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Archie Quill 2016
Parents: Julie
Siblings: Shay, Tom

Obnoxious teenager Archie Quill was the result of his father's second marriage to Julie, and his parents' confidence in the business world rubbed off on him, with the result that he looked down on almost everyone he met. Like his mother, Archie wasn't close to Tom and Shay, his half-siblings from his father's first marriage, and he particularly enjoyed winding up Tom, who frequently failed to live up to the high expectations Julie had of him.

Whilst out racing his remote-controlled car around Lassiter's one day, Archie started competing with Charlie Hoyland, who was out with his mum, Steph and her boyfriend, Mark. Archie was his usual obnoxious self, but when the adults were in Harold's Cafe and out of earshot, Archie started taunting Charlie about his mum's mental health problems, which had led to her being wrongly accused of starting a fire at the high school the year before. The boys ended up fighting, and as Steph and Mark rushed outside to break it up, the boys claimed that Charlie had tried to use Archie's car without asking. Julie was called and was very unimpressed with what had happened, but Mark wasn't sure it was as simple as the boys had claimed. When he later spotted Archie getting in the way of Nate, the Waterhole's assistant manager, with his car and claiming that he could do what he wanted, as his mum owned the complex, he produced his police officer's badge and tried to get to the bottom of the matter. Archie finally admitted what he'd done, and Julie turned up on Ramsay Street - where Steph had been punishing Charlie by making him do the gardening - to apologise for her son's behaviour. Though Mark had tried to keep the matter from Steph, she overheard them talking about it, and was forced to tell Charlie that, although she was grateful to him for standing up for her, she didn't care what the likes of Archie thought of her, and that Charlie should simply ignore people like that.

Meanwhile, an explosion had ripped through Lassiter's, claiming the lives of Doug and Josh Willis, and Paul Robinson had gone to prison for the crime. Soon after, it was revealed that Julie was actually responsible, part of an insurance job that had got out-of-hand, and she was arrested. Archie was then sent to Singapore to stay with Shay, but she soon sent her troublesome half-brother back to Erinsborough to live with Tom, who had taken over the hotel as general manager. As he struggled to deal with everything that was going on, Tom did his best to keep an eye on Archie, who decided to eat ice cream for lunch, knowing that he was lactose intolerant and making himself sick in the process.

Trivia Notes
Harrison Mark was previously a finalist on the first season of The Great Australian Spelling Bee

7329, 7373, 7374, 7399

Biography by Steve