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Episode Summaries > 1995 > Episode 2511
Written by John Upton, Directed by Richard Sarell, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 06/11/95 BBC One: 28/06/96 UK Gold: 17/06/02

Sam asks Patrick if he's called Sarah yet, and he lies that he was busy and completely forgot
Annalise is furious that she might have glandular fever, and Stonie reminds her that he's the one who's sick and might fail his exams
Libby rushes to get Sonny as it appears that Mal is drowning in the rip tide

Beach: Sonny paddles towards Mal on his surfboard, eventually reaching him and pulling him to safety, as Libby watches and breathes a huge sigh of relief.

No 24 - Kitchen: Sam is fixing the pipes under the sink, telling Marlene that Annalise seems to be a different person and is hardly ever around. Marlene wonders if it's just the time of year, as everyone seems to be in a funny mood. She then explains that she's really missing Colin, and is starting to wish she'd gone with him. Sam suggests that she go after him, but she says that it's too late, and she's made her decision and will stick to it. Sam hopes that Annalise snaps out of it soon, or he'll have to talk to her. Marlene suggests that might be a good idea, before they stop communicating completely.

Chez Chez: An anxious Annalise is sitting at the bar, waiting for Stonie to come in with his test results. He comes in and tells her that it was all clear; he doesn't have glandular fever. Annalise is relieved and starts telling him how she could never afford to be ill for weeks when starting her new business, not to mention what she'd tell Sam. She runs off, saying she's late for work, leaving Stonie stunned by how selfish she's being.

No 28 - Lounge: Mal is lying on the sofa, with Susan asking if he needs anything, and telling him that he just needs to get his strength back. She walks over to the kitchen, and admits that it was Libby she was really worried about, when she needn't have been. Libby and Sonny are sitting at the dining table, and Susan says that Mal just needs more experience in the surf. Sonny agrees and encourages Mal to take a course at the surf club before he goes out again. Libby says that it might help him to spot a rip tide. Mal calls her a snitch, but Susan says she's right; what Mal did was stupid and she dreads to think what might have happened if Sonny hadn't been there. Upset, Mal heads off to bed.

Chez Chez: Patrick is quietly suggesting to Lou that they run a book on the Melbourne Cup, just for the Chez Chez patrons. Lou isn't sure, admitting that now he's Mayor, he could be in a lot of trouble for this kind of thing. Patrick says that he'll set it up and run it, and Lou will rake the money in, without having to lift a finger.

No 24 - Lounge: Sam is trying to watch television as Marlene noisily searches everywhere for her missing form guide. Sam accuses her of taking her bad mood out on him, but she says that she just wanted to study the form for the Cup and take her mind off things. She decides to go down to the shop and feed Colonel Parker, and get another guide while she's out. As she goes, Annalise comes in and kisses Sam, though he's not too pleased to see her. She starts cuddling up to him and he says that he doesn't understand; she's been a total ice maiden lately. She tells him that the ice maiden has melted and he accuses her of being a complete mystery.

No 28 - Dining table: Mal is sitting at the dining table, still whinging to Susan about how he'll never live this down. Stonie walks in, explaining that he's come to have a look at Mal's study notes, as he's struggling with the virus and the exams. Mal tells Stonie about what happened earlier, and how he's now convinced that Sonny's going to fire him from the surf shop. Stonie says that it's just the way things are these days; people stab each other in the back all the time.

No 24 - Lounge: Sam and Annalise are getting intimate on the sofa, when he asks her what's going on; one minute she's barely looking at him, the next it's like the Kama Sutra. She blames work, but he says that she's been really moody and angry, even Marlene's noticed. She struggles to tell him the truth, before blurting out that she has a problem with his dad. Sam assumes that she disapproves of him cheating on his mum, and he says that he agrees; he hates cheats. Their conversation is interrupted by Marlene, who bursts in with a marvellous idea - she's going to bring Colonel Parker to come and live with them. Having found the pair of them lying on the floor, she realises that they've sorted things out too, so that only leaves Patrick, and everything will be back to normal.

Lassiter's Complex - Outside Chez Chez: Lou is collecting glasses when he sees Patrick doing some sketching. He asks him to do some for the pub, as decoration for the Melbourne Cup. Patrick agrees, admitting that he needs a distraction as Sam's been nagging him about calling Sarah. Just then, Mark and Stonie come out of the pub, and Mark admits that he's told Stonie about the betting ring. Stonie then explains that he's told Shane and he, and some of his prison mates, want in. Lou is furious but when he sees the wad of cash in Stonie's hand, he agrees to it, but tells them that it can't go any further.

No 28 - Lounge: Libby and Sonny arrive back to find Susan and Mal playing carpet bowls, with Mal bragging about his great shot. Mal insists that it was Susan's idea as Libby laughs at him. As Libby and Sonny go to the bedroom to watch TV, Mal runs off, saying he has work to do, leaving a disappointed Susan on her own.

No 24 - Kitchen: The next morning, Marlene gets in with Colonel Parker a fresh croissants for everyone. Sam says that he has to get to work, and Patrick went out early, to avoid seeing anyone. Marlene's confused, and Sam explains that Sarah's agreed to talk about the marital problems, but Patrick doesn't seem to care. Marlene asks if it's so important that they get back together, and Sam admits that he just wants them to at least try. He wonders why he cares, when Patrick's never given a damn about his responsibilities. Marlene admits that she had no idea Sam felt so strongly about this, but she's going to have a word with Patrick, and he'll make that call, if it's the last thing he does.

No 24 - Kitchen: Later, Marlene is feeding Colonel Parker, when Annalise appears, overhearing Marlene talking about people taking advantage. Annalise is worried that Marlene is referring to her, but she's talking about Patrick. Annalise looks guilty as Marlene says that Patrick is incredibly selfish for the way he's behaved with his affairs. Marlene then announces that she's going to let Colonel Parker out of the cat carrier and show him his new home, but the cat immediately darts out of the open kitchen window, and Annalise and Marlene run off after him.

Chez Chez: Sam is hanging up portraits of horses as part of Lou's Melbourne Cup celebrations, and he seems to be in a good mood. Stonie then comes in, asking Lou if he can put some more bets on for his dad, but Lou tells him the book's closed. Stonie chats to Sam about Annalise, and hears that they won't be seeing much of each other during the Cup. Sam tells Stonie that things seem to be back on track between them, and Stonie acts pleased.

No 28: Marlene explains to Susan about the missing cat, but nobody's seen him. Marlene and Susan head out to check the backyard, while Libby laughs at Mal and his carpet bowls. Mal asks Libby if Sonny's said anything about his job, but he hasn't. The man himself then arrives, and as Libby goes to get ready, Sonny says that Mal seems to be looking well, considering what happened. Sonny asks Mal to come in that afternoon, as he needs to talk to him about something, but Mal, convinced he's about to be sacked, wants to know what's going on. Sonny says he's been impressed with the way he works on the boards and wants to keep him on, but more importantly, somebody found his board washed up down the coast. Mal's delighted.

No 24 - Front Porch: Stonie arrives to talk to Annalise. She invites him in, but he refuses. He tells her about his conversation with Sam, and asks where that leaves them. Annalise tells him there's nothing between them - she wants to make things work with Sam. Stonie asks if he should just forget about them, and Annalise admits that she doesn't know why it happened. He says that, when she was teaching him about poetry, he felt things that he'd never felt before - but now she's destroyed all of it.

Lassiter's Lake Rotunda: It's started to rain, and Patrick is sitting in the rotunda, sketching. He smiles as he hears Marlene calling out 'Colonel Parker' and she appears with her umbrella. She asks Patrick if he's seen the car, before questioning him about Sarah. He says that it's nobody else's business, but Marlene tells him he's hurt Sarah and Sam, and he's turning into his father, philandering and splitting up families. Marlene says that, unless he makes that phonecall, he can get out of her house and find free board somewhere else.

Featured Regular Characters: Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz, Annalise Hartman, Kevin 'Stonefish' Rebecchi, Lou Carpenter, Mark Gottlieb

Guest Cast: Tom Hutchings as Sonny Hammond, Shane Porteous as Patrick Kratz

Trivia Notes
Mal's surfboard was found washed up at Baragoola

Summary by Steve