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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5719
Written by Rene Zandveld, Directed by Terry Shepherd, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 25/06/09 Five: 27/08/09

Lucas gambling at the music festival
Elle wondering where Lucas has been
Paul blaming himself for Jill's death
Rebecca proposing to Paul
Paul refusing Rebecca's proposal

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Rebecca is looking for change in her purse for the coffee machine when Paul approaches her. Rebecca wants to know why Paul has said no and thinks he doesn't love her. Paul says he does love her but thinks she's not good enough for him. Declan approaches and jokes that the baby is teething they've been out there so long. Rebecca lies and says Paul has accepted the proposal, Declan is pleased.

Declan takes his mother off for a coffee and finds out that Paul hasn't actually said yes yet. Declan thinks that Paul is hiding something, but Rebecca doesn't think this because Paul didn't take the chance to escape overseas. Rebecca thinks she knows who can talk Paul into marrying her.

Charlie's: Rebecca tells Elle that she and Paul are now engaged. Elle is surprised at this, even more surprised when Rebecca says that she proposed. Elle is suspicious though, something seems not quite right. Rebecca wants Elle to look at wedding venues, Elle tells Rebecca she is too good for him. Rebecca walks off and leaves Elle and Lucas looking at wedding venues. Elle starts to look at the venues and Lucas starts to back off and leaves Elle to handle things.

Harold's Store: Lucas and Lou are counting up the cash that their book made when they are interrupted by Steve and Miranda who gently remind them that they are due some of the profits for the baby. Lucas grabs his share of profits and leaves just as Paul walks in. As he passes him, Lucas whistles "Here Comes The Bride" and Paul is then congratulated by Miranda and Steve. The Ramsay kids then walk in and Paul asks them if they've been to see Bridget's baby, Kate replies yes.

Charlie's: Rebecca is looking at a photo of a young Paul. Elle walks in saying that she's narrowed the wedding venues down but still thinks it's odd that Paul hasn't contacted her. Elle is growing increasingly suspicious.

Harold's Store: It's Red Nose Day and Lou is busy putting a red nose on "old jellybelly's" face. Sophie also has a red nose on and asks everyone how she looks. Paul decides to donate to Red Nose Day and is just doing so when Declan approaches him asking to speak to him.

Charlie's: Elle has managed to get from Rebecca the truth that Paul said no. Rebecca starts to explain her theory and plan to Elle.

Harold's Store: Declan asks Paul if he thinks that he will cheat on his mum again. Paul says no and insists that Rebecca deserves better.

Charlie's: Elle points out to Rebecca that maybe her dad does have a point, that she is too good for him.

Harold's Store: Declan tries to explain to Paul that his mum knows what she wants but she won't wait around forever.

Charlie's: Rebecca admits to Elle that she doesn't know how long she'll wait for an answer. Elle agrees to help her anyway.

Harold's Store: Declan asks Paul if he'll marry Rebecca. Paul replies "I don't know".

No 30 - Living Room: Dan, Steph, Libby and Toadie are in the living room where Callum and Charlie are playing. Toadie pulls Libby to one side and says that he has a surprise for Callum "something with four legs" he tells her. Libby guesses that he's talking about a puppy and nearly blurts it out. Toadie and Libby re-enter the living room and Toadie proposes a toast to Bridget's new baby. Libby lets slip that there might be good news for Callum and he's now desperate to find out what this is!

Charlie's: Lucas wanders in looking for Elle but she's left. Lucas was thinking of going riding and wanted Elle to go with him but tells Rebecca it's not important. Steph walks in and Lucas asks her instead.

Lassiter's Complex: Steph is walking with Lucas making sure that she won't get into trouble for "wagging". Lucas assures her she won't as he's ordering her to do it. They pass Toadie and Callum who are heading toward Harold's Store when Callum spots a famous person - Batista the wrestler! Callum thinks that this is the surprise and makes his way over to Batista. Callum tries a few of his moves with Batista and Batista simply shakes his hand, Callum is in awe and thinks that Toadie rocks.

Harold's Store: Callum walks in still on cloud 9 having met Batista with Toadie following him. Callum tells Libby that he is having the best day ever, Libby is about to ask him about the puppy but Toadie manages to make her aware that Callum doesn't know about it yet. Callum is over the moon that he got Batista's autograph, Callum orders milkshakes for everyone from Lou with extra scoops of ice cream. Kate wanders over to Paul who shows her a locket that belonged to Kate's grandma. Kate at first refuses it but eventually accepts it gratefully. Harry sees this and storms over leaving Paul under no illusion that Paul is not part of their family. Lou and Kate warn Harry that he's going too far, Paul simply leaves as he's not wanting an argument. Rebecca is by the counter and Paul asks her if she still wants to marry him. As Paul leaves Harry calls him a loser and Lou warns Harry to watch his temper as Paul is a paying customer.

Harold's Store - Kitchen: Kate is looking at the locket Paul gave her when Harry storms in. Harry admits that he hates Paul. Kate looks sad at this.

Lassiter's Lake: Paul is looking thoughtful at the lakeside when Rebecca approaches him. She admits that she admired him reaching out to Kate like he did in Harold's Store. Paul tells her Harry is right, he's done nothing to be proud of. Rebecca tells him he is a coward taking the easy way out. She walks off.

No 26 - Living Room: Declan, Miranda and Steve have packed a rucksack and are about to leave when Rebecca storms in announcing that the wedding is off as Paul isn't interested. The rucksack is for Bridget and Declan says they were about to head up to the hospital with more of her stuff so Rebecca says that they should go. Everyone is about to leave when Paul enters the house. Rebecca tells everyone else to wait for her outside, they leave the house leaving Rebecca and Paul alone. Paul admits that he's an idiot but when he's with Rebecca he's a better man. Paul then hands Rebecca's ring back to her and says that he hopes she's not going to make him get down on his one good knee. Paul tells Rebecca that the answer is yes. The two of them hug and Paul tells Rebecca he loves her.

Charlie's: Lucas and Steph walk in discussing their day out together. Steph admits that she enjoyed their day out and the two of them hug. Elle walks in on this and is surprised, unsure what to make of this hug. She approaches him and Lucas gives her a kiss telling that they've been out of town. Elle is very suspicious but this drops when Lucas admits that he came to find her to take her and promises to take her out to a flash restaurant that night.

Harold's Store - Kitchen: Kate is cleaning the oven when Harry walks in with plates. Harry notices the locket and says that Kate is unbelivable. Kate argues that Harry is being pig-headed and like it or not they are related to the Robinsons. Harry says that Kate doesn't want him around and storms off to pack his stuff.

Lassiter's Complex: Kate is trying to follow Harry and trying to persuade him to stay. They bump into Libby and Dan and Kate asks for their help in talking to Harry, so Dan goes off after him.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Daniel Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Stephanie Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
Episode features a cameo appearance by WWE Superstar Batista

Summary by Louise

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