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Episode Summaries > 1994 > Episode 2285

Mark bursts into number 30 complaining to Rick about the stripper over at Annalise's (Marlene's, whatever). Mark is mad and keeps going on about how the guy was half naked and all that. Rick points out strippers normally are. Mark goes on about how he's getting baptised today and how he wanted Annalise to support him.

Helen and Cheryl are in the car being all chummy when they haven't spoken to each other for months. Cheryl says if she was younger she would have tried it on with the stripper [shudder]. They yell at the top of their lungs how they're going Christmas shopping, and when Lou comes along, they're scared he may have heard. They confirm with each other that the Greyhound's name is Suede Tess.

Lou comes round to Phil's to try and buy Suede Tess, and negotiate money and stuff.

Annalise is cleaning up, and Ren emerges from the bedroom, saying she feels guilty she slept in Annalise's bed leaving her the couch. Annalise chats about Mark's spasm he had earlier, and Ren smugly remarks that she doesn't blame his reaction. Ren basically says it wouldn't surprise her if Annalise did sleep with him, being a slut and all that. Annalise says that the Gottlieb's never give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

Mal, Danni, Cody and Brett are chatting about the beach house. Mal tells the others Sam said that he'll drive. Or "oraganise transport". Libby just seems to appear from thin air and bitches about how Mal doesn't have a windsurfer to take, and Mal says he's going to buy one. Stonie comes round and tells everyone his family have bought Number 32. No one really cares.

Ren said how great last night was to Mark, just to rub it in. Rick laughs along at how much Mark is over reacting to Ren's joking, and Rick and Ren reckon they shouldn't get married. Mark goes over to see Annalise.

He arrives at her house and apologises to her. He said he's "stressed" because he wants everything to go well for the biggest day of his life. Annalise naturally assumes he means the wedding, when really he means the baptism.

Mal and the gang go over everything for the beach house. Danni whines to them, saying she's not getting tied down to any rostas while she's there, and Stonie is annoyed that no one's bothered about him moving in. Danni says his family stole the money for the house, because it's expensive, and Stonie protects them and simply says the "came into some money". Hmmm...

Phil and Lou moan about how someone beat them to buying the greyhound by five minutes. They argue over whose fault it was, and Cheryl tells them it wasn't meant to be.

The Greyhound is over at Helen's, and they go on about what a close call it was and stuff. Helen is told she's a sadist for some reason, and they say that they have to keep Lou and Phil away from the house at all costs.

Rick is Mark's god parent, and Mark wants Rick to run through his lines. Father Michael says that only a simpleton could get it wrong. Everyone looks at Rick. Mark says he doesn't want any parties to celebrate it, and that he only wants Rick, Ren, Annalise and himself there. As Mark reads out another Bible quote, the camera zooms in on Rick's face to show his infamous "confused" expression.

Lou and Phil are sitting in silence trying to remember their lines. They get up saying they're going to Phil's to watch The Game?, and Hannah and Cody try to stop them, then Rick knocks on the door, and they use it as an excuse for them not to go. He tells them that he wants them to go to Mark's baptism.

Mark and Rick are getting ready for the baptism, and Mark thanks Rick for doing it. When they go outside, everyone is there and Rick does the corny "See? You have lots of friends" thing.

Helen and Cheryl leave for the baptism, and as they open the door, Suede Tess runs out and escapes. Everyone runs after her.

At the baptism, everyone is running around trying to catch Suede Tess. It runs around a bit, and rams Mark, and he falls into the swimming pool.

Cheryl explains to Lou, after everyone's settled down, that they almost didn't get her, and that the other buyer had to settle for Suede Ted, who was the dog Phil and Lou originally wanted. Phil and Lou realise they can't say anything about it.

Mark says something was bound to go wrong, being in a soap opera and all, and Annalise tells him he's a hypocrit and that he never sees the funny side of things anymore. She says he puts everything before The Wedding (she managed to pronounce the capitals), but Mark insists he loves her and is doing everything for her.

Cody packs for the beach house, and Rick asks if she's gonna sit next to Stonie on the way. He says he trusts Cody, but not him.

Mal is getting stressed with Stonie's immaturity, and I've written something about a door handle on my notes and I have no idea what that's referring to. Anyhoo, Libby moans that it's not fair he can go, but Mal reminds her about the receptionist thing. Danni and Brett say goodbye, and, at long last, are gone.

Phil introduces Holly to Suede Tess, and says even if she doesn't make it as a racer, she'll be a nice pet.

Cody waits for Rick to say goodbye, and Stonie comes round and says that he's left for work. Cody is angry and leaves for the bus.

Rick arrives to see off Cody, and gives her two tickets so they can see her family up in Darwin. He says she now doesn't have to go to the beach house. Cody says she won't let him manipulate her, so Rick storms off.

Summary by Billy