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Guest Character Profiles > Tahnee Coppin Anna Jennings-Edquist

Tahnee Coppin 2002, 2003
Siblings: Taj
Family Tree: Coppin
Occupation: Student, Lassiter's Waitress

With her main aim in life being to cause trouble, Tahnee immediately spotted a chance to do this when she met Michelle Scully’s boyfriend, Connor. Despite warnings from Michelle to keep her hands off, Tahnee wouldn’t give up on pursuing the older man. After she realised that he couldn’t read or write, and that nobody else knew this fact, she began her blackmailing. Connor realised he had no other option when Tahnee told him he would have to kiss her if he didn’t want his secret revealed. Meanwhile, Michelle, safe in the knowledge that her boyfriend wasn’t going to stray, started becoming more friendly with Tahnee.

However, as time went on, Connor decided that he would have to tell Michelle the truth, especially when Joe witnessed Tahnee and Connor sharing an intimate moment. As Tahnee’s blackmail continued, Connor announced to her that he would be telling everything to Michelle. Although he didn’t quite manage it, it seemed that Tahnee couldn’t go through with it either. Meanwhile, Tahnee had a secret of her own – she was a member of the church choir and a talented singer. Deciding to elicit some sympathy of her own, Tahnee pretended that her mother was sick and in hospital. When she admitted the truth, after several weeks of deception, Michelle was horrified and threw her out of the house.

A few months later, Michelle was volunteering at the hospital when she found out that Tahnee’s grandfather was ill. The pair slowly became friends again, but it seemed that Tahnee’s evil streak was still present. After tricking Nina Tucker into admitting that she fancied Connor, Tahnee began blackmailing her. On several occasions, Tahnee threatened to reveal all to Michelle and constantly dropped hints whenever they were all in the room together. Tahnee even ended up dying Nina’s hair green after offering to help give her a makeover.

Meanwhile, Nina’s musical ability was beginning to be heard when Connor entered her song, Born To Try, into the UniFM ‘Undiscovered’ contest. However, it was entered anonymously, so Tahnee saw the opportunity to claim some of the limelight and pretended that she was the mystery singer. Meanwhile, the three girls had all got through to the final interviews for an exchange programme to New York. Tahnee managed to blackmail Nina into giving up her interview. However, when Nina’s song won the contest, Tahnee was ready to claim the prize when Nina finally fought back and announced that she was the real singer. Nina sang it on stage to prove this and Tahnee was so disgusted that she told Michelle that Nina was in love with Connor. Tahnee then, in her usual style, left everyone in chaos as she went to New York.

Several months later, Tahnee suddenly returned from New York. Her older brother Taj had since scored a job at Lassiter’s hotel, working with Nina, and Tahnee also managed to use her connections to gain employment. But it seemed that Tahnee’s announcement that she’d been thrown off the exchange programme wasn’t quite true. Everyone was willing to believe it, given Tahnee’s track record, but it seemed that the truth was that Tahnee simply didn’t fit in and couldn’t make friends. When Tahnee found out about Nina cheating on her brother with Jack Scully, she set out to get revenge. However, when Nina stood up for Tahnee, who was being bullied after everyone found out the truth about her exchange visit, the two became friends. The pair managed to cause chaos at the hotel when they emailed a picture of Afro Harold to everyone on the hotel computer system. Though Nina was blamed and given the sack, Tahnee showed that she had changed when she owned up to her part in the incident. Tahnee was sacked and her parents decided to send her away to boarding school, where she would hopefully be less able to get herself in trouble.

Trivia Notes
• Anna Jennings-Edquist returned in 2009 in the role of Lisa Hayes
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Biography by Steve