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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5703
Written by John Davies, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 03/06/09 Five: 05/08/09

• Kate and Harry are unpacking boxes at no. 24. Kate takes out their mum’s cardigan and holds it close
• Harry falls off the stage in front of the audience for the school play during a fight with Declan
• Rebecca talks secretively on the phone with Paul, saying she received his letter, asking where he is, and telling him that he’s only making things worse for himself
• Miranda, Steve, Rebecca and Karl are at the hospital, where Bridget is after a set fell on her. Miranda, annoyed, explains that this was due to Declan’s fight with Harry
• Rebecca calls Paul, and tells him she won’t call him again
• Donna finds a present from Ringo taped to her locker. Without opening it, she gives it to a passing student, to the watching Ringo and Sunny’s disappointment
• A scene with Donna from the school play, watched by Ringo from the side
• Backstage at the play, Donna says she won’t be able to sleep that night and Ringo suggests they go for a walk. Donna agrees

No 22: Donna and Ringo enter. She thanks him for walking her home and they talk about Zeke and Sunny’s kiss, saying it took them long enough. Ringo leans into kiss Donna, but she pulls back. She wonders whether it is a good idea, given that they were a disaster together before. Ringo says it seems to be working now and they lean in to kiss again. But again Donna pulls away. She says that if they want this - which Ringo insists he does and Donna says that she does too – then they have to do it right and take things slow. Ringo does not seem best pleased, but Donna reminds him about when she wanted to “jump” him and he needed time. He agrees, and they stand awkwardly apart. After a moment, Donna kisses him on the cheek and says goodnight. She opens the door and Ringo exits. He hesitates on the porch for a moment and then turns to knock just as Donna reopens the door. She pulls him into a kiss and then pushes him out of the door again. On their different sides of the door, both grin.

Dingoes' Den Gym: The next day, Donna is on an exercise bike. She is gazing dreamily and her thoughts play aloud as she tries not to think about Ringo, whilst flashing back to their kiss. She stumbles on the bike as her gaze meets Ringo’s, who is sitting directly in front of her lifting weights, grinning as happily as her.

Ramsay Street: Susan is just returning from walking Audrey. She picks up her newspaper and turns to talk to Kate, who is crossing the street with a shopping bag. Kate says she is planning on cooking, but Lou has run out of apples at the store. Susan says that they have some apples if she would like. But Kate has caught site of the headline on the newspaper in Susan’s hand: Play Marred By Hit and Run Fallout. A large picture of Harry on the floor is underneath. She grabs it, furious, exclaiming that Elle promised there would be no more stories about them. She storms over to Elle, who has just walked into the street, giggling with Lucas. Elle immediately begins to defend herself, saying that the story is about Paul, not the Ramsays, but Kate says that there is a huge picture of her brother, which makes it about them. Lucas takes the paper, looking confused and appalled. Kate walks off and Susan snatches her paper back, heading home too. Lucas turns to Elle, who snaps at him not to start lecturing her as well. Lucas shakes his head in exasperation and walks off.

No 26: In the kitchen, Rebecca is on the phone to Paul, telling him to stop calling her. Steve enters from living room, concerned, just as Rebecca says “goodbye Paul”. Shocked, Steve believes Rebecca knows where Paul is. He asks if she has been in touch with him the whole time. Rebecca looks at him silently before hurrying into the living room, ignoring his questions and saying she’s going to visit Bridget at the hospital, asking if there is anything she wants. Steve continues pressing her and she snaps that she’s handling it. Steve says she ought to go to the police; Paul was involved in a woman’s death. Rebecca sees this comment as ludicrous, exclaiming that Steve doesn’t know what happened. He replies that jumping bail has made it pretty clear. Rebecca says she has to go and Steve demands to know where Paul is. As Rebecca leaves, Steve calls that this makes Rebecca an accessory and she should protecting Paul and look after herself. Miranda enters from the kitchen and asks what was going on, but Steve says it was nothing.

No 24: Harry is surrounded by half unpacked boxes as he sits at the kitchen table playing video games on a small TV. Kate enters and says that at least he’s not out fighting the neighbours. Silently, he hands her a letter. As she opens it, he explains that it’s a letter from Dan about him having detention. Kate is mad and asks him what happened. Harry says it just happened but Kate replies that fights don’t just happen. He tells her that this one did, wanting the conversation to be over. As Kate continues talking, Harry snaps and says that the mother of the guy he was fighting – “the guy Napier” – is Paul Robinson’s girlfriend. Kate is taken aback by this news. Harry says she lives next door. Kate is horrified and wonders why Susan and Dan didn’t tell her. Harry suggests they move again. There is a knock at the door. Brother and sister head to the door to find a woman standing there, who introduces herself ass Roz Challis, a social worker. She asks if she can come in.

A little while later, Harry and Kate are sitting on the sofa whilst Roz Challis sits on the armchair with a glass of water. Kate apologises for the lack of biscuits. Roz asks them about moving house and how Kate is finding running her own household. Kate says it’s okay and that she has a part time job. Roz wonders if this is taking on too much but, nettled, Kate says it isn’t. Harry reiterates that they’re okay and she turns her attention to him, saying she has heard about his troubles at school. Harry looks away. Roz suggests that their case is referred to the children’s court and Kate and Harry simultaneously start protesting. Roz breaks in, explaining that they will be allowed to keep living together, just with some court-ordered conditions, such as they must attend school regularly and stay out of fights. She also suggests a family therapist, which Kate is dead against. Roz calls Kate Katie, which annoys her more. Harry, depressed, says that it’s all his fault because of the stupid fight. Roz says that she would have suggested this anyway, but the fight didn’t help. There’s another knock at the door and Kate calls the person in. It’s Susan, carrying a basket of laundry. Roz gets up to leave, telling Kate to think about what she has said and that she’ll call back in a few days. Kate notices Susan’s basket of their laundry, with their mother’s cardigan on top. Susan is telling them that she’s done some washing, which Sophie said was okay. Kate isn’t paying much attention as she picks up the cardigan and breathes deeply into again. She looks at it desolately as she realises it doesn’t smell of her mother anymore. She tells Susan to go, who doesn’t understand and asks what’s wrong. There’s no reply, so Susan sets down the washing and quietly leaves. Kate sits by Harry on the sofa, holding the cardigan.

Charlie's: Elle is typing on her laptop when Lucas enters and throws the Erinsborough News across her keyboard. He says it was a low thing to do, writing that story. With a sigh, Elle pushes the paper aside and continues typing, saying she has a deadline. Lucas keeps talking regardless, as he has clearly rehearsed his speech. He says that he knows she must have hated writing the story, and that she and the Ramsay kids have a lot in common. Elle has stopped typing and looks at him. She asks what they have in common. Lucas replies that they’re all victims of Paul and Elle turns back to her keyboard, saying she isn’t a victim. Lucas continues, saying that he knows she’ll do anything to see Paul brought to justice, even if it means going back on her words to the kids and even if she won’t admit it. She asks if he’s finished. He hands her a sheet of paper – confirmation of flights to Sydney. Lucas explains that the paper received a tip off about a sighting of Paul there, in a B+B. Elle puts the confirmation aside, thinking it will just be a hoax. Lucas insists that as a newswoman she cannot pass up this lead. Just then, Harry storms in, upset and holding the Erinsborough News. He asks what she thinks she’s doing, saying that things are tough enough without he doing something stupid like that story. He’s says it’s alright for her – she’s got family, she’s got money – so why should she care about kids like them? He storms back out again before either of them can reply, leaving Elle and Lucas speechless. Elle agrees to go to Sydney.

No 24: Harry returns and Kate hands him piles of clean washing. He sits down and apologises for messing things up. She says he didn’t – they knew that the social services would be keeping an eye on them. He promises not to get into any more fights and, smiling, Kate says that this might help. Harry goes to the bedroom and Kate picks up the cardigan. Slowly and hesitantly, she puts it in a plastic bag and places it in the bin. She walks back to the clean washing, but soon rushes back and takes the cardigan out. She puts it on and wraps it around herself.

No 22: Donna and Ringo sit on the sofa, with school work around them. Ringo reaches across Donna to pick up a pen, and they both apologise. Donna says that maybe holding hands would be okay, and they both reach out without looking at each other and clasp hands. Donna bites her lip and then they both turn and begin to kiss passionately. However, Lucas’ voice sounds and he and Elle come down the stairs with suitcases for Sydney. He says Elle’s a bit overdressed, but Elle says she must dress to impress. Lucas sees Donna and Ringo now trying to sit innocently on the couch and bursts into laughter. They look up, hurt, and say it’s homework. Lucas laughs again, saying he’s had that type of homework before. Donna changes the subject, asking where they’re going. They says it’s a business trip to Sydney and she asks if that’s like “homework”. Lucas explains that unfortunately it’s not – they have a lead. But Elle interrupts before he can say “on Paul”, lying instead that they are going to look at a new printing press. Donna does not buy the lie and asks if Paul’s in Sydney. Elle tries to keep it up, but Lucas says that they’re going to go and find out. Donna wishes them good luck and hugs Elle. Elle says that Donna and Ringo can’t say anything.

Ramsay Street: Lucas finishes putting their bags in the car. Elle asks if he really thinks Paul will be up there. Lucas says that that’s what they’re going to find out. The camera zooms out as Lucas and Elle hug, to where Harry and Kate are watching the scene from the balcony of no. 24. They are not happy with what they see. Harry says he bets they haven’t had their picture on the front of the paper. Kate snaps, angrily exclaiming that she hates the house and she hates the street. Harry says there’s nowhere else to go. Kate knows it, but says it’s so unfair.

Charlie's: Rebecca is cleaning tables when Miranda walks in. Rebecca greets her and asks if she would like a coffee. Miranda accepts, but Rebecca becomes aware that Miranda seems on edge and asks if everything’s alright. Miranda says that everything is fine, but then says no, it’s not, and mentions the argument she heard between Steve and Rebecca that morning. Rebecca laughs it aside, pointing out that she and Steve are always arguing. Miranda asks what it was this time and Rebecca tries to brush it off, saying it was nothing worth worrying about. She asks what milk Miranda wants in her coffee, but Miranda has changed her mind and leaves.

As Miranda goes out of one door, Steve enters through the other. He and Rebecca resume their argument, moving into the office. Steve says she has to report him, but Rebecca insists that she doesn’t know where Paul is. As Rebecca begins to break down a little, begging Steve to leave her alone and saying that she might never see Paul again, Miranda re enters the bar in search of her handbag, which she has left on the counter. Steve apologies to Rebecca and hugs her as she cries, just as Miranda turns and sees them. She looks on in horror.

A Bed & Breakfast in Sydney: Lucas and Elle arrive in Sydney and go to the B+B where Paul was sighted. They show the man on reception a picture. He guesses that Elle is the wife and Lucas is her brother, looking after her. Elle and Lucas ignore the comment, saying they spoke to a woman who said he was staying here. The receptionist asks what Paul has done, but Elle ignores the question and asks if he knows where Paul went. He says that he was here, now he’s gone, and the receptionist doesn’t know where. Lucas suggests they look at phone records, but the receptionist says they would need a police warrant to do that. He says that the B+B has a privacy policy. Understanding, Elle holds out her hand for Lucas’ wallet, which he reluctantly gives to her. She hands the receptionist some notes and he prints off the phone records. Lucas and Elle pore over it and spot a local number that Paul called a each night at a similar time. The receptionist reveals that it is a Thai restaurant. The receptionist reveals that Paul had a female visitor, but Elle must hand over more of Lucas’ money before he reveals that her name was Bev Mooney. Elle and Lucas both realise that the Ramsay children’s father is called Patrick Mooney.

Outside Bev Mooney's House: Lucas and Elle are talking to Bev Mooney, who is about to get into her car. They ask if she is related to Patrick Mooney and she says that she isn’t anymore. Elle says that they’re not actually looking for Patrick, and Bev realises they’re looking for Paul Robinson. She says that she did meet Paul at the B+B, but when they ask if they know where he is now, she asks why they’re so keen to find him. Elle reveals that she is Paul’s daughter, and Lucas asks what Paul wanted. Bev explains that the was also asking questions about Patrick and his kids – and that she didn’t know Patrick had children until Paul told her. She finishes by saying that Patrick had a lot of people searching for him and that though he left her ten years ago, she’s only just paid off all his debts. She gets into her car and drives off, leaving them on the driveway. Elle begins to speculate that Paul is innocent – why else would he be looking for Patrick, have told Bev his real name, and not have left the country already?

No 22 - Donna's Bedroom: Donna leads a blindfolded Ringo into her room. She pulls off the blindfold to reveal her bed. Ringo, smiling, says he thought they were taking things slow. Donna replies that they tried and they failed and Ringo laughs that he is not complaining. They kiss and Donna pulls on his shirt, in an attempt to unbutton it, movie-style. She eventually succeeds in removing his shirt, but then pauses, suddenly struck with the thought that they have not shut the front door, and Elle will kill her if Cat gets out. She hurries off, returning briefly for a kiss, to check on Cat. Ringo falls back on the bed.

Outside no 22 and no 24: Susan is walking up the driveway to no. 24 and can hear Donna calling for Cat. She then sees Kate run across in front of no. 22 from around the back, who stops suddenly on meeting Susan, trying to keep her bulging backpack out of sight. Confused, Susan asks if everything is alright and Kate says yes, anxious to get away.

No 22 - Donna's Bedroom: The smoke alarm begins to beep and Ringo jumps up, calling to Donna.

Outside no 22 and no 24: Donna continues calling for Cat as Susan asks if there’s anything she can do. Kate says that the DHS is looking after them now. Donna approaches and asks if either of them have seen Cat. Susan helpfully says that Kate was just over there and asks if Kate saw Cat. Kate snaps that she wasn’t anywhere near there and hurries off to her own house. Susan and Donna are confused by Kate’s behaviour and Susan says she’ll look for Cat at her house.

No 22: The house is filled with smoke as Ringo looks for Donna, arm over his face. He goes to the kitchen, still calling for Donna, where a fire is burning. He goes back to the living room and falls to the floor, coughing.

Outside no 22: Donna is still calling for Cat when suddenly she becomes aware of the beeping and the smoke from the house behind her. She turns and sees smoke pouring from under the door. She runs back inside.

No 22: Donna races in and finds Ringo collapsed on the floor, unconscious. She tries to revive him, whilst calling for help.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Susan Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Rebecca Napier, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Harry Ramsay

Guest Cast: Janet Watson-Cruse as Roz Challis, Fred Baker as Geoff McKenzie, Sarah Sutherland as Bev Mooney

Trivia Notes
• Janet Watson-Cruse previously played art lecturer Molly Wright in 2006 and MS support group member Ruth Cato in 2008. This is her third appearance as Roz Challis, who is also Callum Jones’ social worker
• Bev Mooney says that she was married to Patrick Mooney ten years ago. Sophie, the youngest of his children, is ten years old, so this seems to have been a very brief marriage very soon after he left the Ramsays
• Fred Barker has previously appeared in several guest roles, including Mr Baker in 1993, Barry Reeves in 1999 and Norm Hastings in 2007

Summary by Sian