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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5720
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Terry Shepherd, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 26/06/09 Five: 28/08/09

• Susan has to deal with people on the phone who are against the surrogacy
• Libby and Dan tell Karl and Susan they can go ahead with the surrogacy
• Elle feels a little uneasy seeing how close Lucas and Steph are
• Callum thinks meeting the wrestler Batista was the surprise Toadie set up for him
• Paul gives Kate a piece of jewellery which his mum used to wear. In doing so he infuriates Harry
• Harry threatens to leave and Kate’s desperate for Dan to help change his mind

Bus Stop: Dan catches up with Harry at the bus stop. Dan enquires about where his heading, Harry doubts he even cares. Dan asks how his going to support himself up north and eventually is successful in persuading Harry to have dinner with him. He offers the incentive of driving him to wherever he wants to go. Harry’s adamant he won’t change his mind, Dan’s willing to risk it.

No 30 - Living Room: Libby tells Kate Dan will bring Harry home. Kate’s not happy though and wants her brother to grow up before he comes back. Callum and Toadie walk through the door. Callum doubts his surprise is better then meeting Batista and is frustrated when Toadie doesn’t tell him what it is. Toadie pops off to see Steve leaving Callum even more frustrated. Meanwhile Libby assures Kate Dan will help Harry.

Charlie's: Harry’s convinced Dan will try to talk him round. Instead the conversation turns too music. Soon enough Dan tells Harry that running away won’t help him with his music. As the conversation goes deeper into Harry’s private life, Harry’s anxious to leave. It’s then when Dan plants a guilt trip on him. He explains his family will be upset that he hasn’t said goodbye. He convinces Harry to go home and say goodbye before he leaves.

No 30 - Living Room: Harry comes home with Dan to see his sisters. Harry tries to apologize to his sisters but Sophie isn’t having any of it. Harry pleads with Sophie not to hate him. She tells him to apologize to Kate and he does just that. Eventually Harry agrees to stay much to the relief of his sisters.

Harold's Store: Susan’s astonished when Steph tells her about Zeke’s plan to clean her bathroom. The general chit chat occurs, when suddenly Steph sees people staring at Susan. Susan explains it is over the surrogacy which angers Steph. Susan tells Steph about the phone calls she’s had and as she’s about to leave one of the people staring at her makes a comment. Steph urges her to speak out which she does. The woman tells Susan what she’s doing is wrong and offensive. Lou catches sight of what’s going on and tells the person making hurtful comments to his friend to leave. Susan instead chooses to leave.

No 30 - Living Room: Toadie finally reveals to Callum that his surprise is a Guide dog Puppy. Callum somewhat surprisingly is unimpressed. Toadie tries to interest Callum by discussing names but this has no effect, until Callum himself comes up with the name Rocky. Yet Callum still doesn’t seem that happy about the new puppy in his life.

No 28: Libby pops over to tell Susan and Steph about the new Puppy. She’s then amazed how much Susan is willing to give away for the School Fate. She then talks to her OLD friend about her whereabouts, Steph explains they wagged work. Libby is jealous, explaining she wishes she had a boss like that. Susan then makes it clear she’d like to miss going to the School Fete saying she won’t be needed. This shocks her daughter who knows how much her mum likes the event. Steph then explains that Susan was the victim of a verbal barrage over the whole surrogacy affair in Harold’s Store. Susan responds by saying people are entitled to their opinion, nevertheless Libby refuses to let her mum miss the fete. Susan reluctantly agrees.

Erinsborough High - School Fete: Lou’s told to leave the Kennedy stall whilst Susan arrives shortly after. Dan looks for Steph’s opinion, about if his price for a tool is correct. Steph tells him that Lucas said they should get fifty bucks for that specific tool. She then goes onto to laud Lucas’s praises, saying how generous he is donating loads of his tools to the fete. It isn’t long before people start staring at Susan. Things get worse when the confronter at Harold’s Store turns up. Susan tells Libby that the person who just walked in was the person who had a go at her at Harold’s Store. Libby reveals that the person is Angela Scott from the School Council who specialises in moral righteous views. They then jokingly discuss what they’d like to do to Mrs Scott, which includes punching her.

As they struggle to sell anything, Susan comes out of her shell and uses a microphone to lure people to their stuff. Steve turns up looking for some kids books, whilst Kate bargains with Libby over a certain jacket. Eventually the young Ramsay gets the jacket for 5 bucks, when it was originally on sale for fifteen. Elsewhere Lou eventually gets hold of that elusive tool, which Steph told Dan not to sell for less then fifty bucks. However judging by the notes Lou handed over to Dan, it looked like Dan offloaded it for less. Susan and Libby find the final total is better then they expected. Dan heaps most of the praise onto Susan who helped lure people to their stuff. Out of the blue they are interrupted by Angela, who advises them to give money back to the health service. She claims they should refund the tax payers who are paying for the surrogacy. Susan by this stage has had enough. She tells Mrs Scott what they are doing isn’t unethical, whilst she tells Mrs Scott she should of checked with the hospital, rather then just read the local paper to find out all the details. She finishes off by calling Angela a stupid old woman, which amuses and impresses her family behind her. Steph remarks that she wishes Lucas was here to catch it on camera, in doing so Libby begins to wonder what’s going on. Harry comes in to buy the keyboard but overhears Susan talking about Karl taking it back home. A happy Susan is then brought back down to earth when she reads a note probably left by Angela, which reads that she’s disgusting and will be punished.

Kate and Sophie look for Harry. Sophie goes outside to look, whilst Harry comes into shot. Kate’s angry with her brother for not letting her know where he was going. Harry hands her some cash and then reveals he went to the Pawn shop. Kate’s not too pleased when she sees he sold his watch that their mum gave to him. She tells him to get it back but Harry says he already tried but couldn’t. He tells Kate to buy Sophie something and that he won’t be ruled by the Robinsons. The pair then hug.

The fete ends as people clean up. Libby then confronts Steph over her crush for Lucas. At first the mechanic denies it but fails miserably. She admits that she is starting to see him in a new light. Libby makes it clear to her friend that Lucas is with Elle. Steph says she knows that and their relationship is strictly professional. On the plus side though, Steph says at least it proves she’s over Greg. She reiterates the fact to Libby that’s she not getting involved in a love triangle again, yet Libby isn’t too convinced.

No 30 - Living Room: Toadie is concerned about how Callum is being with Rocky. He explains to Callum that he thought training Rocky would be fun like it was with Bob. This seems to hit a nerve with Callum who forcefully tells Toadie that Rocky is nothing like Bob and he never will be. Toadie remains calm and tells Callum that Bob wouldn’t be happy with those skills they learnt together being put to waste. As Toadie embarks on a game of fetch with Rocky it isn’t long before Callum intervenes. Toadie’s plan seems to have worked.

Harold's Store: Harry tells Kate that selling the watch won’t stop him remembering her. He tells Kate he does that everytime he closes his eyes. Libby and Susan come into the store to order. Susan quickly leaves telling Libby to order. She appears clearly distressed at how many eyes seem to staring on her. The fact that those eyes are representing disgust seems to make her very uneasy. That leads her to looking at that chilling note left behind at the fate. A concerned look then comes over her face.

No 28 - Living Room: Susan, Libby, Dan go to enter the house. Susan’s a bit confused when she finds the door unlocked, as she thought everyone was out. As they enter they find a photo smashes on the floor. They quickly come to the conclusion that the house has been broken into. Susan’s shellshocked, Libby comes to the conclusion that it is because of the surrogacy, someone is trying to scare them.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Daniel Fitzgerald, Harry Ramsay, Libby Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Callum Jones, Jarrod Rebecchi, Sophie Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Stephanie Scully, Lou Carpenter, Ben Kirk, Mickey Gannon

Guest Cast: Veronica Porcaro as Angela Scott

Summary by Daniel

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