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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5699
Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 28/05/09 Five: 30/07/09

Lou shows Callum the cursed stone that Wilma put in his pocket
Susan tells Kate that Ramsay Street was named after her relatives
Dan is uncomfortable as Libby shows Steve photos of Billy and Anne's new babies
Zeke is annoyed that Sunny lied to him about the letters
Donna realises that Ringo didn't write the letters
Sunny admits to Donna that she wrote the letters
Donna impulsively kisses Sunny, who is horrified that her first kiss has been stolen

Harold's Store: Donna is sitting having a drink when Lucas walks in. Donna asks him if he'd ever stolen a kiss, Lucas explains that he has and that Dan forgave him for it. Donna resorts to leaving the country.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Dan and Harry are playing basketball and generally talking about things. Dan starts to talk to Harry about moving to Ramsay Street, especially since the Salvation Army are providing the house. Dan points out that Ramsay Street is full of good people.

Harold's Store: Libby and Miranda are having tea and cake and talking to Callum and Lou about Lou's curse. Callum and Lou leave the table when Steve arrives to talk to Miranda about the papers for the vets practice. Libby makes an excuse to go and get some bread and milk giving the two the chance to talk alone. Miranda refuses to sign them saying she doesn't think it's a good idea. Steve leaves and Steph walks in and chats to Lucas about her bike before walking over to Libby to find out if she's had the chance to talk to Dan. She hasn't.

Erinsborough High School - Classroom: Steph walks in and is trying to talk to Dan when they are interrupted by Libby. Steph makes out that she was actually there to see Libby and invites her over for a night in front of the TV. Libby says she can't go as she has a night of Cluedo planned with Ben. Libby follows Steph out in to the corridor and wants to know what she was going to tell Dan. Steph denies that she was going to tell Dan anything but eventually admits that she was going to talk to Dan about Libby not coping. Libby is adamant that she is coping and tells Steph not to say anything of that sort to Dan.

No 28 - Dining area: Donna calls by looking for Zeke but finds out from Susan that neither him nor Sunny are in. Susan works out that something is amiss but Donna refuses to say what's wrong before leaving. Karl enters the room and starts labelling pathology tubes saying that he is going to find out who's dog is pooing on his lawn. Susan thinks that this is pathetic!

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Donna is going into her locker when approached by Zeke. Donna is naturally worried that Zeke knows that she kissed Sunny, but Zeke is just after his calculator which he loaned Donna. Donna admits she knows about the letters, Zeke apologises saying he was going to talk to her. Donna tries to tell Zeke that she kissed Sunny but she is interrupted by Dan who reminds them about rehearsals after school. Once he's gone Donna has lost her bottle to tell him the truth and urges Zeke to speak to Sunny.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Rehearsals start and the first scene is Sunny and Zeke kissing each other. They approach that part and then Sunny admits that she can't kiss Zeke and admits that someone got in there first. Dan tries to get everyone back on script but it's hopeless. Zeke wants to know who the first kiss was with and Donna admits it was with her leading to the rest of the cast whistling. Zeke is annoyed that Sunny let this happen and won't listen to her explaining that she didn't. Sunny storms out the classroom.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Katie and Harry are helping a blindfolded Sophie outside to see her surprise - a bike! Sophie immediately puts on her helmet and tries out her bike. Susan approaches and says that the Salvation Army need an answer about the house today. Katie refuses it and says that she now wants to be called Kate and she will get a part time job to support them all.

No 30 - Living room: Libby is playing with Charlie when Steph comes through with the coffees. Libby says that Dan wants kids more than anything but this will take a miracle. Steph says that Libby and Dan really need to spend time together.

Ramsay Street: Miranda is struggling to cut her hedges so Steve offers a helping hand. Just as they are doing this Karl spys Jake coming on to his front lawn and sniffing the area so he arms himself with his camcorder. Meanwhile Miranda has admitted to Steve that she has signed the papers and hands them over to him. At this point Jake is getting ready to do the toilet on Karl's lawn, but Karl's camcorder is running out of battery. Just as Jake does the toilet the camcorder switches off meaning Karl was unable to capture Jake as the culprit! Lou walks over Ramsay Street to number 28 and despite Karl's shouts does not see the dog muck and stands in it! Karl is frantic to try and get a sample from this but before he can do so, Susan runs out from the house saying the Ramsay kids have called, one of them is hurt and they need help.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Karl is tending to Sophie who has come off her bike and hurt her head. Kate is by her side along with Susan and Harry. Karl thinks that Sophie has a sprained ankle but says that Sophie should go to hospital. The Ramsay kids aren't keen to do this so Susan volunteers Karl to help medically.

No 28 - Living Room: Zeke and Harry are playing a video game with Sunny watching them, Karl is bandaging up Sophie's ankle with Kate and Susan watching. Lou and Callum walk in smelling cake. The Ramsay kids are introduced to Lou and Callum and immediately get a sense of how friendly Ramsay Street can be when they see everyone mucking in to help.

No 22 - Living Room: The boys, Dan, Lucas and Steve are settling in to a game of poker wondering where Steph is. Steph appears and tells them to make room for one more - Libby! Libby lets it be known that she hopes they're not playing for matchsticks. Donna walks in with the groceries and simply dumps them on the kitchen table before walking upstairs. The conversation turns to talking about Didge's baby which upsets Libby as it reminds her of Grace. Libby says she has to go and storms out followed by Steph. Dan shakes his head.

No 30 - Living Room: Libby is in Steph's arms in tears. Libby admits that Dan wants a baby and can't give him one. Dan enters the room and Steph admits that there may be a way that they can have a baby. Steph offers to be a surrogate.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Donna Freedman, Sunny Lee, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Libby Fitzgerald-Kennedy, Stephanie Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Daniel Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Callum Jones, Katie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: None

Summary by Louise