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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5701
Written by Michaeley O'Brien, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 01/06/09 Five: 03/08/09

• Dan is stressing over the council president hearing Zeke's pirate Net broadcast on him and the school council
• Susan tells the Ramsays she has taken the house for them
• Paul and Jill argue
• Rebecca tells Paul she knows he didn't run down Jill
• Donna tells Ringo she knows he didn't write the letters and he tells her he meant everything that Sunny wrote
• Zeke expresses his feelings for Sunny and tells her he hopes she was thinking of him when writing them

No 28: Sunny and Zeke are raiding the fridge in preparation for a 'fridge date' and are just about to kiss when Ringo interrupts them much to their annoyance.

Ramsay Street: Sunny and Zeke discuss how Ringo had interrupted their 'fridge date' when Ringo interrupts them again! They are then joined by Bridget and Donna as they see them Ramsay’s across the road - Bridget tells them they shouldn’t stare. Sunny can't believe they are allowed to live alone and Bridget makes a joke about her thinking they are too young to be a family. Harry asks them what they are looking at and Donna says that they must think they are the bad guys and it would be easier if Paul owned up to running down Jill – Bridget tells her to not say that to Declan and he still thinks he’s innocent and Rebecca would go to jail too.

Harold's Store: Dan, Libby and Ben are eating chocolate muffins. Libby leaves to set up the school play box office and says the tickets have been selling like ‘hot cakes’. Ben gives Dan a form to sign and realizes that he has signed it ‘Ben Fitzgerald’. Dan questions this and Ben thinks he has done the wrong thing. Dan tells him it is ok but they should keep it as ‘Ben Kirk’ before talking to Libby first.

No 24: Harry and Kate are talking about an item of their mothers when Dan interrupts and tells them he can show them their new school. Kate tells Harry to go and blend in at school while she looks after Sophie.

Erinsborough High: Donna gives a gift that has been taped to her locker to a stranger who walks past. Bridget and Declan arrive and greet Harry. Declan shows him his locker and where his classes are but Bridget tells him that he should tell Harry he is practically related to Paul Robinson. Declan tells her if he is nice to him first he may not end up hating him.

School Play Venue: Bridget is organizing the scenery. Meanwhile backstage, Sunny and Zeke are rehearsing a scene; as they are about to kiss, Dan tells them to stop and moves on to another scene.

Harold's Store: Lou is ringing Kate’s shopping purchases through the till and she adds some chocolate but then realises she can’t afford it; Lou tells her to take it anyway as it is ‘probably past it’s used by date’. Lou then offers Kate some work and she tells them they have a deal.

School Play Venue: Donna has just finished rehearsing a scene. Harry thanks Declan for showing him a locker when Kyle interrupts and tells Harry that Paul is Declan’s stepdad – he becomes angry and attacks Declan.

Moments later, backstage, Dan tells them to cool down and asks Declan to go easy on Harry. Bridget asks Declan where he has been and he tells her he had a ‘moment’ with Harry, and that she was right; he should have told him about Paul.

Harold's Store: Lou tells Kate the coffee machine is broken due to his ‘curse’ and Kate offers to look at it; she suggests cleaning it which she does and it then works. She sees someone spilling some coffee which reminds her of a flashback with her and her mother.

School Play Venue: Steph is unhappy the play set doesn’t look like her house and people may think she likes the hideous wallpaper. Libby and Dan are talking about the play and how he has nothing to be nervous about regarding the chair of the council being in the audience. Dan shows Libby the form Ben has signed ‘Ben Fitzgerald’. Libby is unsure what to do.

Meanwhile, finally thinking they are alone, Zeke and Sunny are rehearsing the ‘kiss’ scene on the darkened stage when they are once again interrupted as the lights come on and the curtains open. Bridget asks them what they are doing and they reply they are rehearsing.

Later, Bridget gives Sunny some advice on the kissing scene as she is worried about it. She tells her to just look into his eyes and everything will melt away.

Harold's Store: As Kate is leaving, Lou calls her back she thinks he is accusing her of stealing something. Lou simply gives her some chocolate and she tells him she doesn’t need sympathy but he tells her it is simply a bonus for fixing the coffee machine. Libby is discussing the form with Ben and she tells him how much she loves him and that he has nothing to be sorry for.

School Play Venue: Everyone is sitting down in preparation for the performance of the play. The cast are backstage and Bridget tells them to go to the dressing room to get ready; she can’t find Sunny but then she appears. Harry arrives and Bridget asks him if he can move a piece of the scenery for her. Harry asks Bridget how Declan can stand up for Paul as Declan arrives – he tells Harry he should shut up and this ends in a fight between the two which leads to Harry falling off the stage into the audience, who are shocked.

In the backstage area, Dan is furious and tells them to stop immediately. Declan is still angry and tells Harry to go home which he reacts to and this results in another fight - Declan pushes Harry into someone holding up part of the scenery with a rope which falls down and knocks Bridget to the floor; Declan asks if she is ok and she replies ‘NO’ – Declan anxiously looks on.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Katie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown, Stephanie Scully, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman, Daniel Fitzgerald, Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Ben Kirk

Guest Cast: Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning, Lesley Coleman as Zara Phaelen, Perri O'Connor as Jill Ramsay, Jacob Taleb as Surprised Student

Trivia Notes
• The opening titles are updated to 2009 Version 5 to include Kate, Harry and Sophie
• Lesley Coleman previously appeared as Marilyn Hessie in 2006 and as Rory Grainger in 2007
• Jill Ramsay appears in flashbacks
• Perri Cummings (Jill) is credited by her married name of Perri O'Connor for this episode
• Ben puts forward the idea of changing his surname from Kirk to Fitzgerald

Summary by Jonny

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