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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5709
Written by Jane Allen, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 11/06/09 Five: 13/08/09

Sophie showing Rebecca a drawing of the car accident
Rebecca tells Paul there is proof he didn't kill Jill
Declan showing everyone that Paul is on the front page of the Erinsborough News
Lucas telling Elle that Paul may have skipped town
Elle offering Kate her job back
Dan and Libby telling everyone they've decided to go ahead with the surrogacy
Susan telling Karl she wants to offer herself as a surrogate

No 28: Karl and Susan walk in rowing about the surrogacy. Karl is pointing out how this will affect Susan's MS, he says it's sad that Libby can't have more kids but she will learn to cope. Susan walks off in a mood.

Harold's Store: Rebecca takes a call when she's approached by Elle. Elle wants to know how Paul is, Rebecca denies that she's heard from him and leaves the store. Karl, Susan, Libby, Dan and Ben are having lunch at a table, Karl mentions that he has to go to the gym which surprises Dan who wonders when Karl started getting fit. Karl replies that he has started training and at least he knows what his body is capable of, referring to Susan wanting to be a surrogate without actually saying it out loud. Libby doesn't understand this but Susan refuses to go into detail. Libby is clearly worried.

No 28 - Dining Table: Libby has come round to see Susan and is demanding to know what Karl meant by that earlier remark. Susan is about to tell her about the surrogacy issue when she's interrupted by Karl who wants to speak to Susan alone. Karl wants to know what Susan said to Libby, Susan said it was nothing but admits she nearly told Libby. Karl is not impressed.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Karl is running on a treadmill, Steve can't help but smile at him. Miranda enters and shows Steve photos of Dec and Didge's wedding before Steve goes off to give Karl some advice on training. Steve starts talking to Karl about Didge's pregnancy and it's obvious Steve is happy about the pregnancy.

Charlie's: Steph, Lucas and Toadie are discussing betting strategies when Elle enters looking for Lucas. Charlie asks Callum what they're doing so Callum explains as best as he can what they are doing. Elle smacks Lucas over the head when he finds out the betting is about Didge's baby before walking off. Elle admits to Lucas she thinks that Rebecca has been in touch with Paul. Elle storms off, Lucas goes back up to the counter announcing there are no more bets before snatching the book and running after Elle.

Lassiter's Complex: Lucas is trying to catch up with Elle and is trying to find out how Elle knows that Rebecca is in touch with Paul. He stops her getting into her car and hugs her. Lucas suggests that they try and find out what Rebecca knows and eventually lets Elle into her car.

Harold's Store: Sophie, Harry and Kate are sat at a table, Lou is practically begging Kate to return to work but no matter how hard he begs she isn't interested in working for Harold's Store as long as Elle owns the place. Sophie is drawing a picture, Kate notices that there is a new bit there, a person standing by the road watching Jill's accident and wonders who it is. She's surprised when Sophie says "me".

No 26 - Kitchen: Rebecca enters the house and checks that no-one is in before letting Paul in to the house from the laundry area. Paul admits that he found the Ramsay kids father and that he is dead. Paul says that he is responsible for Jill's death, Rebecca tries to assure him he's not but Paul's not listening and insists he makes a call to turn himself in. He is just about to do this when there is a knock at the door - he goes to hide in the laundry room again. Elle and Lucas walk in and confront Rebecca about speaking to Paul. Rebecca is about to reply to this when Paul opens the laundry door to reveal himself.

No 26 - Kitchen: Rebecca, Paul, Elle and Lucas are sitting around the dining table, Elle thinks she should've been told what was going on. Rebecca points out that Elle launched a manhunt through the local paper and tells Elle that Sophie witnessed the accident. Elle tries to convince him that they should try and get more details from Sophie again but Paul is dead set against this. Instead he makes a call to the police to turn himself in.

No 28 - Front Garden: Libby approaches Susan who's doing some gardening trying to find out what's wrong. Callum and Toadie are playing footie in the street and we can hear the wail of police sirens approaching. As the police car draws up the Ramsay kids return home and everyone stops to watch what's happening.

No 26 - Living Room: The newly-promoted Detective Morris is arresting Paul, he is taken into remand and starts to leave. The police and Paul are stopped at the door by Toadie who wants to speak with his client but Paul is refusing to listen to anyone. The police and Paul leave shortly followed by Toadie, Rebecca, Elle and Lucas. Paul is led down the driveway of number 26 by the police in full view of the Ramsay kids. As this happens Sophie suffers a flashback of the accident and realises that she can't see Paul punished for a crime she didn't commit. She breaks free from Kate's hold of her and runs towards Paul shouting "No!" She hugs Paul tightly and thanks him for trying to help Jill. As he hugs her back, you can see tears in Paul's eyes.

No 26 - Living Room: Toadie, Rebecca, Harry, Sophie, Kate and the police are all listening to Sophie's statement of events. She explains that Jill ran on to the road. Paul is then led into the room by the police and asks for a moment with the Ramsay kids. He tries to explain to them that Jill deserved a better brother and explains he left town to look for their dad. Kate asks if he found him, Paul tells them their dad is dead.

Harold's Store: Lou is reading the betting book when Miranda and Steve enter the store. Lou tries to hide the fact that it's a book on Didge's baby, but Steve and Miranda admit they know about the book and manage to agree to getting 50% of all profits. Libby and Karl enter the store just as Miranda and Steve leave. Libby asks Karl if he's serious about netball - she thinks he will embarass her!

No 24 - Living Room: Kate and Harry are relaxing in the living room, Kate thinks that they should take Sophie to see Dan for counselling. Kate talks about spreading their mums ashes tomorrow. Harry is dead against this and storms off.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Stephanie Scully, Rebecca Napier, Daniel Fitzgerald, Ben Kirk, Callum Jones, Lucas Fitzgerald, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay

Guest Cast: Jacqueline Brennan as Detective Sergeant Michaela Morris

Summary by Louise

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