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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5712
Written by Stuart Gaunt, Directed by Catherine Roden, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 16/06/09 Five: 18/08/09

• Karl expresses his view on the surrogacy idea to Dan
• Paul tells Elle that she is now editor of the newspaper
• A mystery man hands Paul, the hospital surrogacy document
• Elle tells Paul that he’ll write the surrogacy story, and move back home
• Dan ordering the class to film an anti-smoking commercial
• Sunny admits to Zeke that she lied
• Zeke steals the Buttman suit
• Sunny takes the rap for stealing the suit

Erinsborough High: Dan is disappointed in Sunny - he expected more from her. He wonders if she’s cut out for the exchange programme, and ponders whether to call her parents. Sunny protests, until Zeke barges in, admitting to stealing the suit. Sunny protests again, until Donna bursts in, saying she took the suit. One-by-one, Bridget, Declan and Ringo enter, claiming to have stolen the suit. Dan remarks that this isn’t murder on the Orient Express, but Declan thinks that’s some kind of game. Dan decides to make them all pay the penalty.

Lassiter's: Donna’s wearing the Buttman suit, handing out anti-smoking fliers, and preaching the ugly truths about smoking. The other teens are also on anti-smoking duties. Sunny thanks Zeke for trying to help, then flips that he nearly got her sent home. His phone rings, and Sunny walks off - it’s a mate regarding the Winter Cool Music Festival.

Kate brings out food for the teens, saying they’re on the house (Lou’s curse). Zeke bounds over, saying he’s scored six tickets to the music festival. Declan asks about Kate, who looks a little left out, and Zeke offers to get an extra one, but she declines.

No 26: Declan’s going through a supplies list, while he packs for the festival. Steve says they can’t go, because it’s too dangerous. Bridget believes this is her last chance of being a kid, before the baby arrives. Steve thinks they’ll be involved in ‘mooshing’ and she‘ll be knocked over. Didge corrects him: it’s moshing; Declan assures him that they’ll stay away from mosh pits. Miranda thinks they should go; Rebecca comments that it’s not Woodstock; Steve is outnumbered.

No 28: Susan and Libby are looking at surrogacy information. Libby apologises for the amount of needles involved, but Susan assures her she got used to them, when her MS was diagnosed, and now she simply dreams of George Clooney, to distract her. Libby says that Dan has a needle phobia, and maybe Susan’s dream might be of use to him! Dan enters, wanting Libby to slow the surrogacy down. Susan says it’s a big deal, and maybe Dan’s right. Alone, Susan asks Dan not to say anything to Libby about Karl’s objections.

No 22: Rebecca’s helping Paul pick a wallpaper sample. She’s surprised that he’s going to be a reporter, but he’s looking forward to it. She tries taking a look at his news story, but he says she’ll have to wait like everyone else. Unbeknownst to Rebecca, the folders on the table are the hospital documents.

Harold's Store: Susan, Libby, Zeke, Ringo and Donna enter. Donna’s still in the Buttman suit, and needs help getting out of it. Zeke wants to go to the festival, but Susan’s unsure, especially after a detention. Zeke pleads that a music festival is an Australian rite of passage, so Susan agrees, but only if Sunny’s parents are okay with it.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Karl's office: Karl’s looking over the surrogacy folder. He flashbacks to when Susan had her first MS episode - she was frightened, and about to go for an MRI scan. Karl calls Dr. Levi’s office, and cancels their counselling appointment.

Harold's Store: Libby realizes that Karl is against the whole surrogacy idea. Susan explains that he’s worried about how Susan will be after the birth, and the effect it will have on her health. She also admits that if she had talked it through with Karl, that she probably wouldn’t be going through with it. She found it easier to exclude him, because she knew he’d worry, but believed that with Libby and Dan’s support, he would come around to the idea. Libby pegs that is emotional blackmail, and tells Susan that she can’t go through with the surrogacy unless Karl is on board. Steph enters, and realizes that something is going on, but they won’t say what.

No 26: The teens are packing (bar Sunny), for their road trip. Steve casts a shadow over proceedings, so Miranda and Rebecca tease him about ‘mooshing’. Kate arrives, returning a bowl, while the teens all exchange awkward looks. Declan invites her to join them, but she says she has stuff to do. Miranda feels sorry for Kate, having to grow up fast.

In the kitchen, Miranda again assures Steve that things will be fine. The festival has security and Saint John’s Ambulance. Miranda starts singing a, Purple Turtles song from a 1984 concert they attended. She believes Didge and Declan, deserve to make their own memories, just like they did.

Ramsay Street: Susan rails at Karl, who’s just stepping out of his car, about the cancelled counselling session. They argue, and Karl explains that he simply doesn’t understand her - he can’t see the logic, not when so many people live perfectly normal lives with only one child. Susan retorts that it has nothing to do with logic. He says that as a doctor he has to detach himself emotionally, and make a decision he can live with. He asks if she’s thought about her other children (namely Zeke, who walks by), and tells her that she can’t do whatever she wants, because the situation is bigger than Libby.

No 30: While sorting through boxes, Libby stumbles across a baby mobile, and gets sad. She tells Dan that she doesn’t want to be responsible for ruining her parents marriage. He assures her she won’t. He tells her not to let this shake her confidence. She asks herself if she’s simply being greedy, as she all ready has Ben, but Dan says he wants to do it with her. Libby won’t go ahead with the plan, without Karl, so Dan suggests he just needs time to get used to it. He pulls her into a comforting hug.

Ramsay Street: Declan’s trying to pack his car (for the third time), but can’t fit everything in. Ringo and Zeke are watching and critiquing. It’s Zeke’s turn to pack. Donna and Sunny appear, questioning them, and Ringo says it’s a bloke thing - a time honoured tradition of watching another bloke do a job you know you can do better! Ta da: Zeke’s managed to fit everything in. But wait… Donna reveals that Didge hasn’t brought any of her stuff out, yet. They unpack, piling everything onto Zeke!

Sunny tells Donna that if her parents knew it was an adult-free trip, they would never let her go. She’s not happy about lying to them again.

No 22: (A musical montage begins) Paul and Rebecca are by the fire, playing monopoly. They start mucking around, getting passionate on the floor.

No 26: Steve and Miranda are dancing crazy in the kitchen.

No 30: A morose Dan and Libby are on the couch.

No 28: Karl and Susan are eating dinner in silence - they’re shooting disappointed looks at one another.

No 30: (Montage ends) Steph drags Toadie into the kitchen, grilling him about Dan and Libby. She believes something is up, but he doesn’t think anything is wrong. When they return to the couch, Dan and Libby excuse themselves. Steph shoots Toadie a look of ‘I told you so.’ Toadie wants to watch Titanic, and even starts singing the theme tune, but Steph cuts him down with one look - no way.

No 28: Susan leaves the table in a mood. Karl sighs in frustration.

No 22: Paul surprises Rebecca with breakfast. He’s happy because he’s back with the woman he loves, he’s given up his stressful job, and his first piece comes out in the paper today. He feels like he’s been given a second chance by everyone. Rebecca assures him that she’s not gonna allow him to mess this up. They kiss.

No 28: Susan enters from walking Audrey. Karl’s agitated to learn they’re out of marmalade, and he and Susan bicker about it. Dan and Libby arrive, telling them to look at the morning paper - they’re horrified with the leading story: “Granny surrogate: Does it get any sicker?”

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Guest Cast: None

Summary by Chris