby had left hours ago, and Dan hadn’t been able to get in touch with her because her phone was off. Ben asks if he can have dessert and Dan sends him to get a menu. When he has gone, Dan asks where Libby was. Libby says that she had some errands to run and asks what Steph said. Dan says she didn’t say much, just that he should talk to Libby. Libby says that Steph made her promise something, but then she bottles out and tells Dan that the promise was to never dance on tables again. Dan doesn’t buy it.

No 28: Sunny and Donna enter, Sunny apologising, saying she got Donna’s text but she wasn’t home. Donna doesn’t pay much attention, asking is she has “massive sucker” written on her forehead as she sits down on the couch. As Sunny sits down by her, Donna rants about how stupid she was to believe that Ringo had really written those letters. Sunny says that she’s sure his heart was in the right place, but Donna says she doesn’t think it was his heart guiding him. Sunny tries again, saying Ringo probably just wanted to do a nice thing. Donna says it’s not the fact that he lied that hurts most, it’s that he got the letters from the internet, when she had felt like he was speaking straight to her heart. She begins to rip the letters up, saying it makes her feel so bogus and cheap. Sunny is shocked, saying they didn’t come off the internet. Donna doesn’t believe her, ranting about the impersonality. Sunny grabs the letters and says the letters were written especially for Donna and admits that she wrote them.

No 22: Donna storms in, closely followed by Sunny. Sunny wants to explain and Donna asks her why she would do that to her. She asks if Ringo paid her and Sunny says no. Donna furiously asks why she did it then, and Sunny anxiously explains that Ringo really loves her and he just couldn’t say it. Donna angrily says she thought those letters were for her and Sunny insists that they were but Donna doesn’t believe her. Sunny tries again to explain that Ringo really loves her and Sunny was just able to say it. Donna doesn’t reply. Taking a deep breath, Sunny begins to talk like in the letters. She says:

“It’s in the way that you’re never scared when you really are, it’s the way that you’ll never let anything like embarrassment stop you from being who you are. It’s the way you do anything for the people you love, and the way you are so brave and so beautiful, and so completely you.”

Impulsively, Donna reaches out and kisses Sunny on the lips. Sunny claps her hands to her mouth whilst Donna thanks her and tells her that that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to her. She then realises the effect that her kiss has had on Sunny and she apologises, saying she didn’t mean anything by it, she just got carried away. Sunny is horrified and Donna says it wasn’t that bad, but Sunny says that’s not it – Donna has stolen her first kiss.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Rebecca Napier, Toadie Rebecchi, Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald, Ben Kirk, Steve Parker, Steph Scully, Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Kevin Summers as Senior Detective Alec Skinner

Trivia Notes
• References are made to Libby and Steph dancing on the tables of a bar in Shepparton in early 2008 and to Libby’s ex-boyfriend Darren Stark

Summary by Sian