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Episode Summaries > 1994 > Episode 2287

Annalise goes to see Helen and check up about how the dress is going. She says they'll schedule another fitting tomorrow. Annalise asks if it's bad luck for Mark to see the wedding dress, and it is - apparently it takes away the "maximum impact", and Annalise needs her maximum impact to be, well, maximum. Helen tries to tell her about the bridesmaid's dresses, but Annalise marches off ignoring her.

Susan and Karl chat about Sam's phonecall and how nice it was of him to phone, seeing he knows all the parents will worry. Karl says she worries over everything. Karl continues to bitch her down a bit, and says that Susan only talks about accidents so they don't happen. Billy is packing for his trip, saying he can't wait to be "back home". Karl points out this is his home. Billy says he prefers the country, and Karl moans about small town gossip.

At the beach house, it is still pouring. They're all hungry, and Louise burnt all their food and Stonie ate all the rest for himself. Danni says how Louise's food wasn't cooked, but cremated. Mal says the supplies should arrive soon, but Danni, ever the optimist, doubts it.

Phil worries about Hannah going away, and says how she's still his little girl to Helen. He can't accept she's grown up (could have fooled me). Hannah comes out with like a million bags (two, whatever) and Phil says how proud he is of her. He says Debbie called and that she's coming home soon. He says he'll have to sort things out with Cody, seeing she's taken over her room and role in the Martin family. Ren phones and Helen picks up the phone. Apparently Annalise has taken Helen's maximum impact comment to heart and actually decided to make the dresses worse. The bridesmaids are threatening to walk out if nothing's done about it. Phil comes out with the rather witty comment of "If you stay up all night, it will dawn on you", and struts off.

The rain stops at the beach house, and as Mal walks outside, there's no puddles, dampness or anything to suggest the place was flooded a few minutes ago. But anyway, he sees something and yells at the others to come and look. They emerge, complaining no doubt, and see Sam cooking a fish in his wetsuit. They all eat the fish, except they disallow Stonie because he already ate all their food supplies. When they remark how the food is heaven, Stonie sits there licking his lips, begging for them to save him a piece.

Bianca is at Sam's office helping herself to some tea (yeah, I forgot about her as well), and Marlene enters, asking who she is, and what the hell she's doing in her shop.

Phil brings Hannah to 28 to see her off, and after he worries, Susan tells him the kids will be fine. Billy asks if Hannah's bringing her ribbon, and after the look on his face, she decides not to. She kisses Helen and Pip goodbye, and Billy reluctantly hugs Susan goodbye.

When Marlene asks Bianca her name, and she says 18. Marlene knows she's lying, and says she can tell she's only 16. Marlene says that Sam didn't say he had a shabby tramp living with him, and goes on about getting social security involved. Marlene wants to take her back to 24 to get a decent meal inside of her.

Susan arrives at the surgery, and Karl moans how she's filed some patients under their first name, and others under their surname. Karl says it's a plan to stop her working there, and says he hopes Mal is more logical.

At the beach house, Danni says her metabolism's about to kick in, Stonie hogged the supplies and took the sugary stuff Danni needs to live. Mal says Jason, the supplier, should be here by now.

Phil is prancing around 26 with Hannah's ribbon. Annalise comes in to chat more about the wedding, and Helen finally gets a chance to tell Annalise about the dresses, and to get her to change her mind, using psychology. She agrees and swans out, and Phil, practically suffocating Helen because he's sitting so close to her, tells her she's one devious woman.

Back at the beach house, they say that someone has to go and get food. In the end, they decide that Danni and Mal should go, because Sam has to stay at the beach house with the pansies, and Danni needs some sugar.

Marlene is showing Bianca some photos of Sam when he was a kid, and Annalise enters and is introduced to Bianca. Annalise stands there and slags off Mark for a bit and then glides off.

Karl and Susan have a candlelit dinner planned, with sex being the main course.

At the beach house, Libby and Brett are worried because Mal and Danni have been gone ages. Jason arrives, looking oddly like a young Joe Mangel, and says that another storm's coming, and that Danni and Mal have probably gone to the store and stayed there for the night, as they wouldn't be stupid enough to sail back in a storm.

As Karl and Susan prepare to get jiggy, Phil and Helen barge in and say they're gonna stay for tea, ruining their evening.

Brett and Sam are walking along the beach in the morning, and they see the boat Danni and Mal were in overturned on the beach. Brett checks inside and sees Danni's bag with all her diabetic stuff inside, and pulls a really stupid face.

Summary by Billy