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Episode Summaries > 1995 > Episode 2293
Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Robert Meillon

Karl explains to his family about what happened to his patient he killed. He said he was getting ready to go on holiday, and Karl thought he was healthy and didn't bother doing a full physical on him. The man had a heart attack whilst on a mountain and died. Susan says the problem could have been there since he was a kid, and that Karl did what anyone else would have. Karl explains that the patient's family were angry, and so he sold his half of the practice and left. He says that a country doctor is built soley on trust, and apologises to everyone.

Mark and Ren are at Number 30, and Mark is seeing if Annalise left any of her dance CDs behind so he can use them for a church dance. Ren says that's "daggy", and says that church hasn't suddenly become hip. Mark tells her otherwise, and says it's a "cool happening".

Mark puts the Christian fish sticker on his car, and Billy comes up to him for a chat about the wedding. He chats about his decision to be a priest, and Mark says it's like his dad - he wants to help people. Only in the spititual way and not the physical. Mark invites Billy to the parish dance, and he says he'll think about it.

Over at 26, Phil is bragging to Helen and Hannah that Molly has invited him to see her worm farm. Hannah asks if she can go, and Phil says she can. He asks Helen to look after the shop. Billy arrives, and Hannah changes her mind and decides to go and help him work on the beach house instead.

At 28 Karl leaves for work, and Mal asks about the talk last night. Susan reckons he feels better having told everyone, and Mal says he wanted to see Karl squirm, but now feels guilty. He announces that he's going back to work at the surgery.

Mark comes over to 24, and sees Annalise and Elliot standing there. Mark brings the wedding cake over. Annalise makes some cold comments and Mark leaves. Elliot suggests that they donate it to a hospital, while Annalise can't believe how Mark behaved like this whole ordeal was a "day at the beach". She can't believe she meant so little to him, and says how unhappy she is.

Hannah and Billy are busy adding the finishing touches to their club-house. He speaks to Hannah about the dance, and she thinks he's going to ask her to go, but he shatters her hopes by announcing he's going to ask Nicole out instead.

Mal is on the phone in the surgery when a man comes in with a cut hand. Mal chats to him and the guy insults him, saying that a receptionist is a girly job. Karl comes out and thanks Mal for coming back to help him out.

Helen's at the newsagency, when Phil arrives, and says that Molly gave him some worms. He talks a bit about it, and Helen reckons he fancies her, but Phil claims that seeing Molly has nothing to do with Julie, and that they're just friends.

Anyway, Annalise shows Elliot her old life map, and says she wants to make a new one because Mark was her goal in all of them.

At the surgery, Mal says he's not having many problems, and Karl asks if he wants to go to lunch with him. Mal then invites Karl to a cricket match, and Karl agrees to go.

Mark comes to the newsagency to ask if he can put his posters up in the window. Helen mentions that Hannah wanted to go. and says she can't see any harm in it.

Hannah and Billy finally finish the club-house, and Susan gives him some sparkling apple juice to use as a means of celebration. Hannah says she'll go to the dance, and Billy asks her who she'll go with, but she doesn't know. She says that no one should be allowed in the club-house and asks if Billy would ever bring Nicole; he says he wouldn't. They open the house officially by pouring the apple juice all over it.

Elliot makes his own map, and shows his to Annalise and vice versa. Annalise comments that there's no people on his.

At 28, Mal and Karl head off for the cricket game, and Hannah comes round and chats to Billy, but leaves when she outstays her welcome. Libby says she has a crush on him, but Billy shrugs it off, saying she's just a kid.

Philip chats to Hannah about the parish dance, and quickly gets onto the subject of boys. Hannah bluntly asks: "Are you talking about sex?", to which Phil funnily remarks: "No no. Well, sort of." Hannah says she's not in a hurry and Phil lets her go to the dance.

Annalise and Elliot look at the maps, and Elliot said that Annalise is disappointed she wasn't on his. He says on hers there is still a man there, even though it's no one in particular. He says she should wake up and put herself in the centre of her life, not men.

Summary by Billy