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Rita Newland 2018
Parents: Clint
Occupation: Businesswoman

When Izzy Hoyland returned to Erinsborough in 2018, she soon revealed that she was a multi-millionaire, having received 41 million as a result of her brief marriage to an octogenarian named Clint. However, a few weeks later, lawyer Toadie Rebecchi received a visit from a woman named Rita Newland, who was contesting her father's will, and wanted every penny back from Izzy, claiming that she had taken the money by coercion, though she agreed that she would forget about any money that had already been spent. Izzy had no choice but to accept, knowing that she'd never win a court case, and she left town soon after. Rita, meanwhile, was very impressed with Toadie's work, explaining that she needed to find legal representation in Melbourne and, if he was interested, could throw more work his way. Unfortunately, when Rita returned to town the following week, she walked into Harold's Cafe as a food fight had broken out between Toadie and his big brother Shane, and found herself being hit by a stray cake, ending her brief business relationship with Rebecchi Law.

A few weeks later, struggling to pay the bills and having just lost his office due to late payment of the rent, Toadie was surprised to find out that Rita was back in town, at a meeting at the hospital. He decided that he had nothing to lose and went to see her, asking again if she'd consider using him for legal work. She turned him down, and later that day, she ran into Karl Kennedy and Xanthe Canning, who were trying to drum up interest in a project to offer MRI screenings to people, hopeful that it could flag up problems before they became more serious, following Karl's recent diagnosis with deep vein thrombosis. Rita was interested in both the project and Karl - given his history with Izzy Hoyland - and shocked him by offering to fund the MRI screenings for a year. Later that day, it seemed that she had even bigger plans for Karl, when she came out of a meeting with a staff member and tried to find out whether there was any possibility that the current COO Clive Gibbons could be ousted from his job and replaced with Karl.

7799, 7801, 7809, 7834

Biography by Steve