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Episode Summaries > 1995 > Episode 2295
Written by Karyn Noble, Directed by Robert Meillon

Squirrel goes to see Sam and notices he hasn't been to see her in a while. He tells her he's made an appointment to see the doctor, and she agrees to go, as long as he goes with her.

Rick tells Cody how he can't believe what Rosemary did and how ridiculous it is. Cody says it was because since Montana he has become so big-headed. She says he has problems, and that he should go and grovel to Crowley.

Sam and Lou are eating dinner and discuss Ling Mai. They say they both need a distraction from their problems, and Lou suggest they "get busy" on a go-kart.

Annalise is at No. 24 when Cheryl comes in to return a bowl Marlene lent her. Annalise breaks down and starts crying. She tells Cheryl how she wanted to call the wedding off, and how callous Mark was for not considering her feelings. Cheryl says it's better that she didn't marry Mark. But she still thinks it's wrong that he did it publicly.

Cody goes over to No. 28 to see Karl and Susan. She tells them about her results and that she can now study medicine. Karl says he'll ask around and try to get her on a good course. He then asks if she wants to do some part time receptionist work at his surgery. Her reply is "is my hair knotty?", and they have a deal.

Lou speaks to Ling Mai. He says she can visit any time she wants. Lou says to Cheryl he wants her to come round again because everyone was edgy last time. Cheryl claims that he was the edgy one. Lou thinks the whole experience is like another world and time. He then tells Cheryl he loves her.

Ling Mai arrives at No. 22, and Cheryl answers in her dressing gown. She feels guilty that she's got Cheryl out of the shower, and reinforces polite Oriental stereotypes.

Cody is being shown the ropes at the surgery by Karl. The phone rings, and as she tries to talk to the person, Rick is busy putting her off. He's decided he's going to grovel to Crowley.

Ling Mai is folding clothes and making some tea, when Lou arrives home. He calls Cheryl down, who was getting dressed, and tells her that she's appalled she let her do housework. Cheryl said she had no idea what Ling Mai was doing.

Sam and Squirrel arrive at the surgery. Squirrel goes in and Cody asks why Sam is there. They go for a talk. The go to the coffee shop and sit outside. Sam tells her about the whole incident with Squirrel, and Cody says she believes him, and that she won't tell anyone.

Ling Mai leaves No. 22, embarrassed after the argument she caused between Lou and Cheryl, and Lou says he'll visit her separately, and have two different families.

Cody goes to put something in the bin and sees that the bin man is Rick. His grovelling backfired and he was demoted further, forced to do the low-pay jobs no one else wants to do.

Karl books Squirrel for an ultrasound, to see how her pregnancy is developing. She accidentally lets it slip about Sam. She goes outside and her and Sam chat; Sam says he'll go to the ultrasound with her. Annalise comes up and tries to chat to Sam, but he brushes her off. Over outside the coffee shop, Cody pokes fun at Rick for having such an embarassing job.

Libby is on the phone long-distance to catch up with her friends in the country, and Susan says Karl won't appreciate the phone bill. Susan tells Libby that the only reason she doesn't phone her friends is because it makes her more homesick, and that she misses the old gang. Libby tells her to get some friends and start being active in the community.

Annalise is cleaning up at the coffee shop and sees Sam outside the pub. She goes over and chats to him. She asks what she's done wrong, and why he is avoiding her. He says, simply, that it's because he's in love with her.

Summary by Billy