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Episode Summaries > 1994 > Episode 2283

Marlene and Helen are in Marlene's shop, and Marlene says that she should make her shop a bridal registry. Helen states that it's a second hand shop, and that it's not the done thing. Marlene takes the broken plate she found and starts to tell Helen some cock and bull story about the meaning of it, and the fact that the two pieces join together to cemet the love of two star crossed lovers. Helen doesn't buy it for one minute, and adds her own element to the story, saying it ended in a suicide pact.

Susan gives Mal some "hot and sweet" tea, and Karl yells at Mal for a bit. He states how he treated the family like dirt and all that jazz. He says because he was so selfish that he's banning the beach house. Karl then yells at the top of his lungs "Do you understand?", and Mal says the beach house thing was unfair, and that Karl has ruined it for everyone. Karl corrects him saying it was all Mal's fault. Mal mutters under his breath that he hates Karl.

Mal goes to see Sam at the shop's backroom, and Bianca hides herself. Mal kicks over a dustbin in frustration. As he goes on to Sam about what happened, Bianca spies on him. Mal tells Sam what Karl's decision was about the beach house, and Sam says he'll chat to Karl about it.

Annalise and the girls are looking at colours for the dresses, and talk about how the shop Love Hearts, is rubbish.

Susan gets up at night to see Mal in the living room feeling sorry for himself. They have an "emotional" chat about his relationship with Karl and all this music starts wailing in the background, attempting to create an atmosphere. Mal says he can't put a foot right with Karl, but admits he can see Karl's point of view. He tells Susan that he wants to be able to make up his own mind, and wants to experience the risks and challenges of life himself and learn from his mistakes, not Karl's. Susan goes all philosophical on his ass saying rubbish about "calculated risks", and tells him to listen to Karl because they love him. Mal does the cliche "I love you too" and hugs her.

Marlene is at her crappy shop and tells Annalise's friends the story of the broken bowl. They are impressed by it, and the blonde one reckons Annalise will love it. Marlene claims to give them 20 percent off, meaning $30.00 each. They foolishly buy it

Sam goes over to see Karl and Susan and chat about the beach house. He admits Mal is an idiot, but says the others don't deserve to suffer. He says how important this holiday is, and Karl tells Sam his speech was "eloquent". He says he'll think about it.

Suzie and Kristy help Marlene set up for the hen's night, and Helen butts in hoping someone will pay attention to her.

Karl tells Susan she's too soft on Mal. Susan comes up with an idea, saying Mal can be his temp. receptionist for the holidays, in order to go to the beach house. Karl tells Mal, and they practice together.

Ren's in the Coffee Shop swanning around, and notices Bianca sitting at a table. She asks if she can speak to Ren about a "personal" issue. She doesn't exactly beat around the bush, and asks if her and Sam are together. She says they're the "best of friends", but nothing romantically linked. Ren then tells Bianca all about The History With Annalise®, and when Bianca says goodbye, Ren stares at her desperately trying to remember her lines.

The girls are at Helen's and play Charades. None of them can guess what Helen's film is, then Susan enters to give Annalise a present and guesses that the film is Fried Green Tomatos at the Whistle-Stop Cafe (incidentally, that's a good film, watch it sometime). Helen thanks God they
got it, thinking they'd be there forever (hello Helen, if that's what you feel, next time do something easy like, I dunno, Titanic).

Sam and Bianca talk about the bike for a bit, Bianca said she loves it and all that crap. She says the bike won't break anyone's heart, like Annalise did his. Sam goes on about how he still loves her, then Mal comes round and says hi and thanks Sam for talking Karl round.

Helen puts soda water in the drinks to calm Marlene down (God forbid they have fun on a hen night). Annalise opens Susan's present and loves the tacky hand made cushions she made her. Susan leaves, and Annalise opens Marlene's present. A carousel. It's "unusual".

Karl and Susan chat about their wedding and all the fiascos. Oddly, Susan keeps talking about her mother but, maybe I'm wrong, didn't she later tell Brett she killed her when she was young? Yeah. Well anyway, they get all nostaligic and then the cameraman gets bored and cuts back to a shot of Annalise's bosom.

Annalise opens Kristy and Suzie's present and doesn't get why Rick's bowl is in there. They tell her the story Marlene told them, and Annalise says that she broke the bowl, and Ren stuffs up her lines again trying to say she put it in the bin. Marlene apologises, and Annalise bursts into tears.

Summary by Billy

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