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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5735
Written by Ben Michael, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 17/07/09 Five: 18/09/09

Dec and Harry fighting
Susan telling Harry he's the only person who can stand her at the momen
Katie suggesting wedding ideas to Dec
Steve stumbling out of the wreckage
Steve trying to phone Dec
Steve trying to flag down help from passing motorists

Open Road: Steve runs along the open road having flashbacks of the accident.

Harold's Store: Dec is phoning Didge's phone for the umpteenth time. He pays for his meal and thanks Kate for her wedding ideas. Dec offers his help in helping Kate budget her money. She first of all refuses this but then admits that she needs help.

No 24 - Living Room: Harry has purchased some music stuff, he's blown a lot of money and Sophie doesn't think that Kate will be pleased. She eventually agrees to help him set this up.

No 28 - Kitchen: Toadie pops around to see Susan, she tells him that she doesn't need babysat! She thinks that this is more to do with him missing Callum. He has brought around takeaway food which Susan wastes no time in telling Rocky that she is not sharing with him!

Harold's Store: Kate is grateful for Dec's help with her budgeting, just as he is finishing this his phone rings. He misses the call but it's not Didge it's a guy from work. Kate suggests that he goes and sees some friends if he's that bored but Dec tells her that their mates have all fallen out with them over what they said about them being godparents. Dec has tried making up with them but everyone is ignoring him. Kate tells him if he wants he can pop around to number 24 later if he wants.

No 24 - Living Room: Kate and Dec arrive at number 24 to find Harry and Sophie playing with the new music system. Kate is livid that Harry has spent all their money on the music system as they had agreed to discuss all major purchases. Dec offers to help clean the place up but Harry is just rude back to him and leaves. Kate apologises to Dec, Sophie storms out of the room.

Open Road: Steve is still running along the road. He then hears the noise of an engine.

No 28 - Living Room: Susan and Toadie are watching TV and laughing. There is a knock at the door, Susan answers the door and finds Harry at the door. On seeing Toadie there Harry is reluctant to stay until Susan persuades Toadie that they will take Rocky for a walk. They leave and Harry makes his way over to the keyboard. He starts to play some music on it.

No 24 - Living Room: Dec is clearing up as Sophie and Kate are arguing in the kitchen. Sophie complains that they don't have fun any more and says she prefers it when they did have fun. She walks off, Dec tells Kate that he will speak to his mates face-to-face. He leaves the house checking his phone as he heads out the door.

Open Road: Steve is running towards the motor noise that he can hear.

No 28 - Living Room: Harry is playing the keyboard, Dec knocks the door but Harry's playing the keyboard so loudly that he doesn't hear. The door is open so Dec walks in. Dec asks Harry if he has permission to be in the Kennedy house, Harry doesn't answer this question so Dec presumes the answer is no. A scuffle ensues just as Toadie and Susan return from walking Rocky. Harry says "stuff this" and goes to walk out but Susan won't let him. Dec explains his side of the story to Susan but thinks she doesn't understand and walks out. Harry tries to explain his side of the story next and tells Susan he thinks that Dec is an idiot. Susan thinks that Harry was embarassed that Dec caught him playing and she tries to tell Harry that he can't go around being rude to people.

No 24 - Kitchen: Kate is clearing up dishes but can't take her eye off the music system. She starts playing the guitar and is really taken with it. Sophie hears her playing and smiles.

No 26 - Nursery: Dec walks in and tries to call Didge again. He tells Didge to call if she wants a progress report on the shelves.

Open Road: Steve is struggling along to where he thinks the motor noise is coming from. He continues to have flashbacks. He makes for the open road and tries to flag down another car that initially stops but then drives off.

No 28 - Living Room: Toadie and Susan are watching TV, Susan is still worried about Dec as he has nobody at the moment. She is also worried about Harry but Toadie refuses to let her go saying she needs to worry about herself. Susan refuses to listen to him so Toadie offers to go to numbers 24 and 26 in place of her.

No 24 - Living Room: Sophie and Kate are playing with the guitar when Toadie arrives. He has brought over the keyboard which Harry starts to take into his room but stops when Sophie and Kate start playing the music system again. Kate starts to sing along to what is being played!

No 26 - Nursery: Dec is showing Toadie the shelves that he's put together for Didge and India. Toadie helps him move the shelves and Toadie tries to reassure him about Didge. Dec can't help but worry though saying he has a bad feeling.

Open Road: Steve is running along the road and manages to flag down a passing car. This motorist stops and tells Steve to jump in once he learns that there's been an accident.

No 28 - Kitchen: Dec pops around and apologises to Susan about before. Susan offers him cheesecake just as Harry arrives. Harry says thanks for the keyboard. Harry apologises to Dec and goes to leave before asking what kind of cheesecake it is.

Crash Site: Steve and the stranger arrive back at the crash site to find that Miranda has managed to pull herself free of the wreckage. The stranger stays with Miranda as Steve goes to find Didge but to his horror she and India are missing. Steve frantically yells out "Bridget" a number of times with no response.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Katie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Nigel Davis as Jack Patric

Summary by Louise