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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5704
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 04/06/09 Five: 06/08/09

Rebecca telling Paul not to call again
Rebecca upset she'll never see Paul again and being comforted by Steve
Karl stepping in dog muck
Katie saying that she hates Ramsay Street
Susan catching Katie running from Elle's place
Elle's house catching fire and Ringo collapsing inside

No 22 - Front Garden: Donna brings Ringo out shouting for help - Karl, Steve and Susan rush over to help. Steve calls for the fire brigade on his mobile.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Donna is looking into Ringo's room, Karl comes out to update her on what is happening with Ringo. Donna phones Elle but can't get through.

Ramsay Street: Toadie and Callum are watching the firemen. Elle has arrived on scene and is asking one of the firemen how she would tell if it was arson and explains that her father is Paul Robinson. The fireman has evidently heard of Paul Robinson and asks if anyone has been acting "suss". Susan is trying to say something to Elle but Elle is on the phone to Lucas. Whilst she is on the phone Susan notices that Harry and Kate are watching the goings on.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Lucas is at the hospital keeping Donna company when Didge appears dressed in her hospital gown. Susan and Karl arrive, Karl tells Donna that they are still running some tests. Didge tells Donna that Ringo is out of danger and checks with Karl that this is the case, Karl replies with "that is correct Dr Parker", the referral to Dr Parker making Didge smile. Donna goes in to see Ringo. Ringo tells her that he didn't get out of the burning building because he thought she was still in there. Ringo asks for water so Donna goes off to get some letting Didge in to talk to Ringo. Didge warns him against the hospital food as "it sucks"!

Harold's Store: Katie walks in for her work just as Callum, Toadie and Lou are talking about the drama at number 22. Callum exaggerates about the fire so Toadie tells him to calm down and imagine if he'd lost all his toys in a fire. This subdues Callum until he realises that his school uniform, books and "specs" would also perish! Toadie's phone rings so he leaves the store momentarily to take the call leaving Callum inside. Susan enters to speak to Kate, Susan tells her if she knows something about number 22's fire she should tell the police. This angers Kate and she says she is sick of the Robinsons running her life. Lou then tells her that he wishes she'd said that before and then admits that the owner of Harold's Store is Elle. This prompts Kate to quit her job and storm out. Callum has clearly made note of all of this by the thoughtful look on his face.

Ramsay Street: Steve and Miranda are speculating about the fire, Steve goes to call Rebecca thinking she should know about the fire. Karl has been walking Audrey and approaches Elle and tells her that the fire brigade have given the all clear for toxins which is good news. The police exit number 22 to ask Elle a few questions so Karl walks off. Just as he does he discovers that Audrey has pooed on the grass verge! Karl tells her off for this just as Steve announces to the entire street that the phantom pooer is Karl's own dog! Looking closer at the poo, Steve finds blood in it and tells Karl that Audrey is very sick. Audrey is immediately whisked off to the vets. Meanwhile Callum tells Toadie he thinks that Kate Ramsay lit the fire. He says that Susan saw her at the house and that Kate was heard saying she wished the house burned down as he heard her say this. The fire brigade overhear every word he says. Callum hopes that there is a reward for this information!

No 24 - Living Room: Kate storms in, Harry tells her to be quiet as Sophie is asleep and then wonders why she isn't at work. Kate tells him she quit because she found out Elle was her boss. Harry suddenly starts looking for the DHS stuff and tells Kate that the police are coming up the driveway. Harry disappears to call a lawyer, Kate goes to shut the front door hoping she can ignore the police but they beat her to it. They are here to question her about the fire at number 22.

No 24 - Dining Table: Kate, Harry and DS Morris are sitting at the dining table with Kate refusing to answer any of the questions. Toadie enters the house wanting to know why DS Morris is there. She tells him that she is here to question the kids about the fire next door. Toadie forces DS Morris to leave before asking Kate if she wants to tell him anything. She doesn't. Toadie leaves and Kate decides that they're leaving.

Erinsborough Veterinary Clinic - Reception: Susan is sitting outside when Miranda comes to join her and they start chatting about the fire at Elle's place. Miranda tells Susan she thinks there is something going on between Steve and Rebecca, Susan tells her not to be so ridiculous.

Erinsborough Veterinary Clinic - Operating Room: With Audrey sat on the operating table Steve tells Karl that an operation is necessary. Miranda walks in and offers to help Steve with the operation. Audrey has swallowed a bone. Steve says that he has not contacted Rebecca about the fire. Miranda asks Steve if he's in love with Rebecca, this is a question that offends Steve and he tells Miranda not to bother helping him with Audrey's operation, he will get Karl to assist instead. Miranda admits she was jealous and insists that she help with the operation.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Ringo is drinking water by the bucketload with Donna pouring his water. Susan walks in and the pair of them start talking to Ringo and both promise to give him plenty of TLC.

Ramsay Street: Toadie is on the phone to DS Morris as he and Susan walk over to the Ramsay house. They get there just as Harry and Kate are at the bottom of the driveway getting ready to move out. Toadie tells them they don't need to go anywhere as the fire was accidental - caused by someone putting a scarf over a light. Katie is adamant that they are still going as Susan told the cops they were sneaking around the house. Toadie and Susan eventually get Kate and Harry to agree to talk about the recent events.

No 24 - Dining Table: Kate opens the rucksack to reveal to Elle that she was in fact nicking her apples to make Sophie apple pie. Kate shouts at Elle, Toadie and Susan to "stay out of our lives" before storming into the kitchen. Susan, Elle and Toadie leave, leaving Harry to comfort his sister.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Karl is signing Didge out of the hospital. Before she goes she goes to visit Ringo. Elle arrives at the hospital and asks how Ringo is. Elle apologises for not getting there earlier saying she was held up with the police.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Elle is comforting Donna, Donna asks if Elle found Paul, the answer back is no. Elle tells Donna that the fire was caused by an "electrical fault", she doesn't want Donna to be more upset and know the truth. Elle also tells her that she found Cat hiding up a tree! Donna walks off to take Ringo his water at which stage Lucas joins Elle to find out if she told Donna the truth. Elle says no and leaves Lucas in no doubt as to what will happen if Donna ever finds out the truth.

No 24 - Living Room: Elle and Lucas have called by to apologise for everything that has happened but Harry isn't interested. Lucas persuades Harry to leave to give Elle and Kate the chance to talk. Elle offers Kate her job back, Kate refuses. However Elle drapes the pinny over the coat rack saying that Kate can come back if she changes her mind.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Didge, Donna and Ringo are all unwrapping something. Donna thinks it is going to be a sweet but in fact they have all got friendship rings. Didge tells her this was Ringo's idea. Ringo slips the ring on to Donna's finger and kisses her.

Erinsborough Veterinary Clinic: Steve and Miranda are performing the operation. Miranda tells Steve she loves him and she thinks he still loves her.

Erinsborough Veterinary Clinic: Steve is on the phone to Susan telling her the operation went well. Miranda enters the room saying "Steve" and suddenly Steve starts kissing her. Then, as quickly as he started, he stops, leaving Miranda looking confused.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Katie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: Mary Annegeline as Jodie Smith, Jacqueline Brennan as Detective Sergeant Michaela Morris, Steve Syson as Fireman Mitch Walters

Summary by Louise