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Episode Summaries > 1994 > Episode 2281

Ren and Sam chat to the girl behind the counter to find out who she is and what's she's doing there. They find out that her name is Bianca. They do the cliche "you don't have to be afraid, we won't hurt you" routine, and she says that the reason she's there is because her step dad chucked her out ages ago. Ren says they won't call the police.

Mark totals up the cost of the wedding and realises it will come to $15,000, and that's not including the honeymoon! Marlene says it's "disgusting", and Annalise is annoyed that he cares about money more than her. When Marlene describes the whole wedding thing as a "catastrophe", Annalise isn't too impressed, saying she wants it to be romantic. Mark suggests they get cheaper copies of the wedding rings.

Lou is busy practicing his stupid news bulletin and Marlene comes around to get involved. She tells Cheryl about the problems Mark and Annalise are having over their wedding. Cheryl says they turned down her offer to host the reception at Chez Chez and so she has no sympathy for them.

Mark says the honeymoon is too expensive, and tells Annalise that he doesn't want to get into debt over a honeymoon, but wouldn't mind getting into debt over a house instead. Annalise suggests Tasmania, and Marlene says that she had hers there, and goes on about having six kids and stuff. Mark and Annalise realise the reception is too expensive, and Mark suggests telling everyone to leave by 10.00pm, which Annalise is dead against. Marlene suggests that they get themselves on a standby list in case someone cancels.

Bianca tells Sam and Ren that the reason she was in a detention centre was because she stole a car with her two mates. She eats Sam's pizza, and Ren realises that she hasn't eaten for ages.

Danni asks Brett what he's getting her for Christmas, and he asks her what she's getting Lou. Convinced he's still having an affair, she bitterly suggests a few alibis, or a private phoneline. Brett then bets her $30.00 that Lou isn't having an affair. Danni ups it to $50.00.

Sam cooks breakfast for Bianca, and she says she had trouble in the past with guys (which is why she locked the door earlier, to stop Sam getting in). She was harrassed at the detention centre, and Sam tells her not to worry about him. Ren comes over and gives her some of her old cheap ass clothes.

Cheryl says that if Danni and Brett go to the beach house, she'll make Brett in charge because he has common sense. Danni isn't too happy, and goes on about how it's her last exam. Everyone wishes her good luck. Brett says he's going with Lou to his audition at the radio station, and Danni says to keep a close eye on him. Mark invites himself over and speaks to Lou about lending the HR for his wedding. Lou says he can't, and quickly tells Mark he'll chat to someone who owes him a favour and get him mates rates on some other car. Mark's more than pleased. He goes up to the bathroom with Brett and Lou to hear Lou's audition. Apparently there are better acoustics up there.

Cheryl goes to the coffee shop and makes up with Annalise. Annalise says she was stupid not to take up Cheryl's offer, and tells her she wants her to sing at her wedding. Marlene enters saying she's got a deal for the reception, and Cheryl agrees to sing for her.

Lou is busy practising his speech when the woman in charge comes out and says it's his turn. She then tells him he can't use his own script and has to use one of their ones.

Bianca wants to repay Sam for what he did, and Sam jokes it can be a sexual favour, and Bianca completely over reacts. Sam then said he isn't a sleazebag (could have fooled me) and asks Bianca if she wants to help him do his handy man work for cash. She reluctantly agrees.

At the station, Lou messes up the script, and ends up just telling the story in his own words. He walks out thinking he's wasted everyone's time, but the woman tells him he has the job, saying his style was exactly what they were looking for. They go for a photo shoot, where they kiss each other for the front page of the Erinsborough News.

Bianca is helping out Sam at the school and they chat about her going to night school to complete her education and stuff. They also think of places she can live.

At the Coffee Shop, Lou tells Annalise that he got the job, and she tells him that her wedding plans are all looking up. Except that she doesn't have anyone to give her away. Lou drops massive hints saying he'd like to do it. Being blonde, Annalise doesn't understand. She goes home and thinks that Lou meant Dave (Mark's dad) so she phones him up. He agrees to do it. She then goes into the kitchen and breaks Rick's priceless bowl that his mother gave him. Later on, Ren throws it away.

Whilst Sam and Bianca are working, Ren phones him (Jeez, can't she leave him alone for five minutes?) and suggests that they take Bianca out for dinner. Bianca hesitates, but Sam is persistent, so she agrees to go. Danni comes along and goes on about how she aced her last exam, Sam introduces her to Bianca. Sam keeps giving Bianca funny looks, which normally means that he fancies someone.

Marlene goes through the rubbish bin and sees Rick's plate. She takes it.

Cheryl and Danni get ready to watch a video, and as Cheryl goes to get some chocolates, the doorbell rings. Danni answers and sees a woman standing there. Danni doesn't realise that this woman was the same lady from the radio station. She asks after Lou but he isn't in, so she hands Danni the pictures of them kissing. Danni is now convinced Lou's having an affair.

Cheryl asks who was at the door and Danni said it was the wrong house. She doesn't mention to Cheryl about the pictures.

Summary by Billy