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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5734
Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 16/07/09 Five: 17/09/09

Elle complaining that Paul keeps sabotaging her stories
Paul promising Elle that he won't sabotage her stories
Lucas throwing the betting pages of the paper in the bin
Dan telling Harry to ask Lucas for his help with his photography
Lucas offering Harry his advice on photography
Didge and Dec saying goodbye
The Parkers crashing their car

No 26 - Nursery: Dec is still trying to put together the shelves when his phone rings. He thinks it's going to be Didge but it's Paul who's looking for his help putting together his wedding with Rebecca. Paul wants his wedding to be perfect, Dec is initially reluctant to help until Paul offers to pay him.

Crash Site: There is still no sign of life apart from India crying.

Harold's Store: Paul is looking at wedding websites when Kate serves him his coffee. Susan walks in looking for Dan. Susan begs Paul for a lift to the hospital and says she's forgotten her appointment. She says that this is to do with the surrogacy so she can't re-schedule the appointment. Paul gives in and offers her a lift.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Susan rushes into the hospital and is greeted by Jodie at the reception desk. Susan apologies for being late and Jodie informs her that her appointment has already gone. Susan says that she phoned ahead and was told that the appointment would be held for 15 minutes. Jodie points at the clock which reads 2.20pm, Susan's appointment was at 2pm. Jodie offers to book her in for next month but Susan is insistent that the appointment is today. Paul steps in and tells her that unless the appointment is held today or she will have to tell the fundraising chair "just why my chequebook is closed". Susan is embarassed by this and doesn't know where to look!

Harold's Store: Kate is clearing the tables when Dec walks in. He is looking for Paul, Kate tells him that he took Susan to the hospital and tells him that Paul left a message, he wants 10 decent ideas by the time he comes back. Dec asks for her advice but Kate has never been to a wedding. Toadie overhears his predicament and offers his services, producing his computer.

Crash Site: There is smoke pouring from the car as Steve scrambles out. When jumping off the car he manages to hurt his ankle.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Susan is on the phone to Libby when Veronica arrives for the appointment. Paul brings in a bottle of water, he's asked if he wants to stay but opts not to!

Harold's Store: Toadie and Kate are suggesting wedding ideas to Dec. Greek, Monsoon and Scottish weddings are amongst the suggestions but Dec is not sure if his mum would go for that. Toadie leaves the table and Dec starts telling Kate about his wedding to Didge. He says it was the best day of his life.

Crash Site: Steve is still lying by the side of the car.

Harold's Store: Dec is still waiting for Paul. Kate tells him that Toadie was right when he says that weddings are about love. Kate suggests that he comes up with 10 things that Rebecca loves and combine them together for a wedding.

Crash Site: Steve pulls himself away from the car.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Susan emerges from the room having had her treatment. She thanks Paul for waiting for her and says it's difficult to judge people who's only crime is wanting a child. Paul appears to have softened his opinion on surrogacy whilst in the hospital.

No 22 - Dining Area: Elle is having writer's block, she asks Lucas if he has any tip offs from Paul. Elle tries to steal his stories but Lucas refuses to give anything away. He grabs his photography equipment and leaves but refuses to tell Elle where he's going. As soon as he's left Elle grabs her stuff and follows.

Charlie's: Lucas is in Charlie's Bar when Harry approaches and noticing that he's reading the betting pages of the paper, asks him if he's betting. Lucas denies this, Harry is still looking for advice on photography. Harry turns to leave so Elle has to hide. Shortly after, Lucas also leaves, and on spying Dan in the Lassiters complex, runs after him to discuss Harry's photography. Elle watches this from the doorway of Charlie's Bar. Toadie approaches Dan telling him that Susan has been trying to get in contact. Toadie and Dan leave, Lucas turns and notices that Elle is following him.

Harold's Store: Lucas catches up with Harry and asks him if he can hang on to his work for a while. Elle is still following him and appears in the doorway of the Store. Lucas is offering to help Harry with his photography as Elle creeps in hiding behind the bar.

Lassiter's Complex: Dec is on the phone to Paul wondering where he is, Paul asks him to wait another 5 minutes. Dec heads into Harold's Store unable to contact Didge, he is evidently bored.

Crash Site: Steve looks around, hazily surveying everything around him.

Harold's Store: Kate is telling Dec that maybe Didge can't get reception. Harry finishes discussing his ideas with Lucas and goes to pay for his food. As he does so he leaves a folder beside the till. Elle spies this and sneaks over. She opens the folder to find a stick it note inside that says "Better Luck Next Time". Lucas finds this hilarious!

No 28 - Driveway: Dan and Toadie are standing outside just as Paul drives up to drop off Susan. Susan approaches them and tells Dan that everything went ok. She takes a phone call from Libby who tells her that they've run out of petrol and broken down. Dan and Toadie help Susan inside.

Harold's Store: Paul enters and Dec puts forward his wedding ideas. A sunset wedding by the sea and a reception at a yacht club withe the actual ceremony being on a pier. Seafood, Cheesecake and Champagne are also to be part of the plans.

Crash Site: Steve manages to scramble to his feet and he hazily makes his way to Didge's phone.

Harold's Store: Dec is sitting with Paul, Elle and Lucas when his phone goes. It's Steve but before he manages to speak the battery on Didge's phone dies. Paul thinks that it may be poor reception, Dec calls back but gets Didge's voicemail so leaves a message.

Crash Site: Steve hears passing cars so runs up to the main road but is too late, the car is too far ahead to see him.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Katie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Daniel Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Steve Parker, Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Mary Annegeline as Nurse Jodie Smith, Caroline Lloyd as Dr Veronica Olenski, Baxter Humenuik as Felix, Cherie Humenuik as Sarah, Shelley McLean as Tracey

Summary by Louise

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