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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5714
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Catherine Roden, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 18/06/09 Five: 20/08/09

Lucas lies on the ground after being beaten up
Lucas showing Elle his bruises
Harry asking Kate if she'll go to the concert
Kate happily dancing at the gig
Miranda and Steve planning a quiet night in
Steph angry that Ben is know calling himself a Fitzgerald
Libby and Steph arguing about Libby's betrayal of Drew

No 30 - Kitchen: Libby is explaining to Toadie why Ben wants to change his name. Toadie tells her to quieten down as Callum can hear every word.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Steph finishes her round practising boxing. She is clearly still wound up over her argument with Libby.

No 26 - Living Room: Miranda and Steve are not having much luck with their quiet night in - they are joined by Lou sitting in the middle of them watching a movie! Lou makes his excuses to leave the room saying he's going to have a quiet night "pottering". Steve suggests to Miranda they have an early night. Miranda says that Steve could try being more romantic.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Steph is still working out when Toadie comes to join her. Steph wonders how long it would be before Libby sent someone. Toadie tries to point out Libby's point of view but it really doesn't help. Toadie makes his excuses and leaves just as Steve walks in. Steve was going to ask Steph for her help in being more romantic but he says it doesn't matter because she's "one of us" - one of the men. Steph takes this offensively.

No 22 - Living Room: Elle is trying to get Lucas interested in new decor for the house but is failing miserably. Elle takes offence at this.

Charlie's: Lucas is trying to get romantic advice from Steph, but admits that he probably shouldn't be asking her for the same reason that Steve gave before. Steph again takes offence at this. Steph says that girls like to be made to feel special and like to be met half way. Rebecca agrees with her and after Lucas has left asks Steph if she's ok. Steph tells her she's fed up of guys thinking she's not a romantic.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Elle enters and finds Lucas. She hands him an envelope with some tickets it - tickets to the Winter Cool festival.

Harold's Store: Steph gives Steve some romantic advice. She arranges for Lou to go out to a Carry On festival. She leaves Steve to sort out the flowers and says she'll sort everything else.

No 32 - Living Room: Toadie is sorting through his videos with Steph and asks her if she's made up with Libby. Steph hasn't so Toadie asks her why she's suddenly romantic. Steph explains she's trying to help Steve and Miranda. Toadie laughs at this and Steph takes offence for a third time.

Ramsay Street: Ben and Callum are playing with the rugby ball in the street, Callum is telling Ben that Steph and Libby are falling out over him changing his name. At that point Libby and Steph appear in their respective driveways and just look at one another. This is noticed by Callum.

Charlie's: Steph is sitting having something to eat when Miranda walks in, Miranda spies the video that Steph has and admits she loves the video. Miranda says that she could do with a "little more" from Steve. Miranda is looking for Rebecca who's out at lunch, Miranda leaves and Steve reappears from the side of the settee!

No 22 - Living Room: Elle has managed to do an amazing transformation from Elle Robinson into Lara Croft and has been out buying loads of camping gear - most of it now in the living room of number 22. Lucas doesn't know why she bought the tent - especially as he has one, and the one Elle has bought is very complex. Elle bets him that she'll have it up in 5 minutes, Lucas reckons she won't. They have a race to put it up and Elle fails miserably and Elle goes off in a mood.

Charlie's: Rebecca walks in and wonders why Elle has transformed into Lara Croft. Elle admits that she is doing this because she didn't want Lucas to get bored. Elle thinks that they are too different. Rebecca says if this is different maybe she's with the wrong man.

No 26 - Living Room: Miranda and Steve are having a quiet time in the house. Steve is making much more of an effort with Miranda and it is being appreciated.

No 22 - Living Room: Elle returns home to find the tent erected in her living room with Lucas inside. Limitless foot massages for Elle for a month!

No 26 - Living Room: Steve and Miranda are shown to be cuddling up on the sofa together, all is going well.

Lassiter's: Steph is standing thinking about things when Ben approaches her and says he's not going to change his name if it means Steph and Libby fighting. He offers to take Steph to Libby so they can make up and holds out his hand to her.

No 30 - Living Room: Steph and Libby sit down and discuss what happened. The two of them cuddle and make up. Steph says Ben changing his name is none of her business. Steph admits that she loved Drew so much and every guy she's been with since she compares them to him. Steph is worried she won't find love again.

No 22 - Living Room: In the tent, Elle says that she will try camping with Lucas and asks Lucas if he's happy. Elle says she really wants their relationship to work out and then cuddles into Lucas. Whilst Elle's back is turned, Lucas looks thoughtful.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Stephanie Scully, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson, Libby Fitzgerald-Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: None

Summary by Louise