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Episode Summaries > 1995 > Episode 2294
Written by David Allen, Directed by Robert Meillon

Cody is waiting for her exam results when Rick comes to see her. He says she'll be fine and that she's going to pass. He conceitedly talks about how much Lassiter's needs him and leaves.

Marlene is writing a reference for Bianca so she can get a job. Annalise wishes her good luck, and becomes sulky when Marlene says she needs breakfast, and mutters what she wants is someone to love her.

Mal comes to see Cody and plays cricket with her for a bit. Bianca comes out of 24 and Mal tries to chat to her, but she brushes him off. After she goes, Cody comments on how attractive she is and Mal leaves Cody alone and follows Bianca.

Helen is watching Cody from the window, and she says she's as nervous as Cody is. Phil sneaks up behind her and says he remembers the day of his results, and they comment on how she can't keep still. They reckon she'll be fine. Phil says that Michael phoned, and that he got the apprenticeship he wanted. He says it means he's not coming back, and that it's another one that's flown the nest. Helen says it's a fact of life and tells him he has Molly to take his mind off
of it. Phil is not impressed.

Cody gets her exam results and screams the street down, kisses the postman, and runs all the way to Lassiter's to tell Rick. Phil and Helen comment to the postman, about not giving him a kiss because he brought them bills.

Bianca returns to No. 24, complaning that the interviewer didn't even give her a chance. Annalise says that she should have worn a suit rather than jeans and a casual top. Marlene says Annalise has a point, and says she'll help in the preparation. She suggests that she go to Helen for advice, but Bianca reckons she's a bit of a snob. Mal crowds Bianca again and she tells him to back off.

Sam gives Annalise a lift on his bike, and she asks why he hasn't said much to her since the non-wedding. He doesn't really give an answer, and they ride off, with Annalise clutching hard to his body.

Cody goes to see Rick at Lassiters to tell him the good news. Rick is unhappy because Crowley has demoted him to a waiter. He says he's going to ring Rosemary and get her to sort things out.

Phil goes through with Bianca about how to be successful in a job interview, and gives her a mock trial. She fails miserably. Helen thinks the resume, which Marlene made, isn't helping, and lets Phil make a new one on his computer.

Mark goes to see Sam and asks for his help at the disco. Sam says he'll help and is distant with Mark, especially when he starts talking about children.

Bianca says there's not much for her to do, and Marlene tells her and Mal to "buzz off", so they go to see a movie, even though Bianca doesn't particularly want to.

Rick speaks to Rosemary on the phone, and says to Cody that she said she'll look into it. He jokes about being rich in a few years time.

Mal and Bianca go back to No. 24 after the movie, and Mal lingers uneasily. He takes the hint and eventually leaves, and she says she may see him again.

Phil finishes the resume and Helen takes the credit for it. Bianca is pleased "heaps" with it.

Annalise goes to see Sam and asks if he wants to do something with her, but he tells her to go away instead.

Rick goes over to 26 and is enthusiastic about his job prospects, forcing Helen to reveal that Rosemary has fired him.

Summary by Billy