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Episode Summaries > 1994 > Episode 2286

Cody chases after Rick, saying that she can't pull out of the beach house thing. In the end, she agrees to go with Rick and thanks him. Stonie comes in, and tells Cody to get a move on. She smugly says she's going to Darwin instead and tells him to recognise. He leaves.

Cheryl looks out the window thanking God her ugly son has gone, and Lou says it'll be nice for Lolly to get to know her parents, seeing there's always other people floating around holding her and looking at her and stuff.

Cody and Rick tell Mark about the Darwin tickets. Mark says he wants a word with Rick, and asks what the hell he's gonna do with Lassiter's while he's away swanning around in Darwin.

Cody is on the phone at 26 making sure their phonebill is astronomical and tells Helen about the trip and how great Rick is. Helen tells her she made the right decision. Cody goes to re-pack while Helen phones for a cab. Phil enters with Suede Tess, and Helen remarks how cute she is. Phil says that she shouldn't be cute, but have a killer instinct.

Stonie goes for a "spew stop" to relieve himself on the way, everyone's arguing with each other, and Brett does the stupid "It's Christmas, we should love each other" speech. Stonie says he drunk a litre of milk for breakfast, so there's gonna be plenty more stops. Squirrel is feeling ill.

Lou and Cheryl, fresh from the bedroom, are on the couch kissing when there's a knock on the door. Lou relunctantly opens it and Phil marches in with Suede Tess to discuss training strategies. He says he's sorry he interrupted, but still remains. Cheryl goes to work instead.

Mark moans to Ren about Rick, and how he's made all these changes. Rick has fired all the staff and replaced them with cheap teenagers. Ren says he's crazy, and before Mark can do anything, Rick leaves.

The gang arrive at the beach (dirt track, whatever), and Mal and Stonie get out to move a branch blocking the way. The others get out to stretch their legs. Danni asks if they're on the right road, because they've been driving for years, Sam says they are. Brett acts stupid again by going on about how beautiful everything is (it's just a shabby dirt track for christ's sake). Squirrel is still feeling ill.

Mark moans to Helen about what Rick has done. Helen says she'll talk to everyone about it, and sort things out. Mark wonders if Rick will get away with it.

The gang finally arrive at the beach house, Danni says it's "unreal", and when everyone pairs off to the rooms, Brett moans about being with Stonie. Squirrel is still feeling sick, and everyone observes that a storm is aproaching.

Phil and Lou chat about stuff and go out, Lou says they'll leave Suede Tess alseep on the couch, saying she won't do any harm.

Mark and Helen are at Chez Chez, and Helen tells them that all the workers have agreed to come back, and that she felt sorry for the kids who lost their jobs. Cheryl throws in her two cents, and then Ren arrives and chats to Mark and Helen about the wedding. Apparently, Annalise has deliberately hired out awful bridesmaid dresses so she can look better. Ren says Annalise wants the others to look "dowdy", whatever that means. Helen says she doesn't have to worry, and that a shop in Eden Hills hires good bridesmaid dresses.

Ren and Cheryl arrive back at 22 to see the house in a state, thanks to Suede Tess. Cheryl takes her outside and Ren begins cleaning up. She picks up a bill from the bin and hands it to Cheryl. Lou has spent $2000.00 on something.

Over at the beach house, it is pouring, and Sam reckons it might last for a few days. Louise keeps yelling at everyone (incidentally, why is she there when no one likes her?), and Sam says he's gonna tell the parents they've arrived safely and heads off in the storm.

Cheryl and Ren chat about what Lou could have spent the money on, and Cheryl realises it must be on her Birthday. She thinks he's gonna get her some huge piece of jewellery. Lou arrives back and when questioned about it, he says that he is planning a big present for her Birthday.

Helen tells Ren how to tell Annalise about the dresses. Mark says they should tell the truth, but Helen says they have to tell her the changes are for Annalise's benefit. Helen then tells Mark people don't change after they marry, and that she hopes he's sure what he's marrying.

Lou and Phil are at 26. Lou is worried because he totally forgot about Cheryl's Birthday, and that he hasn't got anything to give her. Phil says she was faking it so he will live up to her expectations and get her something big. Helen comes back and Lou asks for her advice, Helen says she's given out too much today, and Phil sarcastically remarks if she's been "spreading her wisdom". Helen says Mark and Annalise have a lot to learn before they get married.

At the beach house, Sam has been missing for a while and everyone is panicking wondering where he is. They reckon they should go look for him, but they have mixed opinions about whether they should all go or leave some people behind. Danni does the cliched "this is the '90s" thing, when the boys suggest they go look for him and leave the girls there.

Sam comes in as wet as a drowned rat, and tells everyone he had to walk back because the van got bogged. When he tells everyone they're stranded, it shows each person desperately trying to show a worried face before the credits roll.

Summary by Billy