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Episode Summaries > 1995 > Episode 2291
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Robert Meillon

Annalise, Elliot, Ren and Marlene are back at No. 24, still in shock over what happened at the wedding. Elliot says he'll take Annalise to Medlow Bend, a poetry convention, to take her mind off the "pressing issues". Elliot leaves and Annalise claims she can never look at a wedding dress ever again without feeling sick. She says to Ren that Mark is a selfish pig, and that she can't accept or believe what he did to her.

Over at 22, Lou says that having an Asian daughter means people won't believe him. He begins to tell the story of how Ling Mai was born. He was 21, went overseas, got food poisoning, and made love to a nurse over there. He then went back to Australia, and never knew Ling Mai existed until he received the letter.

Sam tells Bianca about the events at the party, and how nothing happened between him and Squirrel. Bianca tells him to talk about it to her, Sam says he'll wait until the morning, and Bianca tells him she'll be gone by then, because she's moving into Marlene's.

The morning comes, and Bianca gets ready to leave. She tells Sam to tell Marlene about Squirrel's accusations, and when Sam says he doesn't want to, Bianca realises it's because he doesn't want Annalise to find out. Squirrel comes round, and Bianca leaves. Squirrel says they have to talk.

Annalise goes over to see Mark, who says she must be feeling dreadful. She says that if she was in his position, she would have put his feelings first. Mark insists his feelings haven't changed for Annalise, and she harps on about how she can't believe he wants to be a priest, when already he's a Catholic. Mark says he has no choice, and says they can still be friends. Annalise can't believe he has the arrogance to say that, after what he did to her, and storms off.

Sam and Squirrel chat about the pregnancy, and Sam says that they both know nothing happened. He insists they didn't sleep together. Squirrel says he's just like all the other guys and runs off.

Rick and Cody are playing cricket in the street. Cody hits the ball too far, and Lou says something cold to them. Cody cheats so she can bat again.

Ren chats to Mark about his decision. Mark says that as a priest his life will have a direction and purpose. Mark goes on about how he wants to make a difference, and that this is his calling. Or a "spiritual conviction" as he called it.

Brett says that Lou's relationship must have been young love, like him and Lata. Danni criticises Lou and he enters the room. He yells at her and goes to see Cheryl. Danni thinks Ling Mai was the result of a night of passion with a "lady of easy persuassion" in Hong Kong.

Annalise says that she had second thoughts about the wedding as well to Bianca and Marlene, but said she put Mark's feelings first. Elliot comes in, and Bianca tries her best to act but fails. He asks Annalise if she's made up her mind about the trip, and she agrees to go. But not without telling Mark first.

Brett says he believes Lou, but Danni says he upset Cheryl and won't get away with it. They see Squirrel looking miserable by a tree. Brett goes off somewhere and Danni chats to her. She asks what's up, and Squirrel tells her.

Cody and Rick are still playing cricket, and when Cody hits it into a shrub, Rick finds a real cricket ball and uses that. He gets her out and bats. She throws it overarm and hits his leg.

When Annalise goes over to Mark's to brag about the trip, which he agrees should be exciting. Annalise leaves everything to Mark, saying he can phone everyone and send back the gifts. Mark thanks Elliot for taking her away from Erinsborough for a bit. Annalise quickly leaves when she realises her plan to make Mark jealous has backfired. Ren tells Mark about Annalise's reasons for telling him about the trip, and he said her plan did work, but only a little bit.

Cheryl and Lou chat about Ling Mai, and Cheryl says how betrayed she feels. Lou said that Ling Mai could have been an imposter and that he had to check her out first. Cheryl still thinks that he should have told her. She says she was the only person who trusted him. They reach a truce, and Lou says she can meet her whenever she likes. Cheryl says to invite her round for dinner.

Sam yells at Squirrel for telling Danni about the pregnancy, and she says she has reached a decision about what to do with the baby.

Summary by Billy