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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5711
Written by Meaghan Rodriguez, Directed by Catherine Roden, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 15/06/09 Five: 17/08/09

• As Paul is being taken away by the cops, Sophie shouts out and runs up to hug Paul and thank him for trying to save her mother
• Sophie explains to the police how Jill had actually ran into the road and Paul had tried to stop her
• Susan tells Libby for her idea to be the surrogate mother for her and Dan
• Sunny tells Dan there must be some mistake as she has failed an assignment; Dan replies there is no mistake
• Sunny tells Zeke that they can no longer keep going out as she can’t study when she is with him
• Elle tells Steph that Lucas is helping her redecorate but he then remembers he has to ‘do something’ and leaves saying he will be back in an hour
• Lucas has just won money on a game of snooker and as he leaves he is grabbed by someone outside the door

Side alley by Charlie's: Lucas is lying on the ground having just been beaten up and is clearly in pain. Elle rings and he tries to cover up his pain when talking to her; she asks where he is and he replies he is busy.

No 22: Elle wakes up as Lucas has just walked in the door. Lucas is in an irritable mood and tells Elle he wants to stay up and watch TV; she appears annoyed and walks off.

No 22: The next morning, Lucas apologies for the previous and notices that Elle is eating toast meaning she is stressed out; he tells her it is ok if she wants to ask Paul to move back in but he is hardly enthusiastic about it – this clearly annoys Elle and she hastily leaves to go to work.

Erinsborough High: The students are watching a video on smoking and look rather disgusted. Dan then tells them they have to make an anti smoking commercial using a cigarette suit. Dan splits the students up into three groups. He asks who would like the suit first and an eager Sunny quickly grabs it from Dan.

The teen group decide they will all go to the winter cool festival before a serious Sunny interrupts and tells to concentrate on the assignment – they try to discuss ideas; Sunny suggests one which they then act out and the rest of the group decide behind her back it is a terrible idea. Zeke and Sunny clash over the idea and Sunny storms off.

Outside, Sunny is angry at Zeke and they argue; Sunny tells Zeke she lied about them because she thought her parents would send her back home. Dan takes the suit off them for the next group to use and Sunny tells Zeke they will fail and she will be sent home; Zeke tells her they won’t fail and she won’t let her get sent home and he will think of something.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Susan and Karl are discussing the surrogacy with Dr Olenski and she tells them that IVF is not often successful in women over 40. She tells them there is only a small chance of success but Susan remains confident and wants to give it a chance. Susan explains that Karl is worried about the effect of her MS on the surrogacy. Karl is strongly against the surrogacy but Susan tells him that she make the most of her life and is determined to go ahead with the procedure.

Charlie's: Susan and Karl are talking to Dan about the discussion at the hospital. Susan thinks they have a good chance of receiving clearance to go ahead with the process. Susan leaves to go back to work and Dan tells Karl how grateful he and Libby are for what Susan is doing and describes her as being ‘amazing’; Karl is clearly still very much unhappy with the decision and has a go at Dan, telling him he hopes he remembers that when she has a MS relapse after giving birth to their baby.

Lassiter's Lake: Karl and Dan are again discussing the surrogacy; Dan tells Karl he just assumed that he was ok with it. Karl asks Dan why he ever let Libby risk her life to get pregnant as he could have lost her; he replies he would have rather broken his heart then his – Karl tells him he is a better man than him.

No 22: Lucas is lying on the couch with an ice pack in his injuries; Elle walks in and notices and is clearly shocked by his injuries and apologies to him for being so horrible. Lucas claims the injuries happened at work and Elle says he should put in a claim but Lucas says it is ok.

Erinsborough High: Sunny is chirpier now and explains the new idea that her and Zeke have come up with. They soon realise they have one problem though; they don’t have the cigarette suit. Zeke then walks in with the suit and they are all set to shoot their commercial.

Erinsborough News Offices: Elle shows Paul the distribution figures of the paper for the last fortnight and he tells her he knows the large spike is sales is because of the stories about himself on the run; He tells her he would have done the same thing and doesn’t blame her. Susan walks in and Paul tells her Elle is in charge now as he quits. Elle goes after Paul as he walks out the door and he explains to her that she doesn’t need him to run the paper and she capable of it herself. Elle asks Paul to move back home and to stand up for himself.

Charlie's: Paul is sitting at a table when an anonymous person drops off a file to him that they claim he may be interested in. Lucas walks in Paul gives him some advice. Paul looks at the file about a granny having daughter’s baby (unbeknown to him this is actually Susan). He sees this as a great story and goes to take it to Elle.

Erinsborough News Offices: Paul gives Elle the story about the surrogacy and she tells him to go and write it. She says if he doesn’t write it no one will. Paul tells her she really is as stubborn as him; Elle agrees and tells him something else – he will move back home.

Erinsborough High: The students are watching the end of the teen group’s commercial. Dan congratulates them but then asks for the person who stole the cigarette suit from the other group and that if they don’t come forward then not only will they fail the assignment, the entire group will also fail.

Erinsborough High: Dan is still waiting for the person to own up. He then leaves the room for them to cool off for a minute. Zeke is about to go out and tell Dan it was him but the rest of the teen group decide they should call take the rap as they all got good marks as the result of him taking the suit but Zeke replies some of them need the marks more than others (as he doesn’t want Sunny to get sent home). Dan returns from outside and Zeke puts his hand up to own up to taking the suit but then Sunny suddenly interrupts and tells Dan it was her who stole the suit and that if he has to call her father he’d better go and do it.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Donna Freedman, Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Ringo Brown, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Caroline Lloyd as Dr. Veronica Olenski, Ben Chisolm as Drew Throsby, Christopher Milligan as Kyle Canning

Trivia Notes
• 22 Ramsay Street has a new, redesigned kitchen, as well as new furniture in the living area

Summary by Jonny

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