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Nina Tucker 2002-2003, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2022
Lived: 22 Ramsay Street
Parents: Nick and Trixie Tucker
Occupation: Student, Coffee Shop Assistant, Lassiter's Chambermaid, Piano Teacher, Singer, Lassiter's Restaurant Staff, Bollywood Actress

Nina arrived at Erinsborough High, as a new shy student who had travelled the world with her parents. Nick and Trixie Tucker took Nina with them around the globe whenever they went to sing, but neglected her and this resulted in Nina being a very shy and concealed girl. This shyness was quite often mistaken for Nina being rude and regularly landed her in hot water.

Nina landed a job cleaning up at the Coffee Shop and also at Lassiter's Hotel as a chambermaid. While spending more time with the residents of Ramsay Street at the social bustle of Ramsay Street, more and more people noticed her shyness and low self-esteem. One night as Nina was cleaning up, Harold overheard her singing discovering her amazing potential, but she brushed it off. When Dee Bliss brought home army reserve Ray Milsome, Nina fell instantly for him. Summer Hoyland, who Nina was teaching the piano, managed to set the two up, lying that Nina went to university. However while out on a date, Ray discovered that Nina was only 17 and still at school and he quickly dumped her, moving on to Dione. Harold later convinced Nina to join the church choir. She was asked to do a solo but the nerves got the better of her and she mortified when she wasn't able to go through with it, fearing she had let the choir down. Connor overheard Nina singing and tried to make her feel better by giving her a makeover.

As Nina appeared to be writing a song, Connor and her became very close, as he was the only teenager knowing of her singing talent. When Lyn found Nina's songbook one day, she read the lyrics and proclaimed that Nina was in love. Later, Tahnee Coppin got Nina to admit she was in love with Connor. Tahnee turned on Nina though, acting shocked that Nina would say this about 'her best friend's boyfriend'. Tahnee ended up threatening to tell Michelle quite often, which frightened Nina. Tahnee continued to make subtle hints when the four teens were in the same room, and even ended up ‘accidentally' dying Nina's hair green.

When Nina confronted Tahnee in the Coffee Shop one day, she was upset when the blackmail forced them to make up. On that day, Nina recorded her song Born to Try but was overheard once again by Connor. Connor set himself up as her agent, and although Nina was against it he secretly entered her song in to the 'Undiscovered' contest for UniFM. Nina was shocked and extremely angry with Connor for betraying her trust, but Connor convinced her it was for her to see she had the potential. However when Nina's song won the contest, she was too afraid to come forward, which resulted in Tahnee taking the credit. Connor took Nina down to the station just as Tahnee was about to sing the song for her audience, and Nina admitted that she was the one who sung the song. Toadie asked her to prove it by singing the song for them there, and Nina overcame her fears and sung the song for the crowd. Tahnee was extremely upset so she revealed to Michelle Nina's feelings for Connor. Michelle immediately though her boyfriend had been cheating on her but Connor and Nina both assured her that they weren't involved, and they had been seeing each other so often as Connor was Nina's manager, and Tahnee later left Erinsborough for New York as part of an exchange program.

Part of the deal with UniFM deal was to do a gig at Hemisfear nightclub. Nina was obviously very nervous, but made a stunning debut. Glenn Wheatley approached Nina, asking to be her manager. Nina was extremely excited about this offer but mysteriously pulled out when Glenn mentioned her parents had to be involved. Soon afterwards, Nina did another gig at Lou's Place. Max had accidentally double-booked the venue for an air-hockey tournament, and Nina's singing ended up flopping. At the pub, however, Nina did gain a mysterious admirer who continued to send text messages to her on her mobile. She later confronted Taj Coppin, who had been giving her signs at school, thanking him for his text messages and also asking him out. Nina was shocked however when Taj told her that he didn't send her any messages. Nina later asked him out again, and he admitted he was the one that had been sending the messages to her, and the two became a couple.

Nina, Taj, Jack, Lori, Connor, and Michelle decided to go on a beach holiday for their first week of summer holidays. However Nina was stunned when Michelle told her that Taj and his ‘ex' Allie had never broken up. When confronted about it, Taj said that he and Allie hadn't seen each other for months since he left for Erinsborough. Nina was assured by his explanation, but was later shocked at how close Allie still was to him and even more so when Allie moved in with the Coppins. Nina had more problems, however, when she and Jack Scully realized they had feelings for each other.

This all started when they both were pushed into auditioning for lead roles in Harold's new community play. During a read-through, they were forced to kiss, although it was obvious that it meant more to both Nina and Jack then they let on. They won the two lead roles, and as they went on rehearsing were drawn closer to each other, as Lori and Taj remained oblivious. They eventually gave in to their feelings, constantly meeting up with each other in their own time, debating on whether or not they would tell their respective partners. Eventually, once the play was staged, they agreed that it was time to tell Lori and Taj as soon as possible. Nina broke up with Taj, who was shocked and angry, but Nina was horrified when Jack said he would break up with Lori in a few weeks' time. Lori comforted Taj on his pain, and while they were by the pool later on the day of Nina and Taj's break-up, he began to feel better and started chasing her along the edge. Lori tripped, knocked her head on the side of the pool, and fell in, unconscious. In hospital, Lori was given the news that she was paralysed, leaving Jack, Nina, and Taj wracked with guilt.

After Jack told Lori about his cheating with Nina, Nina tried to apologise to Lori, but she was told that she would never be forgiven. After this, Nina told Jack that there was no chance they could stay together, deciding to break it off. Nina decided to go for a job as a singer at Lou's Pub to get her mind off Jack, successfully getting it.

Not long after, Nina was horrified when Tahnee arrived back early from her exchange trip in America. Nina refused to believe that Tahnee had changed since her time in New York, but realised she had and even stuck up for her when she was being bullied. Their friendship strengthened when Tahnee worked alongside Nina at the Lassiter's Hotel, but after Tahnee messed with the computers, chaos erupted. While trying to send pictures of 'Afro Harold' to Michelle, Tahnee accidentally started up a chain of viruses. Chloe initially blamed Nina for the viruses, but Tahnee did the right thing and took the blame, costing her her job at Lassiter's and a move to boarding school.

Nina realised she could lose Jack after realising he might be moving on, with another girl from school, Belinda Ewett. Jack didn't mean anything by his friendship with Belinda but it was obvious she wanted more. At Connor's party, Nina and Jack got back together after he told her he didn't love Belinda but he loved her.

Jack and Nina's relationship seemed to be stable, especially once Taj and Jack were friends again, and Lori left Erinsborough. However, when Jack tried to get Nina into bed while alone at their houses, Nina would always pull away very quickly and leave, or make up an excuse to avoid being alone together. She tried dropping hints to Jack that she wasn't ready but he didn't pick up on them, so eventually she had to tell him that she was a virgin.

Jack told Nina that he was fine with the news, and was willing to wait until she was ready. However, over time Jack became more and more impatient with Nina’s backing away all the time, and it wasn’t long before he was cheating on her with Edwina, a girl who had been chasing him for weeks. The night he slept with Edwina however, Nina told Jack that she was ready to have sex with him.

But before they had the chance, Nina whisked away for a couple of weeks for an Asian Tour with Robbie D. During her time away, Taj found out about Jack’s affair with Edwina, and threatened to tell Nina, but was convinced not to. When she returned, Nina admitted she had kissed Robbie in Asia only once, and Jack hit the roof. Nina realised the only way to win Jack back was to have sex with him, so she did at Lassiter’s Hotel, after Melody gave her a free night there. The next day, Taj accidentally let slip about Jack’s affair, thinking he had come clean, and a devastated Nina wasted no time in letting go of Jack once and for all.

After the break-up, Nina started getting close to her old crush Connor. They went out together, but made it clear that their relationship was strictly platonic. Jack, however, was not as convinced, and although Nina told him he had no right to comment on what she did, it didn’t stop him from threatening to tell Nina about Connor’s affair with Lori. When Nina was out with Connor at a Lassiter’s Ball, Jack showed up and to make him jealous she kissed Connor. Nina later apologised for what she had done, admitting that it was immature and selfish. The pair became even closer when Nina took Connor to her mother’s, Trixie Tucker, show. Trixie’s show was a bomb, but Lou signed her on anyway at the pub, and Nina helped make it a success.

Nina was distraught to learn that her mother and father, Nick Tucker, were breaking up, but happy when Lou let her mother and her move into number 22. Lou and Trixie quickly became an item, but kept it from Nina, but the secrecy needed not last long. Trixie admitted to Nina that she was never married to Nick, and therefore Nina was illegitimate, and Nina left Australia for Bombay, where her father had scored a role in a Bollywood musical. She never found out that Connor loved her, as he had admitted it to Jack just a few nights earlier, and if she had stayed, she’d have had the chance to be with the one she’d always wanted.

Nina returned unexpectedly and unannounced nearly a year later, after finding success as a Bollywood actress in Bombay. She returned with a new confidence about her, and made it clear to Jack that she wanted him back. Jack, fresh out of a drug addiction and recently involved in a near-fatal car crash, thought that moving to the USA with Nina would be a perfect opportunity for him to start his life anew. While in town, Nina also managed to patch things up with Lou, giving him the first of several cheques to pay back the money he lost from Trixie. Meanwhile, Lyn had other thoughts on the matter of her son leaving. She told Nina that the last thing Jack needed was to run away from his problems. Nina decided that she was going to stay behind and be with Jack. She decided to give Lyn the ticket so she could visit Michelle and Flick, but Jack couldn’t let her give up on the chance of achieving her dream in Hollywood. After performing one last concert for the locals at Lou’s Place, Nina agreed to leave, telling Jack that she would be waiting for him when he was ready to be with her.

A few months later, Nina had scored a role in a film and, just after Christmas, Jack flew out to L.A. to be reunited with her. She surprised him when she was waiting at his hotel room, dressed as the maid, and told him that they’d never be apart again, as her next role would be taking place in a suburban street in Australia.

Over ten years later, Jack and Nina were still together, but struggling to keep the romance alive as they both dealt with busy careers. After a getaway to Florence proved to be a disaster, when Jack missed his connecting flight and they ended up only briefly seeing each other at the airport lounge, Nina returned to Erinsborough, her relationship over, tired of fame and wanting to remember her old life. Having turned down an offer to sing at the Erinsborough Festival's closing ceremony, Nina checked into the hotel under the name of Florence Arno, hoping that she could avoid mayor Paul Robinson. She was soon busy catching up with old friends like Lou, Harold, Karl and Susan, remembering how her career got started, and she even offered to help out at the short-staffed hotel as a chambermaid, desperate to get a taste of her simpler life again.

Having managed to avoid being spotted by Paul - who now owned the hotel and lived in the penthouse apartment - Nina started to feel inspired to write songs again, but was still reluctant to sing in public, and so Karl and his band The Right Prescription looked like being the festival's closing act. Meanwhile, Paul found out that Nina had been staying - and working - at the hotel all along, and begged her to sing, but she continued to refuse. After a chat with Lou, however, she began to see that maybe she needed to face her demons, and when Karl then turned up, claiming to have lost his voice after the sound check, she finally agreed to perform, wowing the locals with I'm Only Human, the song she'd been writing about her problems with Jack. Afterwards, she received a text from Jack, telling her how much he loved her new song, asking to get back together and to meet him in Florence, and Lou admitted that he'd sent him a live feed of her performance. With new hope for the future, Nina thanked Lou, Karl and Susan for everything, and left Erinsborough once more.

In July 2022, Nina was one of many former Ramsay Street residents who sent messages on the day of Toadie and Melanie's wedding. With Toadie planning to move out of Ramsay Street with his new bride, Karl put a call out to the Ramsay Street residents' Facebook group and asked them to send messages and convince him to stay - a plan that succeeded.

Trivia Notes
• Delta Goodrem joined Neighbours as an accomplished singer on the Sony label. Consequently, the character of Nina was written especially to promote the release of Delta's single Born to Try, which featured prominently on the show
• In 2003, Delta's role of Nina won her a Logie award for Most Popular Female Newcomer
• In 2005, Nina made a cameo appearance in Annalise's 20th Anniversary Documentary
• Nina is allergic to nuts

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Episode 4561: Nina's Return
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