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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5715
Written by Meaghan Rodriguez, Directed by Catherine Roden, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 19/06/09 Five: 21/08/09

• Steve’s reluctant to let Bridget go to a music festival
• Steve takes Miranda by surprise when he sets up a romantic scenario
• Callum and Toadie tell Lou that when he does nice things, his rewarded too
• Sunny tells Zeke she lied about telling her parents that they were together
• Elle takes offence to Lucas claim that he doesn’t like being stuck inside four walls. She assumes Lucas is telling her that he feels stuck in a relationship with her
• Elle gets music festival tickets for herself and Lucas. In the process she tries to act as if she’s enthusiastic about what comes with going to a music festival
• Elle reveals to Rebecca she only got the music festival tickets to keep Lucas from getting bored. This leads to Rebecca suggesting to Elle that she may be with the wrong man

Winter Cool Music Festival - Stage: Ringo, Zeke, Declan, Donna, Sunny and Bridget all seem to be having a good time listening to the live music.

Winter Cool Music Festival - Tent area: As Lucas is unpacking stuff from his car, Elle and Donna arrive on the scene. Donna then tells Elle that she didn’t think nature would be her thing. Elle dismisses the whole idea saying she loves nature. Lucas reveals all the accessories Elle has taken, including earplugs which Donna can’t believe. Soon after, Donna drags Elle away, as Lucas assures Elle that he can put the tent up himself.

Winter Cool Music Festival - By the backstage area: Declan convinces a reluctant Bridget to go backstage, whilst Sunny apologises to Zeke for not being able to do the same. After a security person gets distracted, Bridget and Declan achieve their goal. Zeke’s not bothered about going backstage and leaves with Sunny to go elsewhere.

Winter Cool Music Festival - Tent area: Sunny feels guilty about breaking up with Zeke and doesn’t understand why Zeke is being so nice to her. Sunny explains that her parents wouldn’t let her be with someone so unstable which Zeke takes offence to. It isn’t till Sunny makes it clear that she didn’t mean crazy that Zeke settles down. The two then kiss.

Winter Cool Music Festival - Crowd: Ringo, Donna, Lucas and Elle discuss what they are seeing on stage. Bridget and Declan then emerge after going backstage. Donna’s jealous as Bridget tells them about the stars they met, whilst Bridget herself is really glad she went through with the idea itself. Thoughts then turn to Sunny and Zeke. Donna and Bridget are unable to convince their respective boyfriends into going back to the tent area, to see what they are up too. Lucas heads off after them, after being told to do so by Elle.

Winter Cool Music Festival: After initially trailing Declan and Ringo, Lucas decides to head off after a security man. He is clearly interested in doing something else rather then chasing after two teenagers. He follows the security man back into a restricted area and sees people partaking in gambling activities. He quickly leaves, although it seems theirs a part of him that wants to join with the activities.

Winter Cool Music Festival - Tent area: Sunny pulls away from kissing Zeke thinking that she heard something. As they start kissing again, Ringo and Declan jump out at them. They then try to wind up Zeke. Sunny on the other hand feels embarrassed and runs away. Zeke tries to catch up with her but can’t stop Sunny running away into bushland area.

Ramsay Street: Back on Ramsay Street, Lou continues doing his good deeds. He tells Callum that he believes his right about karma. When he does good things, good things happen to him in return. After Mickey tells Lou he expects cash after walking people’s dogs, Lou’s good deeds idea goes out the window. Seeing a quick way to make money, Lou goes onto recruit Harry into his dog walking scheme and tells him to bring Sophie along. He then quickly tries to take Audrey out for a walk.

Winter Cool Music Festival - Tent area: Zeke tells Donna and Bridget about Sunny running away. The search continues to find her.

No 26 - Living Room: Steve continues in his new found romantic outlook which delights Miranda. The pair cuddle on the couch but are then interrupted by Lou who is on a mission. His followed in by the kids he recruited. When Harry inadvertently reveals his getting paid more then Callum, Callum protests why that is the case. In doing so, Sophie finds out Callum is getting paid more then her and quickly all hell breaks loose. The kids soon realize Lou is ripping them off and Harry suggests they strike. Miranda and Steve try to divert the strike elsewhere but fail miserably. Their romantic afternoon has been firmly stopped in its tracks.

Bushland: Sunny doesn’t know where she is and looks distressed.

Winter Cool Music Festival - Tent area: Zeke tries to contact Sunny but to no avail. All of them head out to find Sunny, except Bridget who is feeling tired.

Harold's Store: Steve tells Toadie about the dispute back at his home. Toadie knows about Steve’s plans for the evening and tells him his come to the right place for help.

No 26 - Living Room: Steve arrives back home with Toadie. The negotiation process starts with Toadie telling the kids he will try and get them ten dollars an hour. The kids agree with that price. Toadie then speaks to Steve and Miranda who are just desperate for the dispute to end quickly. Lastly the lawyer speaks to Lou and tells him that the going rate for walking dogs is between fifteen to twenty dollars. Lou tells Toadie his only been charging ten dollars and the signs are good that they will soon reach and agreement.

An agreement is soon to be reached, as Lou takes the kids out for a milkshake, much to the relief of Steve and Miranda. Steve then accepts Miranda invitation to move back home and take the veterinary practice off the market. They both embrace.

Winter Cool Music Festival: Lucas scarpers away from Elle saying he’ll be back soon. He heads off back to where the gambling is taking place. His told his not allowed to play, yet he reveals how much money his got to gamble and is then allowed in. Elle tries to contact him but she is ignored. Elle tells him via voicemail that Sunny is missing, after being told by Donna. Back at the restricted area Lucas is winning big money and can’t resist continuing to gamble.

Winter Cool Music Festival - Tent area/Bushland: Bridget eventually gets through to Sunny. Sunny tells her she’s lost but doesn’t know where she is. Zeke takes the phone and Sunny quickly apologises to him. Zeke tells her not to worry and then hears a scream as Sunny falls.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier, Bridget Napier, Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Lou Carpenter, Callum Jones, Mickey Gannon, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Jarrod Rebecchi, Sunny Lee

Guest Cast: James Taylor as Mike Wilson, Sean Entwhistle as Festival Yob #1, Ben Terrell as Festival Yob #2, Miranda Louey as Festival Girl

Trivia Notes
• Bands Bitter Sweet Kicks and Jaguar Spring appear in this episode but are not credited

Summary by Daniel

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