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Episode Summaries > 1995 > Episode 2513
Written by Victoria Osborne, Directed by Richard Sarell, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 08/11/95 BBC One: 02/07/96 UK Gold: 19/06/02

Phil and Jen hijack Lou's radio show to play her Stairwells In Time rap
Patrick tells Sam that Marlene's words hit home, and he doesn't want Sam to feel the way he felt about his father
Angie is upset to see how glamorous Annalise and Joanna look compared to her
Joanna fails to control Mr Edwina, the horse, and the tent comes crashing down with everyone inside

No 22 - Lounge: Brett and Danni are babysitting Louise when Lou and Cheryl come crashing through the door, laughing about what a great time they had. Cheryl explains about the horse going nuts and causing chaos.

No 24 - Lounge/Kitchen: Sam is removing his trousers, which got ripped by a tentpole, and says that he's lucky there was no further damage. Marlene isn't sure she can mend the trousers and Sam declares the whole thing a disaster. Annalise agrees and Joanna listens from the kitchen as her sister says that maybe they should have a new strapline for AnnaJo - 'Guarantees a disaster everytime!' Marlene assures Jo that there's no such thing as bad publicity, and points out that everyone was very understanding and there wasn't much damage. Joanna stands up and goes to apologise to Annalise, saying that she can't seem to get anything right. Neither Sam nor Annalise disagrees with her.

No 22 - Lounge: Cheryl has now finished telling the story of Mr Edwina and the tent disaster, and Danni says that she wishes she'd been there, but is glad she wasn't, as she got six hours of study done. Cheryl is amazed, while Brett wonders why it matters so much, unaware his sister is being paid to study. Cheryl insists it's nothing, she just wants to see both of her children do well for themselves.

No 26 - Lounge/Kitchen: Phil comes running in to show Jen all the money he made, betting on the Melbourne Cup. Jen, meanwhile, is sitting with her books open and admits that she's been struggling all evening. Phil assumes she's talking about study and is feeling sorry for her, until she mentions that she doesn't know what she's going to say - or what she'll wear - when she wins the competition and gets to visit the Stairwells In Time set. Phil is worried that she's already wasted enough time on that soap opera.

No 24 - Lounge: Cheryl, Louise, Danni and Brett have come to say their goodbyes to Patrick, who says that it's been great seeing everyone, and admits that he hadn't realised until now how important family is to him. He thanks Sam and Marlene for opening his eyes to what's important to him. Marlene then answers the door to Angie, who's come to return a video, and is invited to sit down. Cheryl asks what happened to her after the Fashions on the Field competition, and Angie lies that she had a headache and went home for a lie down. Danni says that Cheryl won, and Angie says that she knows, and that she looked stunning - but she always does.

No 26 - Lounge: Phil brings Jen a cup of tea as she waits for the competition results to be announced. The presenter comes on and says that they've had thousands of entrants, as Jen says that she's convinced that the winner is her. The winner is then announced as Brock Memphry, and Jen is confused, as he's one of the actors on the show, but then it's explained that he was a fan called Pete Webb, who changed his name to be more like his favourite person. Jen is horrified and asks Phil if she's that bad - he tells her she's much worse.

Lassiter's Lake: Joanna is moping around by the lake, and sits by a homeless guy on the bench. He doesn't to want her company, but she says that they both seem to need cheering up. He grabs her leg and smiles, but she says no and perks up when he says 'Skiddly do roo' before realising that he's Flakey the Clown from her favourite TV show when she was a kid. He doesn't seem too keen to talk to her, but she persists and puts her arm around him, telling him she loves him.

Chez Chez: Jo has bought Flakey a Scotch and tells Lou who it is. He admits that the name seems familiar and, once Jo's gone to call Annalise, Lou realises that Lauren always used to watch the programme when she was in primary school. Flakey says that's hardly surprising, as it was a kids' show. He gets up to leave, but Lou pours him another drink and says it's been a long time since they had a celebrity in the pub. Lou starts to remember some of the stories about Flakey - his gambling and swearing live on air, but says that time heals all.

No 22 - Back garden: Angie is sneaking around, but is sprung by Danni, who asks her what she's up to. Angie says that she's spying, and has been writing down the names of the labels on the outfits, as she wants to look more glamorous like Cheryl. She gets upset and says that she'll go before Danni calls the police, but Danni insists that nobody's going to mind if she writes a few things down.

Chez Chez: Annalise has arrived and Joanna says that she's got the answer to all their problems, before pointing out the drunk tramp sitting at the bar. Annalise isn't convinced, even when she hears who it is, and is about to leave until Joanna sings the theme tune to her, and she starts to remember. Jo introduces Annalise to Flakey, who's impressed and asks if there are any more sisters where those two came from.

No 24 - Kitchen: Patrick is all packed and ready to go, and Marlene tells him to work things out with Sarah and stop thinking about greener pastures, as they don't exist. Patrick tells her he appreciates her words of wisdom, and he has been listening, and Sam is pleased to hear it. He says that things are looking very positive for all of them. They hug, and Marlene says that's what she calls progress.

No 24 - Lounge/Dining table: Later, Joanna drags Flakey into the house, much to Marlene, Sam and Cheryl's horror. Annalise isn't convinced that reviving the career of a dirty old man is going to help their PR business, particularly as nobody will recognise him, then Sam suddenly cries out 'Skiddly do roo' from the kitchen, and Jo smiles. Marlene says that she remembers the kids making a toilet roll holder after seeing it on Flakey's show, and offers him a sandwich.

No 22 - Dining table: Danni is studying and Brett sits down to join her, noticing her marking something down in a book. He grabs it from her and realises she's keeping hourly records, and Danni tries to change the subject, offering to make him a drink. He continues to question her, but she continues to change the subject, leaving Brett curious.

No 24 - Dining table: Marlene asks Flakey if he's like anything else, and he asks if there's a bottle of Scotch hidden in the teapot. He then thanks her for all the food, but insists that he should be leaving. Annalise then tells him that she has a proposition - she and Jo would like to revive his television career. He isn't at all sure, but everyone says that they'd love to see him back on the small screen. He says that he'll think about it, but the thought of a television studio makes him feel sick. Jo puts her business card in his pocket and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

No 26 - Lounge/Kitchen: Phil brings a cup of soup to a flustered Jen, who says that she doesn't have time to drink it. He puts it down anyway, slopping it over her papers, and she gets angry, storming into the kitchen, saying that she hasn't got a hope of passing medicine. Phil grabs her and tells her to calm down, as she gets a cloth and goes to wipe her papers. She says that she should never have wasted time getting obsessed with that stupid soap opera, which just replaced her obsessions with her sculptures and playing card mountains and dim sims. He tells her to just be sensible and draw up a study timetable.

No 22 - Dining table: Cheryl is telling a delighted Danni about her afternoon with Flakey the Clown. Danni then tells her about her seven hours of study, plus the six she didn't get paid for the day before, and Cheryl hands over some money, only to be caught by Brett, who realises what's going on. As Brett and Cheryl argue, Danni goes to answer the day. Angie then bursts in, looking very much like Cheryl's doppelganger, much to everyone's surprise...

Featured Regular Characters: Brett Stark, Louise Carpenter, Lou Carpenter, Danni Stark, Cheryl Stark, Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz, Joanna Hartman, Annalise Hartman, Philip Martin, Jen Handley, Angie Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Shane Porteous as Patrick Kratz, Brian Wenzel as Gordon [Flakey the Clown] Orchard, Gabriel Egan as Pete Webb, Simon Rogers as TV Presenter

Trivia Notes
Flakey the Clown's catchphrase is 'Skiddly do roo, with a bucket of jelly and a smile a mile wide, and all your dreams come true'
References are made to past characters Lauren Carpenter and Roger Reynolds
Actors Brian Wenzel and Shane Porteous, both well known for their long-running roles in A Country Practice, appear in the same episode, though they share no scenes, as Shane makes his final appearance while Brian makes his debut

Summary by Steve