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Episode Summaries > 1995 > Episode 2512
Written by Ian Coughlan, Directed by Richard Sarell, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 07/11/95 BBC One: 01/07/96 UK Gold: 18/06/02

Patrick suggests to Lou that they run a book on the Melbourne Cup
Marlene tells Patrick to call Sarah and if he doesn't, he can move out and find free board somewhere else

No 24 - Kitchen: Patrick walks in and looks at the phone on the kitchen worktop. He's about to walk out of the back door, when he changes his mind, picks up the phone and calls Sarah's number. When she answers, she immediately gets angry with him for telling Sam about their problems, and he makes excuses, before telling her that he's decided to come home, so they can talk face to face. He explains that he doesn't want to do the same things to her and Sam, that his dad did to him and Marlene. As Sarah continues to argue, he angrily tells her he's coming home and hangs up.

Lassiter's Complex: Sam is hanging banners for the Melbourne Cup, when Patrick comes over to join him. He explains that he just needed time to work up to phoning Sarah, but he's done it and he's going home. Sam is surprised, and Patrick explains that it was something Marlene said about history repeating itself that changed his mind. He says that he hated his father and doesn't want Sam to feel the same way about him. They share a hug.

No 28 - Kitchen/Dining table: Libby and Sonny come back from a surf and head straight to the kitchen. As they take food from the fridge, Libby tells Sonny to eat plenty, as Mal will probably have emptied the fridge at the surf shop by the time they get back. Sonny tells her to stop putting Mal down, as it's hardly any wonder he's so insecure. He explains how Mal thought he was going to be fired, but says that he needs a good worker, especially now he's getting so many orders from interstate and spending so much time on the phone. Libby suggests he print a brochure, but Sonny can't afford it. Libby says that she knows a way that won't cost him a cent.

Chez Chez: A guy enters the bar, looking for Lou, and Kev the barman explains that he's out. Cheryl overhears and asks what it's about, and the guy asks her about placing a bet. When she looks blankly at him, he goes to leave, and Cheryl tells him that she runs a reputable establishment and would never run an illegal book, and if she finds out that anyone else is doing it behind her back, they'll be sorry.

No 30 - Living room: Lou has gathered Annalise, Mark and Joanna to talk about plans for his Mayoral entrance at the Cup celebrations. Joanna explains that they couldn't get the brass band, as they were already booked, but Annalise says that she's got a back-up plan, and Lou's entrance will be nothing short of spectacular.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Karl's office: A patient, Kate Cornwall, has arrived for an appointment. She shows Karl the referral from her neurologist in Cairns, and explains that she has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, having been diagnosed two years earlier. She says that she needs a prescription for painkillers, as her current batch has almost run out. Karl tells her that there are better ways to manage the condition, but Kate says that she hasn't got long and wants to see something of Australia. Karl agrees to give her enough pills for one night, while he checks things out with her neurologist, and he admits that cases like these make him realise the limitations of what he can do. Kate tells him not to feel sorry for him and admits that she's coping well, it's just a shame about the timing.

Chez Chez: Kev says that it shouldn't be too busy on Cup day, since the council is throwing a big bash, but Cheryl is sure that enough customers will make their way to the pub. Lou then arrives, and Cheryl says that a man came in, looking suspiciously like an undercover cop, asking about placing a bet. Lou tries to act surprised, but Cheryl sees straight through him and he admits everything. She realises that Patrick was involved too, and says that Lou has to return all of that money, before he gets them in any more trouble.

Lassiter's Complex - Outside Chez Chez: Patrons are beginning to arrive for the carnival, including a worried Angie, who admits to Cheryl that she feels silly compared to everyone else's wonderful outfits. Cheryl assures her that she looks very nice, before asking if she's seen Patrick. Angie says that he's across by the hotel, talking to some people, and Cheryl walks over. He sees her coming and tries to act innocent, but she tells him that his scam could have got the pub closed down, and warns him that he'd better return all of the money, or she'll be serving him up for the buffet breakfast.

Chez Chez: Kev, dressed as a jockey, is serving behind the bar, while Phil comes in, looking for Lou, and asks him why Patrick's giving everyone their money back. Lou points over at Cheryl, and Phil realises what's happened. Angie spots Joanna and Annalise sitting together and tells them how wonderful they look, admitting that she hadn't realised how dressed up everyone else was getting. They all halfheartedly tell her she looks nice, before Sam and Marlene come and sit down. Marlene explains that she went to see if Colonel Parker was at the shop, but he just seems to have disappeared.

No 28 - Lounge: Libby is setting up her camera and some surfboards to photograph the catalogue for Sonny. Karl comes in from the bathroom, surprised at the chaos in front of him and annoyed that Libby is using one of their best satin sheets as a backdrop. Sonny then comes in and almost knocks over a lamp with another board, and Karl tells them both to be careful. Libby sends him off to the surgery, whilst taking photos and telling Sonny to change over the boards.

Chez Chez: Lou announces that Cheryl will shortly be beginning the sweep draw, after which everyone can head down to the council hospitality tents, where, amongst other things, they'll be holding the Fashion on the Field contest. Lou and Annalise talk cryptically about his 'grand entrance' but won't tell Sam and Marlene what's being planned.

Park: In the park, a bagpipe band begins to play, with Mark complaining that they could have found something a little easier on the ears. Marlene is looking for a plane, wondering if that's how Lou will make his big entrance, but then Angie spots him arriving on the back of a black horse. Lou then announces the Erinsborough celebrations of the Melbourne Cup officially open.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Karl's office: Karl shows Kate in, and explains that he's spoken to her neurologist who agrees that her travels across the country aren't helping her condition. Karl says that she shouldn't be thinking about giving up, but she says that she's just trying to get a life, and she has a strong will to live. She explains that she's happy to be doing something, rather than just waiting to die. Karl suggests that, whilst she's in town, she should try doing some physiotherapy and hydratherapy, and she agrees, but says she's drawing the line at a microbiotic diet. She starts talking about The Lady's Not For Burning, a play she's reading, and then tells Karl that she'll make another appointment, so he can review her progress.

No 28: Libby is explaining to Sonny how they can use the computer to make up some brochures, and Sonny is impressed with her talents. They start to kiss.

Tent: Inside the big tent, Lou is preparing to announce the big results of the Fashion on the Field competition. He explains that he had no infuence on the result, but the winner is Cheryl Stark. Angie looks crestfallen, while Mark hands around slices of crocodile. Lou thanks Annalise and Joanna for their efforts, before Jo suddenly realises that she left the horse, Mr Edwina, tied up outside, but didn't give him any water. She goes off to feed him.

Park - Outside tent: Joanna pats Mr Edwina as she goes to fetch some water, but the horse is alarmed and starts pulling on its rope, causing the tent to start leaning to one side. Jo tries to calm the horse, but is unable to do anything as the tent collapses and everyone starts screaming...

Featured Regular Characters: Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz, Joanna Hartman, Karl Kennedy, Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman, Mark Gottlieb, Libby Kennedy, Angie Rebecchi, Philip Martin

Guest Cast: Shane Porteous as Patrick Kratz, Tom Hutchings as Sonny Hammond, Christie Sistrunk as Kate Cornwall, Brad Wade as Kev Duve, Rick Dambra as Undercover Cop

Trivia Notes
Philip claims that his great great grandfather was Scottish - or possibly Welsh
Cheryl references Lou's fear of heights when Marlene suggests that he might skydive in
Kate makes references to Christopher Fry's play The Lady's Not For Burning, comparing herself to the character of Jennet
Otteng Owusu (Carlos Y Frimpong) and Patient (Shane Alexander) are both credited for this episode, but neither appears

Summary by Steve