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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5705
Written by Megan Herbert, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 05/06/09 Five: 07/08/09

Sunny and Zeke share their first kiss on stage
Sunny apologises to Susan about the kiss, but Zeke says he's not sorry
Jill tells Paul to leave her alone
Toadie and Rebecca find that Paul's done a runner
Didge blames Rebecca for her accident
Miranda mistakenly believes that Steve is having an affair with Rebecca
Steve reminds Miranda that they're no longer married
Steve passionately kisses Miranda and walks away

Erinsborough Veterinary Clinic: Steve tells Miranda that there's no point in her staying, as he has nothing to say. She can't believe his behaviour, but he says that he loves her, but can't forget everything that's happened. Bridget listens from outside as Miranda asks if this is revenge for Dean, but Steve just asks her to leave.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Declan is working out when Bridget comes in, eating ice cream and complaining about her parents. She says that she can't bear to watch them like this, and is particularly worried about her dad, as he's only just got himself back together. Declan says that it's their problem to deal with, but Bridget claims that she knows that, but can't just ignore it, not to mention having the baby to deal with. Declan reminds her that she isn't on her own.

No 28 - Kitchen: Dan and Libby are joking with Karl about wasting water and Zeke joins in, saying that Karl sang Kenny Rogers' The Gambler - a three-minute song - twice in one shower. Sunny then comes in, speaking Korean to her parents, who were proud of her for taking part in the school play, though her father was pleased that she could focus on her studies again. Dan, Libby and Karl go outside, and Zeke asks Sunny if her parents know about him. She admits that she was saving it for another time, and they kiss, only to be interrupted by Karl returning. Sunny runs off, claiming to be looking for some books, while Karl tells Zeke that he might want to rethink things, as Sunny clearly isn't comfortable with the public displays of affection. Zeke laughs off his advice.

Charlie's: Rebecca is quizzing Lucas about how Elle is taking the news about Paul. They wonder why Paul would be searching for the Ramsay kids' father is he was innocent. Lucas then leaves, as Steve comes in, unwilling to argue with Rebecca. She wonders what's wrong with him, but he isn't really willing to talk either.

Harold's Store: Sunny and Zeke are talking in a corner and she looks over his shoulder to see another couple kissing. Zeke tries to hold her hand, but she stops him, saying that everyone's looking. They go to sit down and he politely asks her if she'd like a glass for her drink, before running off to get one. Sunny smiles.

No 24 - Kitchen: Kate and Sophie are bringing through some boxes of their belongings, and Sophie finds some old fairy wings that her mum made for her. She wants to put them on, but Kate tries to discourage it. Sophie insists, but they're interrupted by Dan looking for Harry. Sophie asks Dan to help her with the wings, which he does, and she runs off. Kate is annoyed, pointing out that Sophie's 10 and shouldn't be wearing them, but Dan says that it's probably just her way of coping. Kate insists that they're all coping fine.

Ramsay Street: Various neighbours have gathered for a game of cricket, and Callum isn't doing too well. Sophie wanders down and starts watching them, and she picks up the ball when it's hit in her direction. Ben runs over and asks for the ball back, but Sophie doesn't do anything. Callum comes over and laughs at her fairy wings, and Ben joins in. Libby and Dan come over and force them to apologise, but Sophie then says that Ben's mum's going to die and runs off with the ball.

No 24 - Living Room: Libby and Dan force Ben to apologise, then Kate does the same with Sophie, who silently rolls the ball back to Ben. Sophie is sent to her room, while Kate apologises again. As the others are leaving, Dan offers Kate his card and tells her that he'd be happy to talk to Sophie.

No 28: Zeke is helping Karl with a crossword, then decides to ask for some advice. He wants to know everything...

Karl tells Zeke to always walk closest to the road, to protect the woman.

No 24 - Living Room: Dan returns, and explains to Kate that he's brought something for Sophie. Kate goes to get her sister, who is still quiet. Dan gives her a journal, with a lock on it, so she can write down anything she wants to.

No 26 - Living Room: Declan walks in and throws his gym bag down, before noticing a solemn Miranda sitting on the couch. He goes to pick it up and apologises, and she asks if she's really that difficult to live with. He says she's fine - mostly - and she picks up on the final word and asks what he means. He says that she's a mum, and they always notice mess, but Miranda then suddenly asks if Declan thinks she drove Steve away. He isn't sure what to say, and she apologises for asking. He tells her that the most important thing he's learnt with Bridget is to listen, and if that doesn't work, try grovelling.

No 24 - Kitchen: Sophie is drawing in her new journal and Dan encourages her to draw her mum, as she's part of the family. Sophie says that she's dead and isn't part of the family now. Libby then comes in with Ben's cricket bat, badly damaged, which he found in the Ramsays' back garden. Kate demands to know if Sophie was repsonsible for the damage, and Sophie stands up and runs out of the house.

Erinsborough Veterinary Clinic: Miranda turns up and tells Steve that she should listen more. He asks if she's been seeing a professional counsellor and she replies 'something like that' then says that her next option is to try grovelling. She tells Steve that he's kind and loving and loyal, and he always has been, no matter what she's thrown at him. She asks if they can try again, but are interrupted by Declan, who Miranda introduces as her 'counsellor'. Steve says that it was a good call, getting Miranda to grovel.

No 28 - Living Room: Zeke brings Sunny a drink, and she asks if he's up to something. He tells her that he wants her to feel special, but she admits that she's just confused. He asks if it's true that, in Korean, when you say 'goodbye' it means 'go in peace'. She says that it's actually means 'hello' and Zeke curses the internet. Her mum then rings, and Zeke encourages her to tell her parents about them, which she pretends to do, as Zeke thanks Karl for his advice.

Park: Rebecca is walking by a tree as Sophie drops her book. Rebecca picks it up and hands it back to her, promising not to look, and Rebecca admires her fairy wings. She tells her that she does drawings in her book, and agrees to show Rebecca a drawing of the cat that got stuck in a fire. Rebecca sees another one of the car accident that killed her mum, and realises that Sophie was a witness.

No 24 - Entrance: Rebecca brings Sophie home, and Kate shouts at her about running off. Sophie promises not to run off again, and goes to her room. Kate thanks Rebecca for bringing Sophie back, and Rebecca then asks about the drawings, wondering whether Sophie saw the accident. Kate is furious and throws Rebecca out of the house.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Daniel Fitzgerald, Rebecca Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald, Katie Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones, Stephanie Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Toadfish Rebecchi, Ben Kirk, Mickey Gannon

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
Libby and Dan mention that it's World Environment Day, chastising Karl for wasting water by using the dishwasher when it's only three quarters full and taking long showers

Summary by Steve