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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5702
Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 02/06/09 Five: 04/08/09

• Bridget tells Donna that she shouldn’t say Paul should confess in front of Declan, as Rebecca believes he’s innocent
• Bridget thinks Declan should tell Harry that he’s basically related to Paul, but Declan doesn’t think so
• Harry calls Rebecca a cow in front of Declan, which leads to a fight
• Libby tells a nervous Dan that the chairwoman of the council will love the play and he’ll be fine
• Zeke and Sunny get interrupted as they prepare to kiss
• Harry and Declan fight behind the closed stage curtain; Harry falls offstage in front of an alarmed audience
• Harry and Declan come-to-blows again, which causes someone to lose grip on a rope, making a piece of set fall, knocking Bridget over

Erinsborough & District Hospital: A worried Declan is holding Bridget’s hand, while she’s wheeled through the corridors on a gurney. Karl appears by her side, as they rush her into a room, and Karl orders some tests.

Theatre Venue - Backstage: Dan chastises Harry for the fight, and points out that Harry can’t use his mother’s death as an excuse when things don’t go his way. Dan tries out his counselling technique, but Harry doesn’t need his help. Dan tells him that he’ll tell Kate, and that he‘s not to go anywhere; Libby arrives - Zara Phaelen wants to talk. Zara tells Dan that two parents have wanted to take their children from the school, which Dan thinks is ridiculous. Zara says that this threatens Dan’s role as school principle as it’s his responsibility. She also thinks that they can’t go on with the play, however, Dan says he has a responsibility to the students who worked hard on the play and deserve a chance to perform.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Declan’s calling Rebecca, needing support. He’s on message bank, expressing for her to call him as he really needs her help. Steve and Miranda appear, wanting to know what’s going on. Declan explains that the doctors have called for a technician to perform an ultrasound, because Bridget can’t feel the baby kicking. Steve doesn’t understand how this could have happened and Declan tells them about the fight. Steve’s furious that Declan could be so immature and Miranda pulls him to one side advising Steve to calm down as Declan’s beating himself up the most; he needs to think positive thoughts.

Theatre - Dressing Room: Steph jokes to Toadie about a play about their relationship ends up cancelled, but Donna steps in saying that she’ll be fine, even though she’s obviously worried. Steph asks how many weeks Bridget is: 33, and the baby will be fine, quips Donna. Dan enters, telling them that the play is still going ahead; he volunteers Ringo as stage manager. Donna’s excited, but Sunny’s nervous. Zeke - with fifties style hair - approaches Sunny, asking if she’s OK? She says she’s fine, yet alone, clearly she‘s freaking out inside.

Theatre - Stage: The play is in full swing. “Gerard” and “Stella” are getting married (it’s Toadie and Steph’s wedding from a year ago) as Ringo gazes at Donna, mesmerized by her performance/beauty. He’s not paying any attention to his stage cues, so Dan takes the headphones from him and directs the lighting cues. Dan tells Ringo to pay attention, as he hands the headphones back. “Gerard” doubts what “Stella” actually wants and they argue. In the audience, Libby tells Steph to wait for Sunny’s entrance, because she’s amazing as Toadie watches in awe, kind of dumbstruck.

Theatre - Dressing Room: Sunny is sitting, terrified about her upcoming kiss with Zeke. She’s telling herself just to look into his eyes, and everything will be fine, over and over but she knows it’s not that simple.

Theatre - Stage: “Gerard” stops the wedding, but “Stella” thinks they can still go through with it. Steph becomes uncomfortable and slightly guilty with the way her and Toadie’s wedding played out - she’s seeing things from his perspective and how he must have felt. She apologizes, but he brushes it off, totally enthralled by the play. “It’s the best bit,” he exclaims. Backstage, Dan realizes Sunny isn’t ready for her cue and tells Ringo to go and find her. “Gerard” tells “Stella” it’s over.

Theatre - Dressing Room: Ringo calls out for Sunny, but there’s no answer. He finds her sitting alone, and reminds her she’s almost on. She starts to talk, but there’s no sound - she’s lost her voice! Ringo assures her it’s just nerves. He grabs her arm, trying to help her up, but Sunny flinches, not happy with being touched by guys. Her voice has miraculously returned. As he helps her up, her skirt gets caught, ripping around the waistband. Sunny is mortified.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Bridget is waiting nervously in bed as Nurse Jodie prepares the ultrasound. Declan blames himself, but Didge tells him to concentrate on Tadpole. The ultrasound begins, and there’s a heartbeat (albeit accelerated), which Bridget is so thankful for, but Karl and Jodie give each other concerned looks. Karl says he’d like to order a full ultrasound, and alert NICU and Paediatrics. When Declan questions Karl, he says the heartbeat is faster than normal, and they just want to make sure all is fine.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Karl tells Steve and Miranda what’s happening. Rebecca appears, and Karl finishes explaining that they might have to perform an emergency caesarean. Rebecca’s shocked as she thought it was only her wrist that was hurt. Rebecca wants to know how it happened and Miranda says that a piece of set fell on Bridget, because Declan and Harry were fighting thanks to her. In her hospital room, Karl says that they’re treating Bridget and if she calms down, the baby might too. They’re preparing a full ultrasound and they need to stay positive. Steve and Miranda enter, as Declan glumly walks out and Rebecca’s touched that he was defending her honour. She hugs him in comfort as Harry stands in the corridor , looking sad and guilty.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Examination Room: Bridget wonders how the play is going; she wanted to see the end and see Sunny and Zeke. She hopes somebody is filming it. Apparently Toadie wants to get a Hollywood agent, so taping it is a must. She relays how nervous Sunny was, then starts babbling about looking for a metaphor to describe Sunny’s nerves. Miranda is fed up waiting for the technician, but Bridget tells her there’s nothing they can do. Changing the subject, Bridget says that Toadie wants Ewan McGregor to play him in the movie version of the play, which Steve and Miranda laugh at. Either him, or Hugh Jackman! Bridget is sure Tadpole will be okay, and Miranda hugs her.

Theatre - Stage: “Gerard” tells “Stella” that he’s found someone, called Tara, and he’d like “Stella” to meet her. As Zeke signals for Sunny to enter, Dan makes hand signals saying she’s not there. Zeke looks to Donna, unsure what to do. Donna starts to improvise, talking about earthquakes and stuff. Sunny hastily appears; she watches Zeke and Donna, while Dan tries to fix her skirt. “Stella” wants to know a bit about Tara, so Zeke starts relaying his true feelings for Sunny: Beautiful, smart, funny, honest and a little clumsy. He says he’s never felt this way before. Sunny is touched by Zeke’s heartfelt words and snatches the duct tape from a random guy, taping her skirt herself. She rushes out, and asks Zeke if he really meant it. He does. Sunny runs across the stage and passionately kisses him. Everyone cheers as Zeke and Sunny continue kissing, experiencing their very own “fireworks moment” in the guise of sparkly lights. Ringo smiles in response, then Dan ushers him to get back to his duties, kinda miffed. Donna turns to the audience, exclaiming that you can’t stand in the way of true love. Zeke and Sunny continue pashing, as the curtain closes.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Bridget’s ultrasound is now visible, and we can see the baby and hear the heartbeat at a more regular pace. Bridget lets out a cry of discomfort as the baby kicks. Karl wants to keep her in overnight for observation. Rebecca enters, relieved to hear that everything is fine. Bridget blames Rebecca for the accident, and Declan’s fight with Harry, because of her dating Paul. A stunned Rebecca awkwardly leaves to get a coffee and everyone looks at Bridget, surprised. Rebecca and Declan banter about getting paid to drink hospital coffee. She knows what everyone thinks of her and Paul and she believes he didn’t do it. Rebecca tells Declan she’s fine. He realizes that she doesn’t need him to fight her battles, but remembering that in the heat-of-the-moment will be easier said than done. As he leaves to return to Bridget, he notices Harry looking guilty. Declan tells Harry that Bridget and the baby are okay. Harry’s glad she’s okay and leaves.

Theatre - Backstage: While eating and drinking, Toadie suggests getting a grant and taking the play on the road! Steph tells Donna that she’s the girliest biker she’s ever seen, and how she’d pick Donna to be her mini-me any day. Ringo enters, revealing Declan called saying Bridget and the baby are both fine. Susan arrives, apologizing for being late and says she heard it was good and that Zeke gave a passionate performance. Sunny’s sorry, but Zeke isn’t. Dan congratulate everyone and Libby asks about his job. Turns out that if Dan wants to keep the job, he needs to pull a tough line on violence which reminds him of Harry, who is nowhere to be seen, and they go off to find him. Ringo tells Donna she was amazing. Donna’s hyped up and says she won’t be able to sleep. Ringo suggests they go for a walk, and she agrees.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Steve’s returned with an overnight bag for Bridget, but hasn’t brought everything, like her PJ top. She says he should have brought the “Bridget bag” which contains an endless list of items that Declan put together himself. Steve says he’s putting him to shame. Rebecca appears at the door and Bridget says she’s so sorry for what she said. Rebecca brushes it off and everything seems fine again.

Theatre - Backstage: Declan admits he shouldn’t have lost it at Harry, and asks Dan to suspend him, so he can return to the hospital. Dan tells them both that he wont be suspending either of them, and gives them weekend detention. Declan can’t because he has a weekend job at Lassiters, while Harry has to look after Sophie. Dan wants them to make arrangements and take responsibility for there actions.

Charlie's: Declan complains about having to do weekend detention, and not having much money for the baby. He wants to quit school, but Rebecca forbids it - he’s only got 4 months left. She offers to help out with money, but Declan refuses. As he leaves for the hospital, Rebecca plucks up the nerve to call Paul. She’s using the prepaid so it won’t be traced. Rebecca tells him that she won’t be calling again, as it won’t work between them. She’s sorry and sadly hangs up, crushed.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Karl Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Ben Kirk, Harry Ramsay, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Susan Kennedy

Guest Cast: Lesley Coleman as Zara Phaelen, Mary Annegeline as Jodie Smith, Sean Guzzi as Danny Canter

Trivia Notes
• Sean Guzzi previously appeared in 2007 as John Coward

Summary by Chris