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Episode Summaries > 1994 > Episode 2282

Phil says he has some good news, that the Greyhound he wanted is available. He mentions that the name is Suede Ted. Hannah says how she wants to go to gymnastics, and Helen and Cody try and persuade Phil into letting her try it out.

Susan is the chairperson at the Kennedy family meeting, and wants to know about the beach house. They chat about a replacement for the surgery as well, and conclude that the beach house holiday hasn't been given the go ahead yet. Billy wants to go to the country during the holidays, which they think is a good idea.

Danni is looking at the photos the woman dropped round and tells Lou that he's being unfaithful. Lou then explains to Danni that she is the lady from the radio, and that she'll find out his secret in good time.

At the newsagency, Colin got a tip off from the people at Coldwater Fishing Magazine that the judges were coming today for an inspection. Lou and Phil chat about Suede Ted.

Hannah dresses up for school, and wonders what to get Phil for Christmas. Helen says that herself and Cheryl are planning to buy him and Lou the Greyhound. She says Hannah can be a part of it. She can't remember it's name, but Hannah tells her it was Suede Tess.

Mal says he still has two exams left and chats to Danni about the beach house. When Hannah approaches Billy, he runs away from her. Miranda bitches at Hannah saying that he obviously doesn't like her.

Rick comes round to see Cody and says he's going to buy an automobile. Cody says now the exams are over, she's fretting about the results.

Karl and Susan argue over where his keys are. Susan points out he's lost both sets, and that she hates the way he's ordering her around. She says she isn't going to be his receptionist, and then finds both sets in his jacket pocket. Karl apologises, but Susan is still angry.

Hannah and Miranda are bored, saying there isn't any action round Erinsborough High. Danni coms along and offers them an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of all the "hotspots" of the school.

Colin and Vikram are busy acting like fools over at the newsagency in preparation for the judge's visit. Lou asks Phil to "go referee" for him while he lays low for a couple of days.

Susan goes to the caryard to try and chat to Lou, but he is gone. He suddenly arrives, and leads Susan over to a car. He drops his keys and Susan picks them up, and sees they are for a house. She asks what they are for but Lou shoves her in the car telling her to take it for a test drive.

Billy ignores Hannah again, and Miranda says it may be because he has a crush on her, then says it's impossible because no one can be as mean as Billy's being, crush or no crush. Mal says he's going to go kickboxing and asks Libby to lie for him.

Helen, Cody and Rick come to see how Phil gets on with the judges at the newsagency. The judges say the singing and "row your boat" routine was "unique" and that they came last place. Colin walks away of embarrassment, Cody, Rick and Helen still all cheer anyway.

Billy goes to 26 after school to apologise for ignoring her, and says that it's a "rule" that he can't hang around younger kids, and that he doesn't want to get beaten up again.

Rick and Cody talk to Karl about what happened at the newsagency, and list enough sexual innuendos to last a lifetime, embarrassing Helen. Karl gets a call on his high tech pager and leaves.

Susan asks Libby where Mal is and Libby keeps changing the subject. Her toast burns and Susan knows that something's up. Libby says he went to play cricket with some guys from school.

Philip tries to burn his hat, and Vikram is walking around thinking he's one of the main cast members (seriously, just look how cocky he is in this episode). Colin stops Phil from doing so and says to think of the positives. Phil says there weren't any, and says, in an extremely heavy Aussie accent, that it was a fiasco.

Cody asks Hannah how her first day at Erinsborough High was, and she says it was rubbish. Rick then tells her about all the nasty things the kids are gonna do to her.

Billy, Libby and Susan are sitting in the living room chatting when Mal and Karl burst in. Karl says that the call he got on his pager was for an injured kickboxer, who just happened to be Mal. Karl informs him that he is about to live out his worst nightmare once he's finished with him.

Summary by Billy