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Shay Daeng 2015-2016
Occupation: Temporary Assistant Manager of Lassiter's Hotel, Mole

Having danced around each other for months, colleagues Kyle Canning and Amy Williams finally got passionate with each other, only for him to suddenly back away before they could do anything more than kiss. He admitted to his friend Tyler that he was struggling to deal with all of the baggage that would come with Amy, particularly the fact that they were already housemates and that he'd be an instant father to her son, Jimmy and, as his marriage to Georgia had only recently ended, he didn't want things to get serious too quickly. Tyler then suggested that Kyle should use dating app Ziva to find someone the complete opposite of Amy - and Kyle did just that, later surprising Amy when he showed up at the bar with a woman named Shay. As Kyle explained that he was just out of a marriage, Shay insisted that she wasn't looking for anything serious, and so as the pair later spent the evening together at 26 Ramsay Street, leaving Amy forced to make herself scarce.

Soon after, Shay was having breakfast with Amy and Kyle, as well as his grandmother Sheila, and she mentioned that she'd arrived in town to help out at Lassiter's hotel, as manager Terese Willis had been injured in a fire. As Sheila managed The Waterhole, the pub located in the hotel complex, it meant that she was one of the staff members Shay would be overseeing, making matters even more complicated for Kyle. After visiting Terese - who had a nagging feeling that she'd met Shay somewhere before - at the hospital, Shay met up with Kyle, and they maintained their stance that things between them would be as uncomplicated as possible. After overhearing that Jimmy was away on a school trip, Shay then asked Amy if it would be OK for her and Kyle to use number 26 that evening, and, drugged up to the eyeballs on painkillers after a trip to the dentist, Amy agreed, then ended up complicating matters further by going home with Tyler.

As several of the locals gathered for a state vs. state pool competition at The Waterhole, Shay quickly noticed the chemistry between Kyle and Amy, and couldn't resist a few sly digs about Amy being older than him, and a mum, when they were alone together. Unfortunately for Shay, however, that chemistry wouldn't go away, and Kyle and Amy finally realised that they wanted to be together. Shay was dumped by text, and Kyle did his best to avoid her, but eventually they bumped into each other at Lassiter's, where she warned him that karma would deal with him, and his bad treatment of her would catch up with him eventually. Meanwhile, Terese was very impressed with Shay's work at keeping things ticking over at the hotel, and still couldn't shake the feeling that they'd met someone before. Shay continued to insist that it must have been at a business conference, but later that day, she bumped into Susan Kennedy, and the contents of her bag spilt out, including a photo of Shay, as a young girl, with Terese.

As Terese returned to work full-time, she became confused by Shay's odd behaviour, contradicting herself about visiting Western Australia, and the vagueness of her C.V. When she then found Shay in her home, looking through the personnel files, an argument broke out, and Terese saw the picture of her with a young Shay. It was a few days, however, before she realised who Shay actually was - and by then it was too late. Shay was the stepdaughter of Julie Quill, whose hotel group had bought Lassiter's earlier in the year, only to be blackmailed into selling it back to owner Paul Robinson. The Quills had managed to use Shay to investigate Paul's dodgy dealings, and she'd reported him to the police for bribing councillor Sue Parker into getting him planning permission for a housing development. The bank had then seized control of the hotel and penthouse, selling them to the Quill Group, and Shay had wasted little time in smugly telling Paul everything, and asking him to vacate the property.

The Quill takeover left Terese concerned that she was about to lose her job, but Shay explained that they'd be keeping her on, and would continue to use the Lassiter's name, hopeful that the transition could be as smooth as possible. Shay then took one final shot at Kyle and Amy, telling them that their contract to work on the maintenance of the Lassiter's grounds had been terminated. She insisted that it was purely a business decision, but couldn't resist a few jibes about Kyle choosing someone like Amy over her - at which point Amy, feeling that she had nothing to lose, smeared manure all over Shay. Having also warned Terese to keep away from Paul - so as not to cause any confusion over her loyalties - Shay left for Dubai.

7244, 7248, 7255, 7260, 7266, 7270, 7272

Biography by Steve