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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5700
Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 29/05/09 Five: 31/07/09

• Callum reminds people that Lou is cursed
• Karl treats Sophie after she fell off her bike. Karl tells the Ramsay kids that Sophie should go to hospital, yet they decide against going, in fear that they might be split up
• The Ramsay kids start thinking what it would be like to live in Ramsay Street
• Donna reveals she stole Sunny’s first kiss
• Steph offers to carry a baby for Libby

No 30 - Living Room: Libby’s delighted about Steph’s offer. Dan on the other hand is a lot more cautious; telling Libby he doesn’t think Surrogacy is the right option for them. Libby refuses to give up on having a baby; Dan suggests they look for another option.

No 32 - Living Room: Libby goes over to Steph’s and explains Dan’s concerns. Steph tells her best mate to give Dan time to get his head around it. Libby can’t resist cuddling her best friend, still amazed by her offer. Both of them smile on the couch, excited about what might lie ahead for them.

No 28 - Living Room: Ringo asks Zeke why they’ve been kicked out of their room. Zeke explains it is due to the Ramsay kids taking it for the night. Zeke’s surprised that Ringo knows about Donna kissing Sunny, Ringo explains it’s not a big deal. Zeke’s also curious how Ringo knows it was Sunny’s first kiss. Zeke talks to his mate about how the kiss was a big deal for Sunny, Ringo tells his mate that’s because Sunny is weird. The conversation then switches to sleeping arrangements. Ringo asks Zeke why he gets the couch, which leads to Zeke bluntly telling him, that he was here first. Ringo isn’t best pleased when Zeke tells him his left with the air mattress.

No 28 - Zeke's Bedroom: Sophie and Harry talk while it seems Kate is asleep. The two siblings say good night, both struggling to get to sleep. Their not the only ones as Kate’s shown to have her eyes wide open.

No 28 - Living Room: The Ramsay kids try to sneak out but Zeke and Ringo wake up before they walk out the door. Ringo and Zeke play a guilt trip on the kids, explaining that they could have at least thanked people for letting them stay before leaving. Sophie then explains that they aren’t coping which doesn’t please Kate. Zeke tries to relate to the Ramsay’s. He explains how he was worried that he might be split up from his sister when his parents died. Zeke then tells them how Karl and Susan kept them together. That seems to have an effect on the Ramsay’s, as they decide to stay for breakfast.

While Kate and Harry have some breakfast, Sophie beats Ringo at a video game. It isn’t long before Karl and Susan enter both intent on having some breakfast themselves. Karl tries to hide his displeasure when he finds out that theirs no cereal or bread left. Feeling a bit awkward Kate decides its time to go. Karl tells them to wait so that he can give them a lift, while Susan talks to Kate about the possibility of them moving into Number 24. Kate doesn’t understand; as she believes the deadline to apply for living in the house has expired. Susan reveals she took the liberty of saying they’d take the house. She’s relieved when Kate doesn’t snap at her, and she reaffirms the fact that no one will split them up. Susan’s then delighted when Kate accepts the offer, only just resisting the urge to hug the young teenager.

Harold's Store: Libby tries to convince Dan about going ahead with the surrogacy idea. Dan talks to his wife about the concerns he has. He tells Libby he doesn’t think Steph carrying the baby is a good idea. He tells her he doesn’t want them to fall out again. Libby then enquires whether it would be ok if they got someone else to carry the child; Dan’s face says that wouldn’t be ok either. Clearly frustrated with her husband Libby heads off to do some marking.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Steph goes to see Dan. She reads him the riot act about how he should support the surrogacy idea. Steph tells him that his being narrow minded, just because it doesn’t fit in with the way he wants a pregnancy to develop. Dan doesn’t like being judged, yet Steph tells him Libby really needs this baby. Its then that Dan reveals his biggest concern, his not sure if Steph will be able to give up a baby after carrying it for 9 months. Steph tries to reassure him that she’ll be fine and that their only next door anyway. Dan argues that she still won’t have any say in how it is raised and that he doubts whether she could walk away from the baby she felt so close too. Steph then ponders whether she’ll be able to do that herself.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Dan bumps into Bridget and they talk about Bridget’s baby. Dan asks her how she handles the whole scenario. Bridget explains that she just goes with it, leaving Dan to wonder whether he should do that in terms of the surrogacy.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Many Ramsay Street residents including Toadie and Miranda help the Ramsay kids pack in order for them to move to Ramsay Street. Toadie tells Sophie they’ll fix her bike as soon as they get to Ramsay Street. Zeke, Sunny and Ringo are among the other residents helping the Ramsay’s out. When Zeke offers to help Sunny carry some cardboard she drops it at his feet abruptly, clearly still unhappy with him. Elsewhere, Callum and Lou arrive on the scene in a big Truck. Toadie’s mystified why Callum comes out of the Truck wearing a helmet, Callum explains he doesn’t feel safe with Lou after the curse was put on him. The Ramsay kids are amused when Lou asks Toadie if he has a Rabbit’s foot, to fight off the curse that was put on him. Callum tentatively says hi to Sophie, who nods back at him.

Ringo adds more misery onto Lou, by telling him one of the truck’s tyres has gone flat. Lou can’t believe it, whilst both Toadie and Callum find it most amusing.

No 28 - Living Room: Libby pops over to see her parents. She quickly tells them about her argument with Dan over the Surrogacy idea. Libby mentions that Steph has offered to be the Surrogate which doesn’t please Karl. He asks Libby if they have seeked medical advice on the matter and when she says no, he hastily leaves saying his just remembered he needs to do something. Susan reminds him about helping the Ramsay’s, Karl tells his wife he’ll be there soon, and that Libby can drive her. Libby’s face is one of worry as Karl exits.

No 32: Karl marches over to Steph and confronts her over her offer to Libby and Dan. Karl tells Steph she knows it isn’t a real possibility and all that she’s providing is false hope. Steph takes an exception to that and tells Karl it is her decision. She then quickly tells the doctor to leave.

No 30 - Living Room: Libby and Dan continue to talk about the surrogacy. Dan reveals his a control freak and that he wants to be in control of the situation. Libby tells him he isn’t a control freak, but just a caring husband. Dan continues to explain that having a baby is something you can’t control anyway. Libby enquires about Steph, and Dan agrees, saying he just wants her to be happy. The two embrace as their excitement grows about the potential of having a baby.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Toadie, Ringo and Zeke aren’t convincing when they tell Sophie they can fix her bike. When it’s revealed Miranda needs help; they all try to scamper away from the bike. Unfortunately for Zeke his left to deal with the bike. He tells Ringo and Toadie he can’t fix the bike himself, which is when Sunny comes onto the scene. Ringo immediately tells Zeke, that Sunny will help him.

Zeke once again tries to talk to Sunny, but she’s having none of it.

Ramsay Street: Back on the street Lou purchases a rabbit’s foot. Miranda can’t believe his being so superstitious. Lou tries to argue his not that worried, yet admits it, when Miranda enquires about why his wearing Garlic on his neck. Callum and Mickey start laughing and Lou can’t believe it when it’s revealed he has bird poo on his shirt.

Ramsay House - Exterior: Zeke has no luck connecting with Sunny. Sunny leaves and Ringo comes to talk to his mate. Ringo tells Zeke Sunny likes him and that she doesn’t have feelings for Donna.

Erinsborough High: Back at school, Zeke again tries to connect with Sunny. He reads a poem which Sunny supposedly wrote for Donna. Zeke tells her the love poem is exactly how he feels about her. Sunny answers Zeke’s suspicion that the poem wasn’t written about her feelings for Donna, but someone else, Sunny admits it and Zeke then smiles.

No 28 - Living Room: Libby, Dan and Steph tell Karl and Susan they are going ahead with the surrogacy idea. Karl objects to the whole idea. He tells Steph to tell them before he does. It is then that Steph reveals that her cancer may come back if she carries a baby. She quickly tells Libby that it is ok and that she knows the risks.

No 32 - Living Room: Steph tells Libby she’s desperate to go through with the surrogacy for her. Libby tells Steph she chooses her over the possibility of having another baby. Libby tells Steph she’ll find another way.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Libby Kennedy, Daniel Fitzgerald, Stephanie Scully, Ringo Brown, Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski, Sophie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Bridget Parker, Jarrod Rebecchi, Miranda Parker, Callum Jones, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: None

Summary by Daniel