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Private Ray Milsome 2002
Occupation: Soldier, Chef

When Ramsay Street resident Stuart Parker left to join the army, it wasn’t long before his ex-girlfriend Dione Bliss decided to head up to the barracks and pay him a visit. Whilst there, she met Private Ray Milsome, Stuart’s senior, and, upon learning that he had a few days’ leave owing, took him back to Melbourne to show him the sights. After staying on the couch at the house Dee shared with Toadfish Rebecchi, Ray decided to try his luck with her, much to the horror of Toadie, who was also developing feelings for Dee. When several residents ended up stuck in the Coffee Shop that evening, due to a blackout, a game of truth or dare began and Ray was annoyed when Toadie and Dee ended up kissing as part of a dare. He decided to push the boat out and with the help of Toadie, the hotel receptionist, arranged to hire Lassiter’s hotel’s presidential suite and cook her a special meal on his last night in the city, only for her to fall ill and cancel.

Soon after, another of Stuart’s friends from Ramsay Street, Stephanie Scully, went into the country to help Stu and some of the other recruits to prepare the land for bushfires. Unfortunately, Ray thought that she was there to help in the catering tent and it was down to Stuart to convince him to give her a chance on the workforce. Although Steph was grateful, Stuart wasn’t happy with being spoken down to by Ray and admitted that he had a problem with authority. Ray, however, didn’t seem to care as he explained that he was all set to leave the army as his four-year period of service was coming to an end, and he had decided to move to Erinsborough and make it his goal to win Dee.

As soon as he returned, Ray headed straight to the hospital, where Dee worked as a nurse and tried to win her over. But, by that point, she was growing close to Toadie and attempted to put Ray off as he persisted in asking her out. With Stuart also back in Erinsborough, having walked out on his army trial, the pair managed to find work at the hospital – Ray in the kitchen and Stu as an orderly – and Ray decided that, with Dee and Toadie looking increasingly seriously, he should back off, bide his time and find a new woman for the time being. He didn’t have to look far when he spotted Nina Tucker, the new cleaner at the Coffee Shop. Although Nina was nervous and incredibly shy, her young friend Summer Hoyland managed to arrange a date between the pair, lying that schoolgirl Nina was actually at university. However, during their first date, a picnic in the park, Ray began to realise that something was amiss and, after noticing her face when he joked that she was like “a nervous schoolgirl”, the truth dawned on him and he beat a hasty retreat.

Having already told Dee that he was moving on with his new girlfriend, Nina, Ray agreed to go on a double date with her and Toadie. However, when Ray arrived at number 30, he explained that Nina was ill and wouldn’t be able to make it, and then Toadie was forced to cancel due to work, leaving Ray and Dee alone in the house. Finally alone with her, Ray took the opportunity to get closer to Dee, but when she failed to respond to his advances, he attempted to force himself on her, only stopping and leaving when neighbour Flick Scully called by. Realising that she had no other choice, Dee told Toadie what had happened, and he raced down to the pub to confront Ray, making an impassioned speech about how, although he wasn’t as good-looking as Ray, he was still the man that Dee wanted to be with. Ray, finally realising that he was beaten, decided that it would be best all round if he left Erinsborough.

Biography by Steve



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