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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5708
Written by Fiona Wood, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 10/06/09 Five: 12/08/09

• Libby tells Steph she chooses Steph’s health over having a baby
• Sunny reveals to Donna and Bridget that she lied to Zeke about telling her parents they’re a couple
• Sunny chooses not to tell Zeke the truth
• Declan and Harry fight on stage
• Bridget walks down the aisle towards Declan
• Bridget throws her bouquet, only for Steve, Miranda and Rebecca to show up horrified they’ve missed the wedding

No 26 - Kitchen: Steve, Declan, Bridget and Mickey are sitting around the dining table; Rebecca’s perched on a stool, while Miranda slams down dinner plates. She’s angry with Bridget for not including her family in on her wedding. Mickey wonders if they’re fighting, but Steve says it’s just a heated discussion. When Miranda labels Bridget selfish, she retorts that it’s not all about Miranda. Now it’s a fight. Bridget storms off into her room, while Rebecca decides to make a hasty exit and head to Charlie’s.

No 26 - Bridget and Declan's Bedroom: Bridget thinks they are the worst people ever, and wonders how long it’ll be before Miranda can forgive her. Declan hands her a plate of food, as she’s starving. She requests a slice of chocolate orange mud cake with whipped cream from Harold’s. He obliges, but only because it’s their wedding night. As he leaves, she calls him the best husband ever.

Charlie's: While Dan studies which wine to pick, Libby is busy studying a couple and their baby. She smiles as the baby does a few funny things, fully engrossed and with a sense of longing. Dan says that he’s been doing something thinking regarding their baby situation.

No 28: Zeke and Sunny are heading out. When Karl enquires where, Zeke quips that they’re going to get married. In reality, they’re heading to Charlie’s. Zeke’s finished his homework; Dan cheeks to see if Sunny has done her English assignment - she says she’ll complete it first thing in the morning. Karl and Susan agree that they return by 9 o’clock. Noticing how secretive they’re being, Susan wants to know what the whispering is about, so Dan and Libby reveal that they’re going ahead with the surrogacy. Steph’s thrilled, but wishes it was with her. Karl’s not pleased to say the least; he hopes they’re not planning on paying a moron in America. Dan says they would have to borrow a-hell-of-a-lot, but if things don’t work out in Australia, then that’s an option. What other choice do they have? As Karl starts to reply, Susan accidentally-on purpose brushes his arm with a hot cafetière, shutting him up. She gives him a faux apology.

No 26: Steve remarks how this must have been the cheapest and shortest wedding reception in history. Miranda knows it’s not all about her, but would have given anything to be there. Bridget appears, asking Miranda to go shopping with her, at some point in the week - she wants to buy a baby sling from Baby World - they can go to Miranda’s favourite Italian place for cannolis. Noticing Bridget’s wedding band, Miranda makes an excuse to check on Mickey’s bedroom lights. Bridget tells Steve that it felt right to get married at that point in time. He assures her they will both get over it, and she’s surprised he feels the same way as Miranda. He would’ve loved to have walked her down the aisle. They embrace, both telling each other “I love you.”

Charlie's: Harry’s at the bar watching Zeke and Sunny playing pool. Zeke asks Sunny if she has any intention on telling her parents about being a bridesmaid. She says no, because they’ll ask too many questions. He thinks it’s because they’re too conservative like, Karl, but she assures him they’re more so than Karl.

Lucas enters, asking Harry (in a goofy-esque way) if Kate knows he’s at Charlie’s. Harry tells him that it’s none of his business. Lucas suggests challenging Zeke and Sunny, but Harry wants to wait.

Zeke wonders why Sunny’s parents sent her Australia, and she says to help with her English. This reminds Zeke of the English essay - which he found hard - and asks how she went. She found it alright, considering she had extra time. She gets tired, and asks to go home.

Declan enters carrying cake. Harry, trying to be friendly, asks if he’s all set for tomorrows detention, but Declan brushes him off, preoccupied. He asks Sunny and Zeke if they’ve seen Rebecca. Harry is far from pleased about being snubbed.

Charlie's - Office: Declan wants Rebecca to know how sorry he is, and how much he loves her. He tried to stop Paul leaving the country, and that says it all. He ponders Paul being in the Tropics, by a pool, sipping cocktails. Rebecca gets uncomfortable, as Declan explains how much he hates Paul for leaving her. She says he isn’t that bad - he’s trying to find the Ramsay kids father. She says that Paul is still in the country, and he will turn himself in once he’s located the Ramsay father. Declan wants her to dob him in, and if she wont, then he will. She can’t let him do that, because she loves Paul, like he loves Bridget.

No 26: Miranda’s watching TV, when Bridget enters, sitting next to her. Bridget says she was right about her being selfish, but Miranda says she was just upset. Bridget retorts that she was still right, and she wants to do another selfish act, and stage a wedding reception at the house, and Miranda can organize it, because she’s good at it, and she can buy a new dress, as she deserves one. Declan enters with cake, as the two embrace, fully reconciled.

No 26 - Bridget and Declan's Bedroom: Eating cake, Declan says he doesn’t mind about the wedding reception - Rebecca will be happy, too. He’s thinking about his mum and Paul, but doesn’t want to talk about it, because this is their honeymoon. They stand on the bed, ala a cruise ship, and he asks where she would like to go. To Tahiti. He clicks his fingers, switching on autopilot; they walk the deck, taking in the awesome views, then Bridget spots a dolphin, or a herd, he quips. She corrects him and says they’re called a pod of dolphins. But he says they can be whatever he wants them to be. Spotting an island, with coconut trees, they begin dreaming of the feast Declan will cook-up for them.

No 28: New day. Zeke presents Sunny with Kimchi toast. He wonders why she’s working on her English essay, and she says that she’s just adding finishing touches. Susan brings Audrey home, the $1500 dog, says Karl, as he and Zeke crowd around her. Susan tells that Steve was wondering if the phantom pooper had been around since Audrey’s time away. Karl wants to meet for lunch, but Susan takes a rain check, saying she’s meeting Libby, who wants a bit of mother-daughter time. Karl is disappointed. Susan looks suspicious.

Erinsborough High: Zeke and Declan are talking about Declan’s in-laws and how they haven’t gone ballistic. He tells Zeke about the reception, and hopes everything will be cool. Harry enters, glaring at Declan, and banging down his backpack. Zeke wonders what Declan has done to upset him, and advises him to cut Harry some slack. Sunny arrives, and they start discussing the English essay, and how it was a three way comparison on the Kojak thematic discussion. Sunny freaks: she thought it was a two way comparison! Dan enters, and she tries to get her paper back, but fails.

Harold's Store: Karl calls Libby the lunch stealer. She has no idea what he’s talking about, and Karl quickly figures that Susan lied about having lunch with Libby. She thinks that maybe it’s a birthday surprise, but Karl is worried that she could be keeping an MS relapse a secret, so Libby agrees to find out what is going on.

No 28: Susan is looking over a cook book, when Libby arrives, wanting to know what’s going on. She tells her about the wedding reception, but Libby corrects her and reveals that she’s been talking to Karl and knows she lied about lunch. Libby explains that he fears her MS has returned, but Susan assures her it hasn’t, and there isn’t anything to worry about. She’ll reveal all once she has her facts straight, assuring her it’s nothing bad. Libby will have to trust her.

Erinsborough High: Dan hands out the marked English essays. Zeke scored 90 per cent. The class average was 72 per cent. He asks about Bridget, and she got 92 per cent. Sunny approaches Dan, shocked she failed. She recites she’s an A-grade student, but Dan explains that she didn’t read the question properly, and gave a rushed answer. He believes she’s capable of much better. She shouts at Dan in Korean, while ripping up her assignment, then runs out, crying.

Erinsborough High: Declan and Harry are cleaning chewing gum off the tables. Declan blames Harry for their predicament, and Harry walks out. Dan arrives looking for Sunny, and wonders where Harry is. He’s not happy to learn that Declan and Harry had another fight.

Charlie's: Harry’s playing pool, and Lucas offers him a game. He says he’s on a “free period” and Lucas laments the number of free periods he used to have. Lucas reveals how school felt like a prison to him. Dan enters, non-to happy with Harry. He orders him back to school, as Lucas advises Dan to give him some space. Vexed, Dan shoots him a look, as he leaves with Harry.

Erinsborough High: Dan has a letter for Kate, which he’ll send if Harry continues to skip detention. Harry leaves as Sunny enters. She’s ashamed of her behaviour and apologises for criticising him. Dan wants to talk to Karl and Susan, but Sunny knows it will get back to her parents and begs him not to - she can do better, and promises it won’t happen again.

No 26 - Living Room/Kitchen: The wedding reception has started. Declan and Didge stand in front of a profiterole tower. He goes to take one, but she slaps his hand. Once her back is turned, he takes one. Bridget tells Miranda how good she looks in her new dress. She amazed at how Miranda organised the reception so quickly. Declan munches on profiteroles. He checks to see if Didge is watching, then freezes when she looks around, nearly caught.

In the kitchen, Steph and Libby discuss Susan’s secret, and how she would never let anyone else get away with being so mysterious.

Back in the living room, Steve announces they have a presentation to make. Mickey produces a white pillow with two wedding bands, bought by Steve, Miranda and Rebecca. Steve reveals how he’s going to walk Bridget from her bedroom, and down the hall. They will then exchange their rings in front of everyone, and this way, they all get to be apart of the ceremony. Miranda thinks it might be too over-the-top, and Bridget agrees, but says she loves it.

No 28: Sunny tells Zeke how Dan has agreed to let her resubmit her assignment. He says they have to go to the reception, but she has to study. Sunny reveals that they can’t see each other anymore, because she can’t study around him. He offers to help, and mentions how cool her parents are. Feeling guilty, Sunny apologises, and heads into her room, leaving Zeke heartbroken.

No 26: Miranda is taking photos of Rebecca, Declan, Didge and Steve. Declan says he has a jaw ache from smiling so much.

In the kitchen, Karl brings in dirty dishes, and gets in Susan’s way. He’s tired of her avoidance, and refuses to budge until she tells him what’s going on. When she tries to stall, he assures her he’s not adverse to making a scene. Pulling him to one side, Susan reveals that she’s been to see a doctor, and quickly reassures him that it has noting to do with her MS. She wanted to see if she could still carry a child - not for them, but for Dan and Libby. Susan shocks Karl by revealing that she plans on offering herself as a surrogate mother for Dan and Libby’s baby.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Bridget Parker, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Harry Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Steph Scully

Guest Cast: Alicia Bellette as Mum, Paul Bellette as Dad, Charlize Bellette as Baby

Summary by Chris