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Episode Summaries > 1995 > Episode 2292
Written by Dianne Dempsey, Directed by Robert Meillon

Squirrel decides to keep the baby. Danni leaves, and Sam says Squirrel is acting ludicrously. She says what hurts the most is the fact that Sam doesn't even acknowledge that he slept with her.

Karl insists to Mal that he didn't kill anyone. He tells him that the man who died was young, but that it wasn't his fault. Mal calls him a hypocrite.

Phil chats to Lou about Ling Mai. Molly arrives and Phil offers to buy her a drink. When Lou says he has to go, Phil sarcastically remarks about his how subtle he is.

Billy says to Mal and Libby that Karl wouldn't kill anyone, because it'd cost him too much if he got sued. Mal says he wants a family meeting.

Sam makes Squirrel some tea, and she says that she thought he'd be happy. He asks what her real name is, and she says it's Ursula. Sam suggests that they go and see a doctor together, but Squirrel doesn't want to, because she feels fine and thinks the pregnancy will really agree with her. She says Sam will get used to the idea, and that he'll make a great dad.

Danni chats to Marlene about resumes, and gets onto the topic of Lou and, complaining about Ling Mai. Marlene says Cheryl hates people who keep secrets. Danni begins to openly talk about Sam, and Marlene is horrified when she hears that Sam is responsible for Squirrel's pregnancy.

The Kennedys have a meeting, and Mal asks Karl to tell him the truth. Karl refuses, and Mal then says he won't do the dishes, storming away. Billy and Libby leave the room, and Karl says he's sick of the sight of Mal and that he doesn't deserve this treatment.

Lou introduces Mai Ling to Danni and Brett. Cheryl is upstairs changing Louise. Danni calls Brett "Brettles", which annoys him. They then have a toast once Cheryl arrives.

Helen and Hannah are sitting together at No. 26 when Phil arrives with Molly. Hannah sits there glaring at her, and she leaves.

Susan says that Karl and Mal are like the old bull versus the new bull, and that he has to move aside for him. She tells him to have the meeting, because Mal needs an explanation as to why his "hero" has stuffed up. She tells him to tell the kids the truth.

Marlene tells Sam off for getting Squirrel pregnant, and says how he's ruined his life. He says
Squirrel is crazy, and that he didn't sleep with her, and throws her out.

Ling Mai is showing Brett some photos, and tells them about her mother. She says she described Lou as a "larakin", and everyone laughs in agreement.

Sam apologises to Marlene. Marlene says that she believes him, and wonders if Squirrel is mad or a minx. Marlene then says that what's important is that the people close to him believe in him.

Hannah goes to bed and asks Helen about Molly. Hannah says she can tell Phil "likes" her, because he was excited and happy. She says Phil isn't allowed to love anyone else, because he belongs to Julie. Helen says she won't let anyone take Phil away from her.

Lou and Cheryl chat about Ling Mai after she leaves. He asks if she liked her, and Cheryl said she does. Lou realises that no one was relaxed, and Cheryl says it was understandable because everyone needs time to adjust. She then jokes that an affair would have been easier to deal with!

The Kennedys have the meeting, and Karl tells Mal about Kangaroo Courts as he sits in his chair. Karl says, rather bluntly, that Vincent died, was his patient, and that he was responsible. He asks if anyone has any questions.

Summary by Billy