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Episode Summaries > 1994 > Episode 2284

Mark goes on about Marlene's evil ways and Annalise tells him she's not that upset - just the pressures of the wedding and stuff. Rick and Ren tease them about the bowl, and Rick says it was karma getting back at Annalise for not telling him about the bowl. Mark butts in saying that's a non-Christian attitude. He then tells Annalise to only have one bridesmaid, and she tells him to go spin and stop being so selfish.

Danni and Cheryl chat about stuff. Cheryl tries to be all philosophical and fails. Danni then says Lou isn't worthy of Cheryl's commitment, and when Cheryl asks what she means she acts weird and says nothing.

Cody and Hannah go through Cody's clothes to decide what she should take to the beach house. Hannah says she'll miss her, and that's she's excited about Christmas. She says it'll be different without Debbie there and Julie bitching at everyone, and Hannah asks Cody if she's having Christmas with her. She says she will, seeing her entire family deserted her and left her for dead.

Mark invites Phil to the bucks night, and Colin starts acting like an idiot. Vikram assumes he's invited because he thinks he's one of the main cast, and Colin invites himself saying he'll bring the cheeseball and crackers, and that he may sing as well.

Danni teases Marlene about the present, and whines about the punch being so un-alcoholic. Marlene says there's going to be some surprises at the party.

Annalise goes on about the wedding, bragging about how great she'll look, all the photos that will be taken of her, and how everything will be revolving around her. She looks at the magazines and Kristy remarks if Mark's gonna be in any of the photos. Rick bursts in and Annalise says Cathy, his mum, called. She says she spoke to her about his confirmation name, and Rick begs her not to tell it, but she does.

Mark and Father Michael chat about the ceremony. Hannah is outside playing with her ribbon and Mark jokes around with her for a bit. She says she's going to the Kennedy's because Phil will be at the bucks party.

Hannah goes over to 28. Billy ignores her, and Susan says she can be in the Australian Olympics. Karl destroys her hopes by saying she won't, and Susan asks Hannah for a demonstration. Hannah walks around the room dragging the ribbon behind her, and does this really pants performance. Susan claps her anyway.

Annalise says she wants to exchange poems instead of vows, and Father Michael reckons they should combine both of them. When Annalise reads her poem, Mark loves it, and pulls this really stupid face.

Phil says that Marlene's house is more lively than Mark's, seeing all they have to drink is tea and coffee until Rick arrives with the beer. Colin makes an idiot of himself and Vikram says a line or two to get noticed.

Cheryl arrives at Annalise's and speaks loudly and goes on about nothing in particular. Cody tells everyone she's missing her parents and everyone casually bitches about Marlene. Cheryl doesn't understand the bowl thing.

Colin ruins Mark's party, and Rick arrives with "the grog". At the same time, a stripper arrives over at Annalise's.

Colin does puppetry, and Phil, Vikram and Father Michael leave, saying it was an "interesting" night. Father Michael asks Phil if Colin is always like that, and Phil gruffly replies "'fraid so", which really made me laugh for some reason. Phil, Vikram, Father Michael and Rick go to Chez Chez for a nightcap.

In the morning, Susan wakes up Hannah and makes her breakfast. She has kinda become the mother figure, I guess (Jeez, doesn't she have enough children as it is?)

Mark goes to see Annalise, and sees her lying on the couch with a hangover. He makes her breakfast, when the stripper comes out of nowhere and takes the food. Mark is horrified.

Summary by Billy